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PH S21E02: There is a Title

Sorry for the delay, I should have time to play my set tomorrow evening.
We got a fun new toy. Looking forward to trying it out on Carthage. Researching Battle Line next since it leads to one of the ambition techs. It kind of looks like a football game plan.

Carthage's leader died and was replaced by someone who hates us even more. I don't think I've ever seen an opinion that low.

Another Carthage city humbly decides to join our glorious empire. Carthage hates us even more.

With a little bit of creative force marching, I capture another city on this turn. Carthage begs for peace. The court laughs back at them - no truce for you! Carthage hates us even more.

And we completed a wonder on this turn? Holy crap, this turn has been productive.

We withdraw the company pension and take it to the horse races. Amazingly, we come back with more money than we left with! Frog face, for the win!

Whew, that was a busy turn. I don't think I've ever accomplished so much in such a short period of time.

Our son wants to marry a greedy person. Talk about gold diggers. I took the relation penalty and said "no!".

A marriage proposal arrives for our 20 year old - a 30 year old guy or a 40 year old guy? The 2x age gap is a little too creepy for me, so I choose the 30 year old guy.

Besides all the mushy romance, this is an uneventful turn.

We were chasing a Carthaginian ship. Inbetween turns, it ran away and ended its movement next to a barb camp. And the barbarians sank the boat. That was our prize kill, guys!

Carthage finally mounts a counterattack. They start prepping an onager to attack...our milita on a city site? Go home Carthage, I think your generals are drunk.

Troops are moving into position, going to capture some more cities in another turn or two. But that ends this turn without too much ado.

Another turn of shuffling and laying siege to cities.Going to be some more great news come next turn, but we'll live with modest gains. Strangely, no events to post screenies of!

I love Akkadian Archers! No brainer choice for me.

Another Carthage counterattack. They move a unit into our city...and promote it????


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...post continued, apparently I had too many images in the last one:

Founded two cities this turn:

The Gaul leader has a Geordi La Forge vibe going on.

We captured 3!!!! Carthage cities this turn, one after another. In other news, they dead.

Started construction of another wonder:

Played 5 turns, captured 5 Carthage cities. You guys teed me up well! Going to end this set on a high note: look at our vast empire!


There's light at the end of the tunnel. A DV is in sight. Will we be able to complete the game before it gets back to me?

I think at this point, we could focus on wonder building and win peacefully pretty quickly. Or we could turn our armies on Rome; they're the only nation listed as "weaker" than us. Which is crazy, since our surplus military budget has been running crazy for a while.
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pir > UP NOW
pholk > warming up their clicker finger
ozbenno > taking a well deserved rest
jguy100 > just pwned some Carthage


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Carthage finally mounts a counterattack. They start prepping an onager to attack...our milita on a city site? Go home Carthage, I think your generals are drunk.

Another Carthage counterattack. They move a unit into our city...and promote it????
So they captured the city?

OK I will play as soon as... mmh I mean soon.
I was tempted to leave the onager alive. If I capture their last city, would their onager have turned into a barbarian onager?
great turns! i'm sure Oz carefully orchestrated the set-up to your turns :mischief: (which, of course, I'll do in fall from heaven) :lol:

also, in before pir finshes

You won't disembark here, sorry!


Let's improve spy network (don't we have too much money?)


This counts as a wonder!

Started the same for Christians, no jealousy!

I've put governors in charge, and moved troops towards Rome. I'd like to visit the city but only as owner.
one cognomen per turn?




DV is at hand.

Who whants to humiliate the Romans?


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great set, PiR. i guess that's me to crash and burn bring it in smoothly. at this point, i think we got this.

got it and ready and waiting
hey now, this is your captain speaking, we cruising into our final destination, a domination victory . . .

what's that?

say what now?

there is no domination victory . . . what the hell kinda-


An ending in photos:
(open in a separate window pls; volume low)

Double victory. Knew it all the time
huzzah :woohoo:


nice job everyone! that was tons of fun!

if you want to take a look at the log and such after victory, attached is the autosave of t117; i just was attacking some roman units when it triggered so maybe a culture boost bumped a nearby city.

sorry this took longer than expected; i completely forgot yesterday was valentines day here in the states so i was with the missus.


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From diarrhea to victory…
yeah, typical valentines day.

i'd also be interested in another SG, starting in a week or two. some sort of babylon game maybe? for some reason, i have in my head a "no standing army/only militia" game
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