PH17: pholkhero and the Holy Grail


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Feb 24, 2006
No, it's not another Python-inspired SG ~ simply a snazzy title ~

So, what's this game all about? Well, what's the quest for the holy grail all about??


And, so, this is an Immortal-Just Win game. It's my first attempt at the level, so any players of said level, please feel free to sign up or lurk as you will ~

The set-up:

Rivals: 6 Random
Difficulty: Immortal
Map: Lakes
Size: Small
Speed: Epic
Victory Conditions: Any

I'm going ot leave open two spots from the survivors of RoboBuster's "monarch-just win" game (and i'm not sure if they'll want to play), but the rest is open for business.

And here's the start:

I moved teh scout already onto that hill, and all we got were those gems. frankly, i'm not sure what to do with this start. part of me wants to move 1E onto that hill. Either that or 1W-1NW onto that other hill. both are on a river so the extra commerce will help, i think.

other thoughts as you sign up and/or check in??
lurk mode = on.

Since I've never gone higher the emperor, not a signup.
lurk mode = on.

Since I've never gone higher the emperor, not a signup.
lee ~ i've played one game on emperor and lost :(

c'mon, all the cool kids are doing it...

it'll make you feel good (....feel good.....feel good)

it makes you look older, too

[/peer pressure]
What? I thought LK, you were a Deity player (no, not related to your forum title).

Not a signup. I actually have won Immortal once, but it was using AP cheese and ignoring worker techs. So it doesn't count. But the score was so high! :lol:

Just lurking but I would settle in place.

9 (probably 10+) riverside grassland
1 flood plain
1 riverside plain
3 riverside grass hills - lack of resources suggesting the unforested one 1E likely has something even if its coal/uranium/etc
you will get at least 1 food resource or equivalent

Super high food gives a faster start but this has the makings of a great mid game power capital and has plenty of forests to chop out a quick start. Farm a few grasslands, grow to cap, chop settlers/workers/wonders, work cottages. I don't see a good reason to move based on what we know.
Wouldn't mind signing up, can beat emperor but immortal indeed remains a holy grail to me too! :)
hmmm...many lurkers, few sign-ups :p

so, we've got:
Fox (hasn't checked in, but traveling so maybe playing)
Here are a couple of immortal (with variant) succession games, I've been involved with.

RB27 - No Civic Immortal
OB06 - Six of the Best

The key to this game is to get the most out of what we are given (just like every game). Part of that will be the map we're given but we have set in place advantages as well. For me the big 3 advantages Peter has as a leader are Philosophical (for bulbs), Cossacks (even nerfed they are still great) and Research Institute (if we get that far). Once we get an idea of the map and who our opponents are, we need to decide how to win this and come up with a plan (just like every game)!
I'd like to give this a shot. I have been spending most of my Civ time on RB games, but have won a couple of solo immortal games.

I think moving the settler 2W1N for a look might be worthwhile, especially since this is Epic. I presume one of the 3 northern tiles in the settle-in-place is unforested and our food resource, but can't tell which one from the screenshot - could you post the save?
Didn't knew I was drafted on a game that i was not aware of ....

Never did try solo immortal ... but I haven't been playing solo game for a long long time. Won a couple of Immortal SG though (no, the OCC games are not counted, due to the advantages you get from an OCC).

The decision to move the scout onto the hill is dubious, since the floodplains is obviously the best tile disclosed, the scout should be moved in a way to uncover more of the tile near the floodplains instead -- :mischief: see, I can always find something to gripe at with pholk's play, even if it is just one move :lol:
Solo I might settle 1W and hope for some more floodplains while not losing any visible hills and if that would appear to be a bad decision reroll :). But probably in place is best, since there are no resources in the BFC visible, there must be something to the north and/or east probably.
okay, so we got settling in place down (along with some pokes at pholk's play).

warriors and bw first??

edit: well, the informal draft was at the end of robo's last game :D
heh ~ well, something interesting happened on the way to settle . . .

i, uh, forgot to save our start


so i had to reroll an we did slightly better:

i trusted myself enough to move the scout onto that hill that it's on. i think i would settle on that plains hill that the scout is at. w/hunting we could go with AH first while we build a worker. then agr to start farming stuff over.

NEW thoughts??
If you're still looking for a player I'd be interested.
I just won my first immortal game (BOTM21) but consider myself emporer level player.
Not sure if that's what you are looking for.
I am with Ozbenno on his SGOTM team. I don't know if he would consider that a plus or a minus though :)
Lurker Comment :That's a pretty decent start. Settling in place mght be a good option (Where the Setter is, on the Plains Hill). You get 2 Happy/Commerce resources and 2 Health resources, and what appears to be coast 4 tiles south of your Settler. I'd suggest sending the scout East by South East over towards that group of hills. Looks like there are quite a few over there and that could turn into a rather useful production city.
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