Plans for DoC 1.18

Leoreth, do you know if you'll keep the 3000 BC - 600 AD - 1700 AD setup on the new map, or will that be reconsidered (given that you're remaking the scenarios from scratch anyway)?
I will start with the 3000 BC scenario and getting it to work well before adding any additional scenarios. I have already changed the way scenarios are defined in a way that makes it a lot easier and sustainable to add more scenarios. I think I will eventually stick with 600 AD and 1700 AD as options but not necessarily limited to that.
Leo, since you are already at step 3 of your plans, do you need help with updating Python settler and war maps, areas, and UHV locations? I did some work on them sometime ago, and we can maybe use it as a starting point. It's not exactly scaled from those of the smaller map, but those should pretty much do, pending revisions. For the settler and war maps, I can set up a Google Sheets file if necessary. stuff will perhaps need manual review, or I can screenshot them manually.
The way those maps function will change along the way, so I will need to do them from scratch.
I understand. Aside from actual map proposals and the CNM, are there any other areas of the mod where we can perhaps contribute?
Definitely later on in the process.
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