PLXI- OPEN Succession; Japan, Warlord


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Dec 29, 2001
Chumash Land
This being my first hosted succession game, i am going to start w/ something simple. As you may be able to tell, i have done this in the style of the LK succession games.

Civ = Japan
World = Huge, Normal, Temperate, 5 Billion, Archipelagio (60%).
Difficulty = Warlord
Barbarians = Roaming
# Civs = 16

No sign ups, simply play
Post your intention to play, and complete your turn with 24 hours.
Up to 20 turns. At least once person between your turns.

Currently Playing: Open
Next: n/a

4000 BC:
-City of Kyoto founded near the Great Lake, The Great River, another village, two vinyard areas, and fertile areas to the south.
This looks to be a great starting location.
-The Yue-Chi village teaches us Bronze working, this will help greatly
-We start research on warrior code
-We start training a warrior @ Kyoto
-We are finally connected to one of our wine resources
-warrior complete, fortified
-Start Spearman
- road to second wines complete
-borders of Kyoto expand
-because of this expansion, we find that we are near another village on a hill
-Spearman done settler started
-spearman fortified
- warrior awakened and sent to be an emmisary to the minor village
-our warrior reaches the village and we are taught pottery
-Settler done, temple started
-Settler directed to coast
3000: Fin, we are made aware that we are the second most powerful nation, only behind America entering the second Millenia
Here is kyoto, the dots represent where i think new cities should go (in spectrum order [rgb])

Remember, anyone can play.
Not real clear, is this
1 - An anyone plays? If so, no rules for expected turnaround.
2 - Need more players.

Let us know.
I am playing, 20 quick turns on the way ;)
Time for a quickie, mumbles lee.

2900 BC - No real surpise, as Osaka is formed. Drop science, since no gain at 50%
2800 BC - As the warrior keeps exploring, the next city site is clear. A double cow square :)
2630 BC - Kyoto begins barracks. Starting to mine around Kyoto to get some production out of it.
2550 BC - Order up settler in Osaka.
2270 BC - My first goodie hut, and all I got was lousy angry barb.
2230 BC - The regular spearman that is exploring finds more luxuries. Crappy area for a town, but 2 furs.
2150 BC - Order up a worker in Osaka. Once again a goodie huts gives us angry barbs :( Our warrior spots dyes.
2110 BC - Up the science rate to 60%. Masonry in 28 turns.

Summary - I went one extra turn, I wanted to see what happens to our spearman - elite.
We have great territorty. Lot of grassland, and many have shields.
Kyoto has the potential to be a killer wonder city One worker should concencrate on MINING around Kyoto, outside of the cow. Don't any more settlers in Kyoto, and start the Pryamids as soon as possible.
Spearman on goto to Osaka.

EDIT: Out of date attachment deleted.
Will try to play tonight once I'm home from work (about 6pm MST). I was unable to post the fact I was playing last night - must be more problems with the forums... :confused:

2070 Increased science to 70%, breaking even on treasury, masonry 3 turns earlier. Horses found SW of Kyoto.


1990 Kyoto finishes spearmen, another ordered

1950 Osaka finished worker, starts spearman. Huts opened, 1 gives 25 gold, the other 3 angry warriors.

1910 Spearman fends off the barbs, Tokyo founded

1870 More horses found to the north, Kyoto starts granary.

1830 Kyoto desires fine arts, 1 entertainer hired to keep the people happy

1790 zzz

1750 Science increased to 100%, masonry in 8 turns

1725 zzz

1700 zzz

1675 Sakae tribe teaches us Mysticism

1650 Barbarian warrior found wandering to the north, who let him out?

1625 Kyoto finishes granary

1600 Hsung-Nu tribe gives us their finest warrior to help with our exploration

1575 Masonry learned, alphabet next up for our scientists. Pyramids in 43 turns

1550 science lowered to 70%

1525 zzz

1500 spearman arrives at horses to the sw, ready for a settler. Osaka-Kyoto road completed. Tokyo and Osaka both have settlers coming in 3 turns
OK, I have my coffee (they should make that a luxury resource - workers work 100% faster and stay up all night).

First impressions - Lots of space, no-one nearby, so I went for exploration, some cultural improvements (temples) to expand borders to assure happiness in the future, and a couple of extra settlers. So here goes.

1500BC - Fortify spearman at it's current position next to horses - wait for settler from Tokyo to arrive.

1475BC - Barbarians dispersed - warrior nearly dies doing it, so fortify for a while to regain a few HP before continuing to explore. The citizens love me so much they begin renovating the palace.

1450BC - Kyoto in disorder - entertainer added to amuse the crowds. Osaka creates settler - sent off to bend in river by wheat (excellent defense should we need it). Tokyo produces settler - sent off to meet spearmen, who is fortifying on hill by horses. Osaka now producing a temple, Tokyo starts a worker (we need more mines on that grassland).

1425BC - All is quiet.

1400BC - All is quiet.

1375BC - Spearman disperses more barbarians - promoted to elite.

1350BC - Tokyo connected to trade network. Road started towards horses.

1325BC - We make contact with a strange people who call themselves "Germans". They are a backward tribe, lacking Masonary, Pottery and Ceremonial Burial. They're also annoyed. They have nothing worth trading, so we continue on our way. Settler reaches spearman who is fortified by the horses. Edo founded - starts temple.

1300BC - Mine comes online in range of Osaka. Some micromanagement to maximize production with minimal effect on growth. Satsuma founded on bend of river by wheat. Temple started as we already had a spearman fortified on the spot.

1275BC - Nothing happens.

1250BC - More road/mine improvements complete.

1225BC - Kyoto about to go into disorder again. Caught it this time. Another entertainer. We need to get to those dyes to the NE - I send a spearman there to fortify since he had nothing better to do. German borders spotted in NW by exploring spearman.

1200BC - New border in NE. Unable to determine who's borders they are.

1175BC - Tokyo completes barracks. I have no idea when they completed their worker and started the barracks. Osaka builds it's temple. Both cities started on settlers. Alphabet learned. Start Horseback Riding.

1150BC - Nothing new.

1125BC - Nothing new *yawn*.

1100BC - Conscript warrior obtained from goody hut. Conscript and discoverer are sent in different directions to speed exploration. We find that the unknown borders belong to the Zulu. They have Horseback Riding, but want everything in our treasury plus 2gpt. I decline. They are polite right now.

1075BC - Spearman fortified by dyes. These need to be brought online ASAP to help with Kyoto unhappiness.

1050BC - Borders expand in Oaska.

1025BC - Osaka and Tokyo produce settlers. Both start spearmen as they have barracks.

1000BC - settlers set off, one towards the coast east of Kyoto and the other towards the reindeer west of Osaka.

NB: I'm looking at the yellow dot as a place to settle.
ShadowLord slips back into the now vacated throneroom to guide the glorious Japanese empire to its rightful destiny.

1) 975 BC Units not at full strength are given R&R time before they are sent out exploring once more

2) 950 BC The mighty worker army continues its efforts to connect the cities of the mighty Japanese empire with a highway system. Science increased to 90% dropping 3 turns off horseback riding

3) 925 BC All units at full strength once more, and begin to move further out into unexplored territory. Kagoshima and Nara founded. Ironworking acquired from Germans for ceremonial burial and masonry. Edo has 2 iron deposits 1 space away.

4) 900 BC Contact with Indians acquired for contact with Germans from the Zulu, but when I went to trade for contact between the Germans and the Indians, they had contact already

5) 875 BC The Germans begin the oracle.

6) 850 BC Horseback riding completed, writing began, 18 turns at 70% science rate.

7) 825 BC Settler from Osaka dispatched to bring dyes to our empire.

8) 800 BC Light purple border spotted northwest of the Germans. Contact with Russians, Persains, and Babylonians perchased from Zulu for 133 gold. Persia ahead of us on score. Everyone has writing except for us and the Germans.

9) 775 BC Light purple border turns out to be the chinese. They are technologically backwards, but with only 7 gold in their treasury, they cannot afford our prices.

10) 750 BC Northern exploration forces being sent to Zulu cultural border to block access of any settlers heading south.

11) 730 BC a bit of micromanagement of kyoto speeds the pyramids by 1 turn

12) 710 BC 4 settlers done within the next 4 turns, 1 settler 2 turns away from the dyes. This will bring us up to 12 cities soon. Chinese presently have 4 cities, Indians have 4, Babs have 5, Persians have 8, Zulus have 7, Germany has 8, and Russia has 7. Everyone except Russia is polite towards us, Russia is cautious.


14) 670 BC Settler sent to bring us much desired furs.

15) 650 BC Nagoya founded near dyes, awaits road. Settler sent in the direction of the silks, exact placement of this city will be up to the next emperor.

16) 630 BC Warrior attacked by barbarian between our empire and that of the Zulu's. Pyramids completed in Kyoto, Settler considered. All building improvements have been finished, the only wonder available is the oracle at 28 turns, and cascade effect caused persians and zulu to switch to the oracle. Worker is ordered instead, the pop point will be back before literature is completed, writing is still one turn away.

17) 610 BC Germany demands 28 gold, they are now cautious. We, of course, refuse to be bullied into paying extortion money. Writing learned, since we are playing on an archipelagio, mapmaking began for the great lighthouse. Philosophy and Literature bought, costing us 241 gold in our treasury, and 13 gpt. Great Library started in Kyoto, 34 turns to completion. Osaka begins the palace as a placeholder for the great lighthouse. reasearch cut back to 40% to pay for the great library, mapmaking now 40 turns away.

18) 590 BC Persia finishes the oracle, and begins the great library. Izumo founded near furs.

19) 570 BC Another barbarian attack between us and the Zulu.

20) 550 BC Nagasaki founded, strengthening our grip on the dyes to the north. Settler is prepared to found a city whereever the new emporer decides would be the best place for it to start harvesting the silk.

We are technologically even with the major empires right now, and persia has a larger military than we do. They also have 1 more city then we do, but we have a settler ready to be placed within 2 turns max. Everyone except Germany and Russia are still polite towards us, they are still cautious. Right now, we have no offensive army, and Germany and China are weaker than us, and on our island. There is still alot of land on this island to be settled, so the next player has quite a few options, to start preparing for a war, or to grab as much land as they can. I would suggest grabbing the 2 horses and the iron between us and the Zulu though, as they don't have either resource presently.
hmmm, previewing the post takes off the file attactment, here is the saved game
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