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Pmod01 - A lightly modded SG

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Succession Games' started by pnaxighn, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. cripp7

    cripp7 Playin' Bored

    Aug 16, 2007
    Looking over the situation, switch york to :gold:

    Turn 390 - 1970AD
    Mao offers a trade


    Mound recycle>drydock
    National jail>barracks

    Turn 391 - 1971AD
    Nottingham casing>cockpit
    Warick university>drydock
    National barracks>mech
    Brighton casing>mech
    Dover casing>mech

    Turn 392 - 1972AD
    Wang makes a demand...uh no

    London casing>mech
    Cahokia casing>arty
    Mound drydock>destroyer
    Newcastle recycle>sub
    Brighton mech>mech
    Mao completes apollo

    Turn 393 - 1973AD
    Fusion >Flight

    London mech>engine
    Cahokia arty>armor
    Newcastle sub>transport
    Dover mech>engine
    GE born in London, need 1 more for a GA due in 13t. Ship will be built by then, could create Mining Inc for +10:hammers: per city

    Slider to 40%(+852) for upgrades, Flight due in 7t
    Switch all cities to units

    Turn 394 - 1974AD
    Charlie makes a demand..decline, decide to gift him a tech

    Warick drydock>cruiser
    Brighton mech>armor
    Keeping an eye on Charlie, has 3 destroyers/transport sitting on our coast

    Turn 395 - 1975AD
    Cahokia armor>Manhattan
    Mound destroyer>cruiser
    Newcastle transport>transport
    Get taxes in Mound City

    Slider to 90%(-85)1566:gold:

    Turn 396 - 1976AD
    York mech>*mech>*armor
    Nottingham cockpit>WP
    Hastings mech>*mech>*armor
    Canterbury marine>cruiser
    Coventry marine>cruiser
    Newcastle transport>*destroyer x2>*transport
    Oxford mech>*mech>*marine
    National mech>:gold:
    Brighton armor>Red Cross
    Awsome City becomes legendary!
    Charlie creates Mining Inc

    Turn 397 - 1977AD
    Warick cruiser>cruiser
    Sub finds Charlie's fleet in his capital

    Turn 398 - 1978AD
    Flight >Advanced Flight

    Chaco transport>fighter
    Mao completes Manhattan, switch a few cities to ICBMs

    Turn 399 - 1979AD
    Get 510:gold: from Manhattan

    Turn 400 - 1980AD
    Mound cruiser>airport
    Coventry cruiser>airport
    Brighton RC>airport
    100 turn left!

    Turn 401 - 1981AD
    Advanced Flight >Laser

    London engine>airport
    Warick cruiser>airport
    Obsolete completes Apollo
    GS born (missed screen) kicked off a GA

    Turn 402 - 1982AD
    Canterbury cruiser>airport
    Brighton engine>ICBM
    SS done launch...10 turn to victory, no further reports until win

    Turn 411 - 1991AD
    With 1t left and 8 nukes just sitting around I DoW on Obsolete to duke nuke'm back to the stone age and make'm glow in the dark

    Turn 421 - 1992AD
    And our ship has landed

    to be continued....
  2. cripp7

    cripp7 Playin' Bored

    Aug 16, 2007
    Now for the follow-up screens
    Spoiler :

    Mfg Goods
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    GNP :gold: was #2

    Top 5 Cities
    Spoiler :

    Obsolete was wonderwhoring like crazy with 10! wonders in his capitol, which had 3 nukes dropped on it.

    Units built
    Spoiler :

    Mug shot
    Spoiler :

    Could've been better, but still a win!

    Obsolete was a Phil/Ind with a UU of basically Horse Archer with 8:strength: and an UB that's a Monument that provides 5 stone. Would be interesting to try an offline game with that leader.
    It's been fun playing with you guys! Enjoyed it.
  3. Thy_Spellcraft

    Thy_Spellcraft King

    Sep 18, 2008
    Ludwigsburg, Germany
  4. pnaxighn

    pnaxighn Warlord

    Oct 24, 2008
    Thanks folks.

    I have an idea for Pmod02, but it's going to take a lot of digging in the code to get it up and running. Look for Pmod02, in some form or another, eventually...
  5. pnaxighn

    pnaxighn Warlord

    Oct 24, 2008
    The UB just provides 1 stone. He was meant to be obviously broken, and his AI was set up as best as I could to abuse that.

    Lesson: the AI, no matter how many advantages you give it, and what settings you set it on, will not play a proper WESSE.

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