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Updated on July 16th, 2006 - Added a section that covers the various items I've created (bottom of the post).

Following the footsteps of TheLopez I decided to create a thread with short descriptions and links to all my units. This should shorten my signature quite a bit ;)

Ethnically Diverse Units
Spoiler :

This is a collection of units (ever growing) that gives more flavor to the game by creating civilization-specific graphics for units. Currently I've implemented the European, Asian, African, Arabian and Native American looks for three units - Settler, Warrior and Scout.

Warhammer Units - Land Speeder, Imperial Tanks, Orc Heads, Hellblaster Gun, Wolfrider
Spoiler :

Space Marines Land Speeder
A light combat vehicle for the Warhammer 40,000 MOD. The model and the texture for this unit came from Warhammer: Dawn of War. I reduced the number of polygons, added gloss, animated and exported it into Civ4.

WH40K Imperial Guard Tanks
Tanks for the Warhammer 40K MOD, complete with new graphics, animations and effects. More to come.

WH40K Dawn of War Bitz
These are various items I exported from the game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War into Civilization IV.

WH Fantasy Battles: Hellblaster Volley Gun
By request of seZereth I made this likeness of the warhammer gun using the cannon unit as the basis.

Orc Wolfrider
Using a head taken from Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and some creative "bone transplant"ing from wolf to horse I managed to make this rather nasty looking, "wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley" type of unit.

Anciet Units - Persian Immortal, Greek Swordsman, African Spearman, Canoe, Arabian Cavalry, Nubia Archer, Alt. Weapons, Warrios w/ Swords, Mounted Units, Ancient Greek Units and Cho-Ko-Nu Redux
Spoiler :

Persian Immortal ver.1 ver.2
This is a remake of the vanilla Persian Immortal. As I understand these were foot soldiers (not horseback) and their uniqueness lies in the fact that they were both ranged and melee fighters, and that they had, or were supplied with, tons of money so always had all the provisions and were able to move quickly. I used Mali Skirmisher animations for this one, so it's a ranged unit but the spear gives it somewhat of a melee feel, IMO.

Greek Swordsman and Alternative Phalanx
Simple modifications of the Praetorian and Phalanx units based on a request by Aranor.

African Spearman
Using Skirmisher's animations and Scout's figure I created an African Spearman and managed to skin it such that finally there is a unit that doesn't wear a skirt or pants. (For a game where all but two units are males there are sure lots of skirts in it. :D)


This one was requested by Jeckel. It's a simple canoe with ghosts that fire arrows when it attacks. And yes, I painstakingly modeled, textured and animated those ghosts so nobody tell me there aren't any.

Arabian Cavalry
This one was requested by J_Period. Based on the Companion Cavalry (from the Scenario folder), I made a very cool looking shield and a scimitar for it.

Nubian Archer
Requested by Wyz_sub10 for CIV Gold mod. This will work great as an ancient archer for many African and related civs.

Units with Alternative Weapons
Number of early ancient units with different weapons, some were taken from other units, others were made by me.

Warriors with swords
Just two Warriors that use swords instead of clubs.

Mounted version of units
I took number of foot units and put them on horses doing various animations (i.e. swordsman on horse, spearman on horse, archer on horse, etc.). Some of these look very cool.

Ancient Greek Units
A collection of Greek/Roman units - swordmen, spearmen, archers, etc.

Cho-Ko-Nu Redux
Based on a request by Sleeping_Dragon I made a Cho-No-Ku that uses a sword, one on foot and one on a horse.

Modern Units - F-15, P51 Mustang, Riot Police, RPG-7 Units, Drill Sergeant, Presidial Lancer and Boer Commando
Spoiler :

My first ever unit is the F-15 Fighter plane. The unit uses Jet Fighter animation and has sounds. One day I'll update it with a better texture and support for team colors.

P-51 Mustang
My second and last airplane, for now at least. It uses Fighter animations.

Riot Police
There were several requests for police units so I made a police unit with a riot shield and a baton. It is based on Navy SEAL but uses Knights Templar animations. I am planning to add an HK-MK5 and a Shotgun to these guys.

RPG-7 Units
An RPG-7 grenade launcher was requested and so I made that, plus two units that use it - Infantry and SAM Infantry.

Drill Sergeant
This was requested by TheLopez for Military Academy MOD and is based on the Infantry unit.

Presidial Lancer
Presidial Lancer was requested by SoCalian for his California mod. It is a modification and a reskin of the Keshik unit and I think it turned out pretty well, considering I turned a Mongolian ancient unit into a much more modern Mexican unit.

Boer Commando
Requested by Abrie JF Kilian for Afrikaaners Mod. It is a reskinned Cavalry with a different hat and a beard.

Fantasy Units - Wizards, Werewolf, Winged Swordsman, Griffon, Fire Mage, Grim Reaper, Magical Beasts, LOTR-like War Elephant.
Spoiler :

Three wizards - one on a horse, one on foot with a staff and one on foot with a staff and a sword.

A werewolf unit I made a while ago. In addition to the werewolf, I also posted here a swordsman using an axeman's axe, and the axeman got a ram-head hammer instead of the axe.

Winged Swordsman
Two swordsmen with wings, one has angel-like wings, the other is more like a demon, also they have a new sword.

One of my personal favorites. While fairly basic this unit looks very cool, and much better than I thought it would when I started working on it.

Fire Mage

Fire Mage... 'nuf said. :) In addition to the mage, there are three units that have had fire added to them - catapult, archers and longbow. Also, check post #25 if you want to use the catapult because it has a better version of it.

Grim Reaper
Three variations of the taker of souls, destroyer of worlds, and... favorite uncle - there's one on a horse, and two on foot, one of whom has an hourglass.

Animals and Magical Beasts
In this thread I included four animals from Civ4 without their riders - 2 horses, elephant and camel, as well as three mythological creatures - Pegasus, Unicorn and... some undead/hell-spawn looking horse.

More war-like War Elephant
Partly inspired by LOTR and partly by Warhammer I created this extra spikey version of the War Elephant, on a request by Klyde182.

Sci-Fi/Futuristic Units - Moon Units, Combat Vehicle and Space Fighters
Spoiler :

Moon Units vol.1
This is a number of units to which I attached various helmets and oxygen tanks to make them look like they're on the Moon. This was requested by woodelf for Song of the Moon MOD. There is also, towards the end of the post, a Marine unit that uses M-16 (the Navy SEAL's weapon) instead of AK-47.

Moon Units vol.2
Another request for SoM. Most of these are just helmets (and a futuristic lancer) attached to various units, with the idea that they'll be reskinned when put in the mod. However, the first units is a SAM Infantry with a new rocket launcher and helmet, plus a reskin.

Futuristic Combat Vehicle
Made this kinda of an all-purpose, somewhat futuristic looking vehicle. It's based on a vehicle from Battlefield 2142, animated and comes with gun and rocket launcher.

Space Fighters
Some sci-fi space fighters that I found on TurboSquid and imported into Civ4.

Miscellaneous Units - Great General and Mounted Musketmen
Spoiler :
Great General and Mounted Musketmen
This really started with the Great General unit which is basically a mounted version of the Praetorian with a cape. However, I also added some musketeers and musketmen on horse so that the Spanish and the French have their own Cavalry.

Items - These are various items, such as shields, swords and more, that I've created to be attached to units.
Spoiler :

Japanese Banners
A number of banners/poleflags that seZereth requested so he could make the Asian style civs in Warhammer MOD.

Just a collection (11 since last update) of various shields, both fantasy inspired and historical.

Various Weapons vol.1 and vol.2+
The first "volume" contains 18 weapons, including hammers, axes, swords and spears. Again, some are fantastical others are more realistic. The second "volume" is intended as a repository of most new weapons I make (not counting the ones I make specifically for a unit), and as of the last update contains 8 weapons.

Assorted Items
Everything that doesn't fit into the previous two threads (for various reasons) goes here, including helmets, pieces of armor and banners.


Nov 15, 2005
New York + Shqypni
Good to see this is up. Excellent graphics work you've got there :goodjob:

Any chance on doing some more Medieval and Renaissance units? Ploep. has done some, but I'de like to see you add to the pot :)


the Lion
Mar 13, 2006
Great idea Rabbit, and much appreciated. As always, thanks for the terrific new units! :goodjob:

Rabbit, White

Well, two weeks after I started this, it's finally done. :)
Any additional units I make I'm gonna add straight here.

Rabbit, White

Updated the list.
I added the units I posted in the last couple of weeks; slightly re-arranged links and categories, and put unit names upfront to take the guessing out of figuring out where I put what (even I couldn't remember sometimes which spoiler I need to open :blush:).

Edit: Small updated - added an Items section.


FfH´s art monk(ey)
Feb 3, 2006
hi rabbit, here is an attempt for a leather armor, i included the psd file in the hope you can improve if you find the need to do so (it is actually harder to draw leather than steel or anything ;) ) furthermore you can decide which layer you want and which you make invisible ;) (with or without shirt etc...)

and i didnt recieve your pm cause my folder was fulll (thanks to woodelf, he took the last place :p )

Duke van Frost

Lunatic Killer Robot
Jan 24, 2006
Darmstadt, Germany
seZereth said:
and i didnt recieve your pm cause my folder was fulll (thanks to woodelf, he took the last place :p )

I don´t remember that to be the "woodelf position" :confused:

But well, he seems to be too much into 3dsMAX to get the first place these days.

And because you posted no screenie I´ll have to look at the leather armour at home :p

Amazing Game

Jun 19, 2006
I have placed a templar knight into the Warlords New Balance Mod I have been really enjoying lately- ONE MINOR PROBLEM: the templar is slightly smaller than other military units in comparison.

Am I able to change any of these numerical attributes to affect the aforementioned desired result:

<ShadowAttachNode>BIP Pelvis</ShadowAttachNode>

I tried several combos- doesn't seem to work- Since I'm not graphically experienced, is there another model with larger attributes or ....uh umm...here I go: can u pretty please make one for... me/ us ....

Thanks in advance for YOUR time.

Rabbit, White

You need to change the fScale value, probably 0.44 (that's pretty standard fo regular non-mounted units) but obviously test it and see what works best.

Amazing Game

Jun 19, 2006
Yes that worked...

I obviously had a very serious "brain fart" LOL

@ Rabbit, White:

Does Toronto have any civ fan club or something ???

Your graphics job is ....AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up great work...:goodjob:

Rabbit, White

Amazing Game said:
Yes that worked...

I obviously had a very serious "brain fart" LOL

@ Rabbit, White:

Does Toronto have any civ fan club or something ???

Your graphics job is ....AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up great work...:goodjob:
If there is one I'm not aware of it :)


Jul 27, 2007
love your work. especially your immortal. I've been using it since day 0 with CIV!

it would be amazing tho if you could create even more skins for rome or persia. for example specific swordsmen and spearmen. for example what I'd like for persia instead of spearmen skin would be the Kardakes as known from RTW:Alexander addon.

or anything roman. I like your current work and appreciate it much.
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