Random ctd


Aug 2, 2007
I've experienced a random ctd maybe caused by having more than 18 civs:
In regular vanilla BtS it doesn't crash when I get around turn 300/400 but when I load my mod and get around turn 300/400 it crashes.

- Does Solver's Patch fix the obvious "more than 18 civs" bugs?
I don't believe that it does, since he seems to be bound to improving stuff that the official patch will/could also cover - and I highly doubt that Firaxis will officially support anything they don't officially support ;) Having said that, by combing through the code some of the crashes might have been fixed anyway.
Do the crashes produce any error message?
Have you tried enabling python popups in the .ini file? (maybe it shows you something that is wrong in the code...)
well...there is no error message, and I think it might be an SDK problem. Unfortunately, I'm not good at creating my own code...
Are the python pop-ups on by default?
Are the python pop-ups on by default?
No: you would have to set them to on in the .ini file. This would at least tell you if there is an error in the python files (and sometimes in the SDK if it calls a python file)...
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