Random Thoughts XIV: Pizza, Pomegranate Juice, and Shreddies

On the bus today there was a person with acromegaly (seriously, English? mega(lo)- when defining the other term in the word is never a suffix, always a prefix :shake: ) megaloacry.
First time I saw one irl.
He was massive (maybe 2 meters 10 centimeters, and very bulky) and he stood opposite myself, in the central part of the bus :)
I am pretty sure he'd obliterate most nba players/nfl in strength.
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amazing how fast things can happen . After the Congregation leader's video in which he mumbled about stuff about sand and 5 days after some fortune teller person supposedly tweeted about an accident involving sand berms holding cynanade or whatever in a gold mine , there was indeed such an incident in a Canadian operated mine which might or might not end up poisoning the entire Euphrates . Now , the relevant palace cabinet secretary is running to be the metropolitan mayor of Istanbul and supposedly he wasn't that good in politicking because anyone getting sharp in any field would soon be eliminated or blunted if seen as a future threat to the PM and yes men are much in demand , this seems to be seriously developing as "the campaign" . That the former palace secretary would so the Congregation carried out a sabotage . As a typical A-K-P mine , such as a disaster was expected for years but yeah , 1984 .

people of course go back and find out it is related to ... past events . Like some former district attorney person had started court cases against the mine 14 or 15 years ago . Before he was arrested in the Ergenekon conspiracy . The Congregation people must be so happy with the news that the top ranking general in the area they targeted in that branch of the conspiracy died today as well . An "Eurasian" , he is remembered as the authority that allowed the company of the second son-in-law of the PM to trial their earliest drones in combat against the seperatists . The late father of second son-in-law of the PM was instrumental in helping the retired general to find a doctor in the years past for an operation . New Turkey does not like traitors , if you are to ask them .

in typically missed things some other secretary in the palace cabinet said the population of this country would reach 105 millions by 2050 but we would care for 105 million refugees . They naturally think they will manage to conquer places , instead of ending up with so many guests in a triangle somewhere in Central Anatolia as per Sevres . But of course this is not what the forum has been conditioned hear (some certain idiot) in these few days . So , the picture below depicts a day in 2010 . The general in the paragraph above refuses to come to court and instead two jets fly overhead . See , everybody says it is F-16s and ı as an idiot was able to identify it as Phantoms even back in 2010 on poor pixel number cathode TV screens in thd news . Like anyone willing to guess why nobody tries to guess ? It is always the perception (until the day one sadly faces the reality) . Had ı been ever involved it would be B-52s ... When somebody tells you to do something about something , tell you would rather have Nuland do it on her own ...


will really help some in the city nearby to calm down .
naturally ı forgot the other Congregationly things . A-K-P getting ready to meet with seperatist politicians , because Nuland was here , because there is still a crisis somewhere else . Some minor Islamist party was not given enough enough advantages ; so , it will not ally with AKP ; so , their candidate's phone call to a woman he wasn't married to has been leaked , the second part supposedly to include their action with more people involved at the same time . This is true New Turkey in political action by the way .

people still insist it was F-16s . One single post objected , saying Phantoms are much louder at the city safe low level flight .

and as a true response or whatever , THAT was called the Ghost . Western media said it was a Dutch plane on UN No Flight missions . Attacking Serbian targets from extreme ranges , according to hush hush Serbian claims . Russians actually sent people to collect rocket or bomb pieces , they couldn't because there were none . Still helped the Serbians get a spare S-300 battery , if you are to believe the rumours , right before the March '99 war thing . There were of course Greek volunteers , not all of yours were "fighters" willing to join the rapes and whatnot . Some other forums have options to let you mark the thing "if you found this post useful" .

it was this BS that made Americans to let the Dutch to kill a Serbian MiG-29 . Otherwise all the kills in NATO campaigns have long been going to USAF to sell the F-35 and so on . (The single F-18 kill in Syria was part of a deception or something)
This timeline is really boring. Ultimately, you can't expect the New to be around in more enlightened times. We could all be one big byzantine family.
Maybe 50 years from now things will be better. Hopefully decent life-improving tech will help some of us still exist ^^
another 50 years and you will be something like 100 . Not impossible in this age . But Byzwhatever or Eastern Rome will not come back .

never minding the Americans are rejecting the smart thing that it should happen now or in 6 years time and waiting for me die or be a very old 80 to fight this glorious war in space IN 2050 ! You know , it fits everything they are doing these days . Yeah , they refuse ever to believe me that they would win , despite their own prophecies ! Luckily , ı am reading about Yoda on Vjun which turns out to be a better Star Wars Legends thing .
look , am not working hard to call Americans idiots everyday but yeah , Russians have now placed a nuke in space on the 9th . And like some Republican wants it declared .
In 50 years I will be 94 ^^
But it'd be worth living to that only if tech allows for youthfulness.

Still, even now there are quite a few people here who live to be over 100. But primarily in the countryside/islands.
I used to find literature-related "test" questions in school books very cringe - until I had to produce similar questions for "test" sections in my seminars.
Now I am of the view that it is brutal to force this on anyone, so the questions are predictably dull and derivative :/
I am creating a video presentation of various ways to think of the (basic) two sentinels problem. When done, I plan to upload it on youtube.
AI programs are helping me with the illustrations - though I haven't yet picked the final ones, here is a placeholder:

In 50 years I will be 94

And you'll still be insisting that Civ III is the best and Canadians are crazy for considering -20C with no wind to be a nice warm day. :hug:
So I have been drawing for like 20 years. I can turn the dresses in picture into dress cuts with all measurements to mm. What I'm asking is - how unique are these dresses? Have you seen something like this before?

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It's hard to make out what they look like, since the colors are lightly applied on a white background. But from what I can make out, I have never seen anything like them.
I've never seen anything like those dresses.
Make it work

Today I was told (again) that I look like Franz Kafka.
But this time it's different, since he was 4.5 younger than me when he died.
And it's likely he was even younger in whatever photo they saw too :p

Yeah, if you study someone for 20 years you risk starting looking like him :D I still don't look like Virginia Woolf. She was my favorite writer when I applied to philology studies.
the maiden flight of the F-24G was two days ago . Has widespread coverage elsewhere on the web where ı am no longer a member . Feel one guy wants my posts dating many years back deleted , has started arguments in multiple places . On the other hand , others have been attacking the forum . Concentrating on one whose nick comes out as a fool in Turkish , for being a German to whom dissing Turks is a second nature . And , yeah , even some named as candidate(s) to be censured almost 15 years after picking on me . Was busy writing a r16 piece about the historical background / the factory no doubt has my posts saved and it will be easy to find the one that says it wouldn't be done by 2023 and stuff . Not an exactly brilliant piece of foresight , too ... Did not claim ı was a test pilot in that , did not claim ı had ever worked on that , did not even talk positively about that . Thus it is a waste of time to declare stuff has been fixed because something about something that happened years ago has been solved , in my name , without even asking people . ı retract nothing , death to F-35 , a pox on Lockmart , a pox on BAe . Also Qatar , too . Do not make me angry .
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