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RBtS3 - The Uncultured One

11 pretty fast turns.

We met Alexander and then got this quest

Well, can we do that?

Our capital finished the settler that went for the copper. It then produced another warrior and granary before going for another settler (can be vetoed, bu I think we should have a settler in case iron is somewhere else)
The second city went to swap between a rax and worker, now grown to 3 with the improvements made, we can churn out a 3rd worker in 3 more turns.

The 3rd city is going for a rax. Are we going for Monte or Hammurabi. Monte has -4 with us due to wrong religion anyway already:lol:

Our empire

Oh no :smoke:

I now saw that blid was supposed to play before me :smoke:

I hope this is fine
No Problem TheRat. I wouldn't have played today anyway

I'd rather we go after Monty. Those bowmen are not something you'd take without cats to help. Also, Monty is a total freak, he builds infinity of units, better take him now.

Do we beeline construction ?
Okay, guys. I played until iron working and we have a little issue here. The only available iron is here :

No iron in the capital, no iron in the east. Nada. :eek:

Question is, do we settle east of iron trying to get enough swords to kill off Hamurabi, bleedy I know but if we start with Taking Akkad, the iron should be safe. Question is, how many turns do we have left before Akkad gets its second expansion. Second option is to wait for construction, settle the pink dot flood plains spot in the east and go with cats/axes against Hamurabi or Monty ? Hamurabi don't have a religion yet. If his city have a monument only, we should have time to build enough swords.
Is this he new BtS feature that the capital is so crappy?

Anyway, that said, I would settle eat of iron to grab the gold as well. hat would also mean we have to fight westwards first...
Well, that settles that...Qwack had already convinced my somewhat but he forgot to mention his psychic powers told him Iron was at that dot location as well. We better connect it fast and whip and army out before we lose the Iron to culture. As a backup I'd set research towards Catapults.

Okay, city settled east of iron. Gold and iron connected. Road net done.

I already whipped a couple swords and more are coming. I had to revolt to slavery first.

We have a couple chariots too, in case some axe appears in our backyard. One of them is potential doctor, he killed a wandering barb archer for experience

Writing was in too. I opened borders with Hamu when he asked. Set math as next research but it is taking damn long. Should farm the capital to let it grow and build a lib there to hire scientists in the future.

We should have 6-8 swords quite soonish, and a couple axes I put in queue. Hamu, here we come :hammer:

I don't like having to do a sword rush on Babylon either, but I don't think we have a choice. At least we are Aggressive.

I think Akkad is a clear raze and we resettle it when we have calendar. Speaking of which I guess we had better start building some cottages so we can pretend that we have an economy. Our capital really is disgusting, can we move it to Babylon :p
Babylon should be either the FP city or the capital. What is it with the AI that it still settles a tile away from the coast?
Since everyone is playing random numbers of turns I took 19.

Chariot scouting revealed that Hammurabi had an iron source in his NW but hadn't connected it yet, so speed was essential. I used several 2 pop whips to train Swordsmen and moved in on Babylon with 8 swords and an axe. Meanwhile, our chariot is camping the Babylonian iron source to prevent them connecting it. Akkad was defended by 4 bowmen on a hill, so I decided to bypass it and head for the capital first, which was defended by only 3 units:

Our swords attacked at about 28%, we lost two.

I'm not sure whether we're allowed to build a library in advance here if we're going for palace or FP city for Babylon (which seems likely). So I start an Ikhanda and leave the decision whether to build a library or not to Qwack :)

I then moved unwounded and freshly trained troops back to Akkad where there were now 5 bowmen. While our troops were gathering the AI demonstrated the new BtS incompetence where it loses a stack of 2 workers to 1-move units by moving them right next to our swords unescorted.

I tried to bait a defender out of the city with one of the workers, but the AI didn't bite, and instead whipped another bowman. With 6 bowmen in a hill city now, this is the computer's way of telling us to come back when we have catapults. Since the area is useless until Calendar anyway, I think we should just attack Dur-Kurigalzu and other cities instead. We probably COULD take it but the attack odds are about 22% and we'd probably lose one sword per bowman which is too high a price to pay IMO. I wonder if horse archers would have been better for this war, actually.

nice progress :goodjob: Agree to take other cities first (or raze them) I reckoned that cities relentlessly whip defenders in BtS once you have your units parked around their cities.
Nice strategy/tactics uberfish, this game is not going to go quickly. I would prefer we save the FP city for a holy city, so we can get some shrine income. Charlemagne is just past Hammurabi, can we scout out his lands better and find out where the Buddhist holy city is?

I would prefer we save the FP city for a holy city, so we can get some shrine income.

That's an interesting point. All shrines give culture (even captured shrines??). If that's the case, we can only capture 1 and that has to be FP city (with Wall Street I assume), so we probably can't double FP/NE.
Very nice rush uberfish. Darrell made an interesting point about hte holy city shrine income, ill scout out Charlamegnes land a bit to see if the holy city is near us. Will play this in 24 hours probably.
I'm pretty sure captured shrines act like other wonders and don't give culture, just let the AI build them for us. Our main criterion for building the FP should be that it helps its own and neighbouring cities.
Sorry for delay guys. Turns played!

Our economy is a crapshoot, we can really use alphabet here to build research, so after math our priority will be alphabet. Anyways, Uberfish left me with an interesting situation near Akkad. Hammurabi has 6 bowmen in the city, andw e have 6 swordsman around the area, with 6-8 more that will get there in 2 turns. 2-1 ratio should be enough here, but it will be somewhat risky.

By the time our army was ready, Hammurabi piled up a couple more bowmen..

Yikes. No chance, I decided to forget this city for now and go after northern city. I also started Library in Babylon to be whipped and chopped out ASAP. We really can use some scientist specialists for our first great person and to help us get to Alphabet. I decided to attakc Borsippa with a chariot and take a chance at 28% odds, but failed. Oh well.. Hammurabi comes up with a bowmen from nowhere near Umungdongulo, had to whip a swordsman there unfortunately.

Attacked Dur Kurigalzo in 350 BC, I think what we have to do here it basically Blitzkreig the AI. In other words, move our army near thier city on turn 1, then attack ASAP on turn 2, preventing them from whipping/building too many units in a city. If we park swordsman near a city, the AI will just keep building units there. Anyways, lost 1 swordsman at 59% odds but took the city easily.

We got a great general in one of our cities, but I dont know what to do with him. My thinking is either a super specialist or a military academy in Babylon. Babylon has better production potential than the capital so it would be best for our future heroic epic(If we want it) city. Anyways, with no threat to Akkad, Hammurabi considerably lowers its defensive situation.

We have war weariness in Babylon, combined with the whip unhappies and we already have 2 unhappy faces there at size 4. I am starving the city for now while running a scientist (We should switch that over to gold mine once the borders expand there). It will grow back tremendously quickly with the 2 corns anyways.

Also I started another settler in Ulundi for floodplains city which we can cottage spam. Im working 2 scientists there while building the settler also (Not the most optimal but we are not in any rush to get a settler out and the scientist beakers are more useful right now). We should have alphabet in around 6-8 turns after getting some pillage money after grabbing Akkad. So anyways, here is the situation near Akkad...

I would suggest waiting a turn and then moving the units into Akkad (We have a swordsman healing and 2 or 3 that cant move on the current turn). He really should not be able to hold us off this time, as the last time I checked he had 4 units in the city, so the most he can have in 2 turns is 6..

In terms of our research situation, its pretty bad but once we get alphabet we can use alot of our cities to build research which will easily keep us afloat however many cities we take. Alex and Genghis still have not adopted a religion, so we should also trade with them to hopefully grab any important tech's we are missing once we get Alphabet. Also, again, im not too sure what to do with the Great general here. What do you guys think?

Darrell is up for 10 turns.



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