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I'm reading/writing about the Song dynasty (960-1279), which is when the Chinese population really started growing in the south. Apparently this was due in part to the introduction, around 1000 AD, of new rice varieties from SE Asia such as the Champa rice, that were easier to grow in the warm climate of Southern China. I see from the map above that two Rice resources spawn in the south in 200 BC; I wonder if it'd be appropriate to move one or both of them to c. 900-1000 AD instead? Or add another rice resource at that time, or just generally spread the South China resource spawns over a longer time period.
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Hi, I have a few resource placement suggestions in the levant:
1) dates are the predominant farming crops in Southern Israel, Sinai and Jordan, so I thought about adding a more western resource to represent that.
It also goes well with all the plantations near the dead sea, the Araba and Aqaba/Eilat (politics doesn't have place here)
2) The apple resource represent the lebanese varieties, which are considered of a very high quality, and shows the historical abundance of apples and their cultural impact of the eastern Mediterranean.


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A few recommendations.
Rice should spawn in Arkansas/Louisiana area after 1865, after death of slavery King Cotton was replaced with King Rice and Arkansas is the biggest rice growing state, more than California.
Is there potato spawn in north america currently? Should be one in Idaho area at least to make it more habitable, and USA feels weird without potatoes.
Not sure when tobacco first started growing in China, but it should spawn in the south at some point. China is currently world's biggest producer.
Tunis area was breadbasket of ancient to early medieval world, very long time. It looks like the Carthage spot on the new map does not have the wheat resource in its BFC?
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