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Turkey's first goal is pretty easy, but then it was in RFC.

"Control one other civilizations start area"

I did this when collapsed greek cities flipped to me on the third turn.

Turkey's second goal is incredibly cryptic.

"Control 3 cities in each of 4 different landmasses in 1700 AD"

I'm currently playing a Turkey game where I want to build towards a domination victory, so I haven't been worrying about the UHVs, but this goal is one I don't really follow.

In RFC you are supposed to have Greece and Mesopotamia and the black sea in 1700. Now from what I can tell you are supposed to have 3 cities in 4 different continents, but I'm not really sure here.

Do the Africa, Europe and Asia like continents in RAND count as separate land masses? Even if they do, the Turkish goal would require you to go colonize the America or Australia, since it asks for a fourth.

I never understood Turkey's second UHV. Never. I failed it three times already.
Brianung, no need to revive a 2-year-old thread for that. Open up a new topic. But to answer your question: The Middle East, I believe, is part of Asia. Europe is just above where you spawn. Africa is to the south west. It's kinda like England's UHV in regular RFC.
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