Rhye's and Fall RAND: Preview #1

I've tried this "PerfectWorld".
After seeing the results, I came to the conclusion that it's not necessary to merge it with the mod, for two reasons:

1 - terrain and feature placement, which seem much better than the normal one, look similar to what I've done and shown in this preview.
2 - my continents placement has different prerequisites - RFC needs more than 35% of land, which is a lot, to contain many civs in a smaller (and faster) map. Tweaking Terra I've achieved this, and I can ensure a minimum distance between continents. Instead, with PerfectWorld, that distance is ensured only for lower ratios (up tp 25%). Try changing that number, and you'll see "bridges".
In Preview 4 (i think), it talks about all the cool improvments like stability will be lowerd if the vikings build a city in egypt etc. is that for RFC RAND or the update thats coming in September:)sad:)??
oh ok. But i didn't know the egyptians get a bonus with desert and rivers?
you said in ur 4th preview for RAND
I think what Rhye was trying to say in preview #4 is that Egyptians will almost always spawn near a flood plain due to high modifiers, not that they get a bonus. Correct me if I'm wrong Rhye.
Are the same agricultural penalties going to apply to the Egyptians, Malians and Ethiopians, even though they may never see a floodplain?
Also, is Mali going to get its economic stability cut in half again due to its UP?
I mean, what if I found my Ethiopian cities AWAY from those cursed floodplains? :lol:
So in a way RFC RAND allows you to recreate history on a diffrent world
Forgive me for jumping into this late, but what I understand is there won't be additional civs like Sumeria? I haven't played RFC, is Sumeria there? :confused:
Awww, well at least Gilgamesh is in. Thanks.
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