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[BNW] Rhye's Catapult 2020-06-02

Preview of new icons!
As a Russian I don't like it. Я never was some symbol of Russia.

Perhaps: the idea based on reverse vesion of the "R" - symbol of medieval conception that Russian Tsardom is "succesor" of Eastern Roman' Empire' Legacy:)

But as Russian I agree with Your statement: Regular two-headed eagle or two-headed eagle with huge Crown is better:)))

P.S. I'm so happy that @Rhye will create Rise-and-Fall version for CIV-5:) #MakeGreatModGreatAgain
it's an experiment. Let's see how it looks and if people likes it, for Russia.
Can we have another symbol for Mother Russia? Because Я means I (i) in russian (I dont mean maybe(так уж вышло...)). It is cool that I can play for I or vote for I, but maybe Bear or Vodka for example...
P.S. Oouch, i missed your post about stereotypes. Спасибо, товарисч.
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I think that not many people outside Russia immediately associate the two headed eagle, but let's keepit if no consent is found on an easier alternative (most of them are lame ;) I do like the ушанка though)
Well... May be angry Bear will be better:)


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Rhye, a question about geography: I hope you will have Lake Balaton (Hungary) on the map - biggest lake in Europe!
Also, SIZE is same as of the Death Sea - so please make it the same size on the map - for both! (should be 2 tiles)
And: please locate Lake Balaton so that if a city is placed on the left side of the Danube, then the lake is NOT adjacent to the city (so farther to the west)...
If scale of map lets it be...
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tell me which one is nicer

Sherlock-Holmes' Mode:
I've found lake-tile near the Moscow: its huge Ribinsk' reservoir (but also it is artificial lake which appered ONLY in 1930-s)
So: it will be nice if we delete it:)
P.S. also I think there is better way:)
We can remove it few tiles West (to Baltic and North Russia border) and then it will reflect real famous lake (Chudskoe Ozero in Russian // Lake Peipsi in Estonian)


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Thank you for your input.
I added the correction in the north but for Hungary, sorry Soma, that like doesn't fit the scale of the map. Eastern Europe is also a little bit sacrificed by the need of a larger Western Europe
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OK, I understand - still, will there be a 1-tile lake for the biggest lake of Europe? :)
EDIT: I mean: biggest on the "mainland" Central Europe - so not counting Finnish and Russian lakes
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