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[NFP] Scoring City States

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by Lily_Lancer, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. gcampono

    gcampono Chieftain

    Nov 18, 2018
    Very true... I'm used to play with CPL or CivFR rules (and I somewhat suck) that only allow 1 CS to be taken... so a few of them actually survive :)
  2. Lily_Lancer

    Lily_Lancer Deity

    May 25, 2017
    October Update:

    Commercial CS base score update to +10 for the double envoy bonus.
    Lahore nerfed.

    Bandar Brunei: 11

    Commercial: +10
    Foreign trading post +1 Gold for Trade routes: +1

    Cahokia: 19

    Commercial: +10
    Can build Cahokia Mound: +9, the Cahokia Mound is really powerful, at least +1 amenity per city.

    Hunza: 14

    Commercial: +10
    +1 gold per 5 tiles: +4, this one yields much more than Bandar Brunei!

    Lahore: 11

    Militaristic: 5
    Can faith purchase Nihang: +6, advanced unit out of its era, not cheap anymore.

    Lisbon: 11

    Commercial: 10
    Trade Route cannot be plunder on sea: +1

    Muscat: 13

    Commercial: 10
    CH +1 Amenity: +3

    Venice: 11

    Commercial: 10
    +1 gold per luxury at destination: +1

    Zanzibar: 16

    Commercial: 10
    Grant 2 luxuries, each with +6 amenity: +6, Hope Buenos Aires may learn sth.

    Tier list:

    Game changing(25+, ): Rapa Nui, Geneva, Yerevan

    Powerful (20-25): Bologna,Antananarivo,Valletta,Taruga,Nan Madol,Kumasi,Granada,Babylon
  3. Minou

    Minou Prince

    Apr 19, 2013
    Love to see this list, but mine would be very different - I am biased towards Science Victory but really there would have to be a totally separate list for Religious Victory so these comments are mostly general "I started a game with no victory planned and will go with the best option depending on the map".

    Are Commercial City States really worth +10? Even with the boost, I feel like the gold is almost worthless because for most victory types there's no real reason to build more than a handful of CH/Harbor buildings and even if you happen to have 10 Markets and 10 Banks, that 60gpt is a fraction of a single pillage.

    I haven't seen Lahore in a game post-patch but even with scaled cost I would assume they are at the very least still "Powerful" if not Game Changing if we are working under the assumption that we meet them first. It's just so gross to pillage some pastures and plantations with Nihangs, take a city, and use that faith to buy more Nihangs. If you meet them early, it is very easy to beeline the Encampment buildings to keep them rolling too.

    On the other hand I would argue Babylon is not that great. If you pressed really hard and got 5 Great Writers early (which is probably a mistake unless you are playing for Cultural Victory), that would be 20spt, worth about roughly one Campus with Library/University (varies a lot of course on adjacency, policies, and number of science city states). But most games, I would have maybe 1 or 2 Great Writers and 0 or 1 Relics for the first 80-100 turns. By the time you start getting Artifacts, 1spt for each is irrelevant.

    Cahokia is my secret favorite city state. They really help hitting 10 pop for Rationalism with the combined housing and happiness (and 3gpt can be very relevant early game). I haven't gotten them since they rescaled Amenities but it seems to me Cahokia is the only way to get cities to Happy/Ecstatic in a fast Science game (i.e. you can always get to Ecstatic if you want to build a dozen Water Parks but that's not optimal in a fast game).

    Hong Kong seems possibly worthy of powerful in Science, since so many cities will be running CRG in the late game. They can also help a little with the space race as you need ~3 less woods to chop Satellites and Lunar Landing with HK if you go for a tundra Spaceport, and can possibly provide a marginal boost when you go for the mass Laser chop. I admit HK is a little worse now that there is no hope of getting the late game GE and GS.

    If I got to choose any 12 CS for Science Victory, I would go: Geneva, Taruga, Bologna, Fez (* still haven't seen how the bonus science scales now), Rapa Nui, Antanarivo, Nan Mandol, Kumasi, Granada, Lahore, Cahokia, Hong Kong.
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