SimCity 4

salty mud

Feb 21, 2006
die Schweiz
Anyone here have this game? I've been reading some reviews on IGN and it looks really good. I really like God games and I want to make a big city.

Is it worth £15?
Another yes from me :) .
Yes, there are also alot of cool modifications for the game.
It's a decent time waster.
I got annoyed with it since no matter how hard I try I never got a city to grow over 1,200 people. It's somewhere at the bottom of my drawer now.
I have it, but I have yet to spend enough time on a single city to get it to be a massive city with skyscrapers and such.
Since when is SC4 considered a recourse hog?
No, SC and BF games are recourse hogs. SC4 ran just fine back then even.
SC4 uses a lot of cpu and ram over graphics power. Make sure you get the delux edition with the rush hour expansion. Head over to simtropolis to get, at least, the network addon mod. Copious ammounts of other things to get there too.
SimCity4 is a great game and i got the Rush Hour expansion pack..
This game indeed need a lot of ram and graphic card power to make it smooth to play.
i have some question about the game:
1. how to get the historic train station, Area51 which can get UFO! (full list with hidden special)
2. is it a way to add new type of road systems and buildings like:
...roundabout ( i try to build myself but cannot make 4 roads connect)
...roundabout with brige or two brige.
...three road with one on land and two brige above it railway connect land railway (not underground)
...two road for single way road.
...only bus road (like brazil and indonesia)
...human brige for crossing highway road
...two way road sky brige (cheaper cost) and home combine bulidings (hybrid buldings systems)
...small water treatment plant
3. any expansian pack or mod can make this happen :)
Great game once you get the hang of it.

Most important advice: don't just develop one city. Keep on making more as your core cities grow bigger, and have them rely on each other. It'll make it a lot easier, and later cities will grow very quickly.
The main problem with population is you need water and mid-density zones after you hit 1,200 to have the population grow more. Don't start high density until 20,000 pop. ;)

I have a cheat for Simcity 4. ;)

Press Crtl, Shift, and z in that order while holding down. Theres a little box on the top left corner. Type you don't deserve it

You'll get all rewards, including power plants and business deals. :evil:
Yeah, sim city 4 is much harder than the previous games. One of the main keys to getting large populations is to make sure that you have lots of decent neigbouring cities. If the city seems to grind to a halt, build a large and dirty industrial town in the plot next door. Develop that for a couple of hours, then switch back to your main city. As long as all the main needs like power and water and in place, and there is decent intercity transport, you should get a large population explosion in the original region, because they'll take jobs in the next city.
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