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Sounds interesting...


Dec 21, 2001
Spesbach, Germany
Two people I admire :D

It'll be interesting to see how this game goes, i've never considered witholding/ignoring Maps before. Should be a fun game to watch.

Good Luck, Cuba :goodjob:
Based on the "Good luck Cuba" I'll assume this may have been intended for the rbd7 thread.

If so... tnx!! :love:

(I think the lack of aggressors on the home island is giving
me a false sense of security. If they had ANY clue how weak we are they would beeline Mapmaking and take us out!)

It's my first "Huge" map, I'm hoping that having 9/10 of the world in "blackout" conditions might help their turn speed, but I'm not sure -- it could slog in late game if we reach that far.

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