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SQ2: Schizophrenic Shaka

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by Sima Qian, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Mirc

    Mirc Not mIRC!!!

    Jun 27, 2005
    Düsseldorf, ->Germany, E.U.
    :hammer2: Probably...
  2. Whomp

    Whomp Keep Calm and Carry On Retired Moderator

    Dec 17, 2004
    I agree with Tupa and Andronicus. The Glib is a big commitment when pop rushing in the 2nd ring also has the capability to pop rush. As Andronicus stated a city that builds the Glib could instead build 1 temple, 1 lib and 9 settlers/military. Those 9 settlers could then pop rush temples and libs.

    Is everyone familiar with how short rushing works? I think this will be very important in the 2nd and 3rd rings.

    As far as the demand goes it really doesn't matter who made it since I would've caved regardless. 32g is not worth taking the risk of incursion and setting off a GA for someone while we're in the expansion phase. Demanding a tech is something I'll fight for but not gold in the early game.
  3. Mirc

    Mirc Not mIRC!!!

    Jun 27, 2005
    Düsseldorf, ->Germany, E.U.
    I'm quite sure that the color of the text is not the color of the civ...
    Trading to Cleopatra would be almost invisible.
  4. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    Okay, here's what I mean. And Yes, the Zulus are Yellow in this screenie.

    The text isn't exactly the same color as its civ, but close. As you can see, the text is almost yellow. Now does everybody get what I mean?
  5. Sima Qian

    Sima Qian 太史令

    Jan 5, 2006
    1225 BC (Turn 0):

    Change Schizobabwe to Pyramids (actually a prebuild for library)
    Change Schizomania to warrior
    MM Schizomania and Schizlieya a little
    Drop research on lit to 70%, want to delay it enough so that prebuild for library gets to just under 80 shields when it comes in

    Buy Map Making from Green Zulu for WM + 67g.
    Sell Map Making to Pink Zulu for Philosophy + TM + 67g.

    Sell WM all over the place and get lots of maps and gold that way. I end the turn with MM and Phil techs and a net gain of 148g from trading.

    Hit enter.

    1200 BC (Turn 1):

    Founded Schizowhaleport on the river mouth. Starts on warrior.


    Scout watches a red archer attack Amatikulu, a aqua-blue Zulu city. The archer doesn't die so I assume it must have won.
    Mpondo (pink Zulu) builds Oracle, big cascade to Pyramids.

    1175 BC (Turn 2):

    Schizolieya: Barracks -> Warrior
    Founded Schizodeathpit on forest, surrounded by mountains. Starts on warrior.


    Scout watches red archer die attacking Amatikulu.
    Red scout shows up near Schizodeathpit.

    1150 BC (Turn 3):

    Schizobane: Archer -> Settler
    Drop research to 50%, still 3 turns to lit.


    Yellow Shaka demands TM + 25g, I let him have it.

    1125 BC (Turn 4):

    Schizolieya: Warrior -> Temple
    I send the warrior toward Schizodeathpit, switch Schizodeathpit to temple.
    Sell WM to Yellow Shaka for WM + 25g, and we get our lost gold back. :lol:
    Repeat with Orange Shaka for another 25g.

    1100 BC (Turn 5):

    Worker stuff...


    Aqua Shaka demands TM + 38g, I let him have it.

    1075 BC (Turn 6):

    Schizowhaleport: Warrior -> Barracks
    Raise lux to 10% to prevent a riot in Schizobane, our 4-turn settler factory.

    1050 BC (Turn 7):

    Research on Literature completed. Currency is up next. I raise science to 80%, it will be due in 20 turns.
    Schizobabwe: Pyramids switched to Library
    Schizodeathpit: Temple switched to Library
    Schizolieya: Temple switched to Library

    1025 BC (Turn 8):

    Schizowhaleport: Barracks switched to Library. Whatever...

    1000 BC (Turn 9):

    Schizobane: Settler -> Settler
    Schizomania: Warrior -> Warrior


    Ulundi (Aqua Zulu) builds Pyramids. Bwwwahahahaha, no cascade.
    Barbs approach Schizolieya.

    975 BC (Turn 10):

    Nothing interesting.

    950 BC (Turn 11):

    Schizobabwe: Library -> Settler
    Drop lux to 0.

    925 BC (Turn 12):

    Founded Schizoponyland, bringing horses into our borders. Starts on warrior.
    Buy a worker from Aqua Zulu for 25g.
    Buy a worker from red Zulu for 24g.
    (These are not slaves, but I still think we lack workers.)
    Boost lux back to 10% to prevent a riot.

    900 BC (Turn 13):

    Schizomania: Warrior -> Warrior


    We get or first culture flip. Wow, totally unexpected - especially from a city with culture, and so close to the AI capital.

    875 BC (Turn 14):

    Where the heck is this?

    I decide to starve New Ulundi (the flipped city), so that we don't get a clown there.

    Man I suck. I managed to screw up the 4-turn settler factory, Schizobane is now size 3.
    Schizobane: Settler -> Library

    850 BC (Turn 16):

    Schizobabwe: Settler -> Worker


    Killed the barb at Schizolieya, but...

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    850 BC (Turn 17):

    Schizobabwe: Worker switched to Impi.

    825 BC (Turn 18):

    Warriors moved out of Schizobabwe toward Schizolieya.


    This is bad....

    800 BC (Turn 19):

    Schizomania: Warrior -> Warrior
    Units moved onto mountain, in hopes the barbs will suicide there.


    Our 3 heroic units on the mountain kill 14 barbs before finally getting wiped out.
    9 horsemen still manage to move onto that mountain.

    775 BC (Turn 20):

    Schizobabwe: Impi -> Worker
    Schizolieya: Library -> Impi
    Impi moved to Schizolieya from Schizobabwe.
    Founded Schizodiamond by the gems, starts on barracks.

    I take a deep breath, and...


    The impi dies defending Schizolieya, but 8 barbs are killed. 2 left, since another one has moved in.

    Actually, I wasn't supposed to end that turn, but I wanted to find out what happens to the barbs. The save I'm uploading will be at the beginning of the turn, 750 BC. Please play through it!

    Current Situation and Other Suggestions

    - Still 2 more barbs left outside Schizolieya. 3 warriors defending the city. It's your call whether or not to attack, I'd rather attack than defend with those warriors though.
    - Settler is hiding in Schizolieya. I would not move him out without an escort, but I do want him to settle by the wines.
    - Workers on their way to hook up the gems.
    - Schizobabwe in unhappy and will revolt if you do not create a specialist. I recommend changing one citizen to a taxman. Worker will be built next turn and that will solve the unhappiness problem, but we need military in the capital - and very soon too.
    - Currency due in 1 turn, we are at 80% research spending 40gpt on science. Yellow Shaka will sell us currency for WM + 26g, so I suggest buying it from him, then trade around, see if we can pick up code of laws and construction, and get started on researching republic.
    - Scout is currently just wandering aimlessly. If you can, bring it to a corrupt city and disband it for 2 shields, but I don't think those can do any good in New Ulundi, so probably send him over to Schizoponyland.

    Where to go from here?

    New dotmap:

    Those my choices for city locations, but feel free to suggest your own ideas.
    I think we need to prioritize certain locations over others, but I'm not quite sure exactly how...

    - Purple dot: Grab 2 wines, good spot for pop-rushing culture if we can get those wines irrigated... somehow...
    - Red dot: We can deny the wines to the Yellow Zulu that way, and this is also a very good location for pop-rushing. However, the settler isn't really in position for that right now. It will take at least 5 turns longer for the settler to make it to the red dot compared with the purple dot, but the land around the purple dot is filled with barbs and I'm a bit scared of that. I think we can give this serious consideration as an alternative to wandering into barb-land at the purple dot.
    - Blue dots: These are the two remaining RCP5 locations, we're going to have to fill in these sooner or later. The earlier the better, but the AI won't be going for those locations, so you may want to consider the more hotly-contested sites instead.
    - Orange dot: Can we beat the AI to the spices? Worth a try if you ask me, but don't count on it.
    - Green dot: An extra ivory can't hurt, but this is a rather low priority.

    The Save

  6. Sima Qian

    Sima Qian 太史令

    Jan 5, 2006
    Er... whoooops.... actually I skipped turn Turn #15 there, so I'm actually missing a turn. I'll finish it off later tonight then...
  7. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    No... Don't finish it... You played an extra turn. The save would be at the beginning of your turn twenty.
    Got it. :)
  8. The 777 Hoax

    The 777 Hoax future skeleton

    Dec 14, 2005
    What do the numbers on the dotmap mean?
  9. madviking

    madviking north american scum

    May 22, 2005
    Randomness! Fun!!!! :lol:
  10. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    Distance from the capital. I would be playing right now, but my Mom had to take the computer just after I posted my got it.
  11. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    Okay, turn's finished.

    The Good:
    -Built two new cities, on the Purple dot and the LB dot in Sima's dotmap
    -Got into Middle Ages
    -We are now in Monarchy (no one would sell me Republic)
    -We have Iron, Horses, and Gems :dance:
    -Red Zulu declared War, but I signed a Peace Treaty later and made a profit (we never fought)

    The Bad:
    -I lost Schizobane to culture Flip
    -We don't have a very big military
    -I forgot to take screenies, except for a few at the end of the turn.

    And, the Turns:

    Pre-Turn (750 BC):
    -Turn unhappy citizen in 'Babwe into entertainer.
    -Send Elite Warrior in 'Lieya to fight barb horse- the horse beats him without a scratch, WTF? :mad: (0-1)
    -Send Reg warrior to avenge Elite one. The Warrior redlines, but wins. (1-1)
    -Send vet warrior against other barb horse, beats the Horse and promotes to elite. (2-1)
    -I check F7 screen. Why didn't SQ say Oracle and Pyramids have been built?
    -Oh, and 3 AI are building HG, 3 are building GW.
    Yellow Shaka: Trade TM and 26 gold for Currency
    Pink Shaka: Trade Currency for CoL
    Red Shaka: Trade Currency and Lit for construction
    Red has a scout in our territory, I tell it to leave. He does during the IBT.
    -Start research on Monarchy, set science to 70% to get rid of deficit, Monarchy due in 16.
    -Send Workers to 'Lieya to connect Iron.
    -Use other workers to start road to gems.
    -oops, forgot to send scout to Ponyland, he automoves.

    -Dark Blue Zulu want to trade TM for TM. I decide no.
    -Barb Horse attacks Warrior outside 'Lieya, the Warrior is left with 2hp, but he won. (3-1)
    -'Babwe: worker->Impi

    Turn 1 (730 BC):
    -Move units around, send scout to Ponyland.

    -'Lieya's culture borders expand.
    -'Mania! Warrior->Walls

    Turn 2 (710 BC):


    -'Bane goes into disorder
    -'Lieya: Impi->Walls
    -Ponyland: Warrior->Barracks

    Turn 3 (690 BC):
    -Don't want to increase lux, so I give Bane an entertainer and MM it a little.
    -Send Impi, Warrior, and settler out of 'Lieya. Warrior/Settler heading for Purple dot, Impi looking for barbs.

    -Babwe: Impi->Impi
    -Order restored in Bane
    -Cutural Advisor gives me first wonder message, "Zulu are building GW", the only one I don't ignore.

    Turn 4 (670 BC):
    -Warrior and Settler are on Purple dot
    -Impi finds Barb camp

    -Barb Horse attacks Impi, Impi wins
    -Iron road finishes
    -Lieya: walls-> temple

    Turn 5 (650 BC):
    -Send workers to connect Horses
    -Upgrade 4 Warriors to Swords for 160 gold
    -Found Schizograpes -> worker
    -Impi attacks barb Warrior, Impi retreats, Warrior doesn't get a scratch, WTF? :mad:

    -Barb Horse attacks Impi, Horse wins (4-2)
    -Mania!: walls->temple

    Turn 6 (630 BC):
    -Switch bane to settler to temporarily resume settler factory

    -Barb Horse attacks warrior in grapes, he avenges the Impi (5-2)
    -Babwe: Impi->Walls
    -Bane: Settler->Settler
    -Lieya goes into disorder

    Turn 7 (610 BC):
    -Increase lux to 20%
    -Order Workers to Clear jungle where gems are
    -Send Bane settler and Babwe Impi to LB dot

    -Orange Zulu demand Lit, I cave- for now.
    -Red Zulu demand TM and 22 gold, I say no, they declare war.

    Turn 8 (590 BC):
    -Decrease science to 60%. It only reduces the time until Monarchy comes in by one turn, and gets rid of the deficit we run.


    Turn 9 (570 BC):

    -Babwe: Walls->Impi
    -Diamond: Barracks->Walls

    Turn 10 (550 BC):
    - Monarchy comes in 1 turn, so I decrease science to 50%, Monarchy still in 1 turn.
    -Vet Sword attacks barb Warrior in camp, sword wins, disperses the camp and we get 25 gold. (6-2)

    -Barb Horse approaches ponyland
    -Barb Warrior attacks Warrior in ponyland, We win (7-2)
    -Monarchy comes in, revolt, 4 turn anarchy :)
    -several cities go into disorder as a result, so I give them specialists for remainder of anarchy.

    Turn 11 (530 BC):
    -Scout reaches ponyland- disband him for two shields.

    -Barb Horse defeats warrior in ponyland, he kills a citizen (7-3).

    Turn 12 (510 BC):
    -Found Schizojungle on LB dot


    Turn 13 (490 BC):


    Turn 14 (470 BC):

    -Bane culture flips to LB Zulu :mad:
    -Revolution ends: switch to Monarchy

    Turn 15 (450 BC):
    -60% science, Feudalism in 30 turns
    -check how other leaders do in tech via diplomacy-
    Only zulu that has a tech we don't have is Green (they have Republic, but won't trade it to us).
    -Several Zulus don't have Lit


    Turn 16 (430 BC):

    Babwe: Impi->Settler

    Turn 17 (410 BC):
    -Hurry Barracks in ponyland for 36 gold
    -Send Babwe Impi to Dark Blue dot
    -gems are connected :D

    -Lieya is attacked by Barbs, Sword beats Warrior but loses to Horse, (8-4)
    the Horse destroys the city walls.
    -Deathpit: Library->Barracks
    -Ponyland: Barracks->Impi

    Turn 18 (390 BC):

    -Lieya: Temple->Impi
    -Diamond: Walls->Temple

    Turn 19 (370 BC):
    -Make peace with red Zulu for WM and 1 gold

    -Tell LB Zulu to get their settler out. They say sure. It starts to leave.

    Babwe: Settler->Impi
    New Ulundi: Archer->Barracks
    Grapes: Worker->Barracks

    Turn 20 (350 BC):
    -Rename New Ulundi to Schizolundi (like that name more)

    F7 screen:
    Now I'll tell you what the foreign advisor told me but I didn't listen
    -Pink Zulu have built HG
    -5 AI's are building GL, 3 are building GW.
    -LB Zulu are building Sun Tzu's.

    No one will trade with us, but I discover this about the tech race:
    DB Zulu and Pink Zulu are at tech parity with us.
    Green, Red, Orange, Yellow Zulus have Republic.
    LB Zulu has Feudalism but doesn't have Literature.

    Current situation:

    If you cna read those numbers, I put numbers on the workers so I could call them "crews."
    The Dark Blue dot is where I want the settler to go.

    Worker Crews:
    Worker Crew 1 (1 worker): Connecting Schizograpes to rest of our country. After he's finished, connect those wines.

    Worker Crew 2 (3 workers): After they're finished roading that square to connect the DB dot, find something for them to do. They can help connect the wines, build roads, or clear jungle down by 'Jungle and 'Diamond.

    Worker Crew 3 (3 workers): After they finish clearing jungle, build roads to Schizojungle.

    And that's pretty much it. Hope I didn't screw up some plan you guys had. :crazyeye: And here's the Save.
  12. Whomp

    Whomp Keep Calm and Carry On Retired Moderator

    Dec 17, 2004
    Choxorn you did a nice job for a chieftain player. I haven't been able to check the save yet but I will take a look later. A few things from log though...
    These two cities are in the core. They should never have entertainers. Move the lux slider always for the important cities.

    I asked if anyone needed help with pop rushing. My guess is there was an opportunity to pop rush the temple before the walls finished. My view is walls are unnecessary since we intend to grow our cities beyond pop 6.

    Looks good. Did you move the science slider to 0% before you did these trades?
    Why monarchy? Why not republic like we discussed? :confused:

    Why would you cave to a tech demand but not on a gold demand? Huge difference and it would've likely ended in the same scenario with Orange as you had with Red.
  13. Sima Qian

    Sima Qian 太史令

    Jan 5, 2006
    Ahh, the joy of unexpected surprises. Just have to hope Schizobane flips back to us...

    Anyway, in response to choxorn:

    Overall nothing looks too bad, except I really do not want us to be in monarchy at this point. In fact, I'd even prefer staying in despotism longer rather than monarchy. With monarchy we lose the ability to pop rush and we have lower unit support because most of our cities are still size 6 and under. The only benefits of monarchy would be:
    - No tile penalty. Not really a big factor, since most of our production is coming from mined BG's.
    - 3 MP's per city. But it doesn't look like you're taking advantage of that, so this is a non-issue as well.
    - Slightly less corruption, but I don't think that's enough to justify a switch. You were fortunate that anarchy was only 4 turns.

    I'm curious why you self-researched monarchy when we could have bought it from an AI. I think I mentioned in my last comments that I would've liked to see republic researched next, but it's true that I never got to see the tech situation after the trade so maybe it would have taken too long to research it.

    I think you could have traded currency + gold for construction instead of currency + lit. If I ever have a monopoly tech, I would usually try to keep it for as long as possible, unless I can trade it to multiple AI's on the same turn and get a decent payment from each of them. We could probably have traded lit + gold for monarchy too.

    Libraries should take priority over temples. Temples are going to be useless for the most part other than culture. Any unhappiness problems are easily solved with the luxury slider.

    Also kind of confused as to why you caved to the lit demand but not the map + gold demand, did you accidentally click the wrong button? I'm usually against reloading, but if it really was an accident I wouldn't really mind if you redid that IBt that time.

    Keep in mind that we are going for diplomatic victory, so avoid ticking off the other AI as much as possible. Obviously there will be certain cases where they make ridiculous demands that have to be refused, but try to avoid doing things that worsen the AI attitude, like asking their units to leave (especially non-military, who cares if they have a scout in our borders).

    Workers: clearing jungle should not be done unless there are no other tiles that a particular city can use. Clearing the gems isn't so bad, since now there's a high-commerce tile to work, but there are other, more important tasks for the worker to do at this point.

    EDIT: Cross-post with Whomp! Heh, seems like I'm repeating a few things, but at least choxorn can learn something from this.
  14. Mirc

    Mirc Not mIRC!!!

    Jun 27, 2005
    Düsseldorf, ->Germany, E.U.
    Hmm, something is going bad IMHO. We shouldn't have allowed yellow Zulus gain so many cities in our west. They consumed most of our expansion space... I don't understand why we are building cities in the north, it's a waste of settlers in this stage of the game.
  15. tupaclives

    tupaclives Tupac Lives on!!

    Sep 6, 2005
    Not too bad Choxorn but I do wonder why you built walls at all? Aside from forts on choke points I don't think I've ever built walls.

    Don't see why you caved to the literature demand but not to the gold demand... :confused:

    And like Sima I would rather have stayed in Despo than go Monarchy at this stage as we don't get much benefit from Monarchy (we aren't using mountains and so forth and don't have a GA) and would much have preferred to go Republic if we are self-researching.

    Obviously we lost Schizobane which is a blow, but how did you only manage to found 2 new cities in 20 turns at this stage of the game?

    Why are we sending settlers north? Was all the space toward the other civs already occupied?

    And when in expansion phase and we are talking about core cities always (and i mean ALWAYS) use the lux slider for unhappiness. You said you hired an entertainer, even if you have to hire a specialist, was that because that was the only specialist that could be used, or could a taxman have been used instead?

    As I said before, not too bad, the loss of Schizobane could not be helped and all up it was pretty good.

    I don't think anyone has posted a got it yet so...

    Got it :D
  16. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    To all: Sorry If I messed up a little. :( As you know, I'm not very experienced. But hey, at least I didn't totally mess up.
    As for entertainers, as a Cheiftain player I don't know how to solv entertainment problems very well.
    City placement: I did purple dot to get wines, and blue dots because they are three spaces away from Sima's other dots. And why didn't I get many settlers? I was trying to get a defender or two in cities, and many cities weren't good for production (all except Bane, Babwe, Mania!, and Lieya), and only Bane and Babwe were good for SF. Speaking of Babwe, why was it undefended when I picked up the save? :eek: Well, anyway, Bane was the only good Settler producer. When I picked it up, It was building a Library, but couldn't finish before bane grew to size 7, where SF can't be done. However, now that Babwe has defenders, you can use it as an SF and it can't Flip. :D
    Caves: Orange seemed to me to be more powerful than red. Also, Red would have to go through LB cuture borders to get to us, whereas orange is blocked by no culture borders. And hey, we got something out of the war, if not very much.
    Research/Revolution: Doh! :hammer2: I guess I should have went republic, but it was too expensive. But I could have bought Monarchy, probably. And I'm not sure I should have revolted. :crazyeye:
    @Sima: As for AI attitude, That's not something I can fix. Plus, as you know, everyone was furious with us. Also, I'm clearing jungle because I plan to build road there. Although I could easily have just built the road, I decided to do this first. However, that was the only jungle square I planned to clear.
    Walls: Sorry. Thought they might be useful. :blush:

    Well, that's it. Oh, and, feel free to change something I did if you think it was a mistake. ;)
  17. Sima Qian

    Sima Qian 太史令

    Jan 5, 2006

    Don't worry about making mistakes, they're the most effective way to learn how to play the game. I'd be happy to see you improving your gameplay as a result of this.

    It was my fault for leaving Schizobabwe undefended and unhappy, I needed to divert the units to fend off the barbs. Those stacks were huuuge. Simplest way to handle the situation would have been to create a taxman, then build a worker the next turn. Manipulating the lux slider is not an easy skill to master, but you should not be afraid of using that feature.

    City placement: I would really have liked to put a city on the red dot in my dotmap, in fact I might even have preferred it over the purple dot by the wines. That location would have been great for pop-rushing, but now that we have revolted that will no longer be possible. The blue dots were good city locations, but there was no danger that the AI would beat us to them, so I would have prioritized some of the more distant but strategically valuable locations.

    Government: I would recommend revolting to republic as soon as we get the tech, unless some circumstances would make that an unwise move. The pop-rush ability in despotism has its subtle advantages in certain situations, and I think this was one of them. But now, it's definitely not worth it to go back to despotism after all this just to pop rush, though. Let's get into republic ASAP.

    AI demands: As a matter of fact, orange is also on the opposite side of the continent, so I don't see why you were worried. Did you think they would attack New Ulundi (or Schizolundi, as it is now)? If that were to happen, I would have given the city away, and teleported the impi back to our capital to avoid setting off an early GA. In fact, I was even thinking of doing that during my turn set if the barbs became too dangerous, just to get an extra defender in our core.

    Research: Do not be afraid to deficit research if it looks like we have saved up enough gold for it, or if it is likely we can get a monopoly tech this way and trade it to the AI for a high price. I'm pretty certain we have more libs and roads than the AI, so we could arguably out-research them, even if this is emperor level. A third lib in Schizobane would have helped a lot, but there's nothing that can be done about that now.
  18. tupaclives

    tupaclives Tupac Lives on!!

    Sep 6, 2005

    Hmmm our situation is worse than I thought, looking at our crap economy and lack of ability to pop rush I am instantly reminded why, AW aside, I always stay in despo 'till I get Republic rather than change to monarchy. We have just 7 workers for 10 cities, We have entertainers in cities that dont need any specialists, there has been very little MM of cities done. Once done we have Feudalism in 20 turns and are up to a positive cash flow again (from 22 turns at deficit) with no loss of production, just simple things like making sure that when its an option between an unroaded and a roaded tile that you are using the roaded ones, can make a huge difference.
    Change 3 impi builds to settlers
    1 Temple build to library
    2 rax builds to workers (why are we building raxes in size 1 or 2 2nd ring cities?)

    Shizolundi is building a rax? That city is hopelessly corrupt, if it ever produces any mil it will be cats and they dont need raxes, (there's no such thing as a vet cat :crazyeye:) so i switch it to a worker. Might as well get somethign useful out of that city.

    We have only one embassies, i don't know why this is but I don't have the cash to establish them with everyone so I go for the cheapest ones now and will do more later.
    Get embassies with
    German Blue Zulu
    Roman Red Zulu
    and English Orange Zulu.
    All are building the Great Library, with the quickest in 18 turns, all 3 capitals are protected by 3 impi.

    Red and Chinese Blue Zulu are at war (could be others but don't have the embassies to find out)

    Anyway, onwards ho... might I add that having not played an emperor game for some time I am absolutely amazed that by 350BC the Great Wall, Great Lighthouse, Great Library and Collosus are all still yet to be built. My most recent game (deity) had all AA wonders finished by 700BC.

    IBT - Schizodeathpit gets culture expansion, Bapedi (AGZ) completes the Great Wall (spoke to soon for one of the wonders!) and 'The Zulu' start work on the Great Library.

    Turn 1 - Only 3 workers and a settler available to move, decide to send the settler toward the red dot, though on reflection I opt to change the position of the red dot 1E, as that is the same RCP, and save a BG. The other position would have the wines but as we have wines up north anyway it seems much less important and I'd rather have the BG available to be worked, the first position won't deny the yellow Zulu wines as they already have 2 by their capital.

    IBT - barbs show to our northeast. A host of different Zulus cascade from Great Wall to Great Library, Great Lighthouse and Collosus

    Turn 2 - Schizoleiya (geez, these may be in theme but when it comes to write our say them these are worse than Aztec names!!!): settler --> Impi
    With that cities pop having now dropped (we are still in expansion phase so cities really shouldn't be sitting there at size 6 building mil, they should be popping workers or settlers), we are now able to cut lux back 10% and put that into science, that gets us Feudalism in 15 at +4gpt, thats a 3 turn improvement. Send the settler to dark blue dot. (would send him to orange but it will take him 2 turns to reach Schizobabwe and it will build its own settler in 2 turns anyway)

    IBT - A second barb horse arrives, the first moves to threaten the undefended Schizoleiya.

    Turn 3 - Schizodeathpit: rax --> worker, Schizojungle: worker --> lib.
    Move the impi out of Schizobabwe to defend Schizoleiya, no riots there tho. Settler for blue dot is in position.

    IBT - Both barb horses die attacking impi

    Turn 4 - Shizobabwe: Settler --> Impi.
    Found Schizounguin: lib, until it gets some workers over there to irrigate the plains it will be useless, i'm dying to whip a few of the builds... :(

    IBT - zzz

    Turn 5 - Schizoleiya: impi --> settler
    ...meh nothing to report.

    IBT - We get a demand for 12gp + TM from AGZ (I can see what Choxorn means about the text colour and he is right). I cycle through our advisors comments. They are impressed with our culture, have a larger military and (allegedly) fear our swordsmen...
    They are very close to us... we can't risk losing the last of our gold in case there is any deficit from unit builds in the interturn... hmmmm... in the end I figure, 12 gold is 12 gold. They can have it.

    Turn 6 - Schizodeathpit: worker --> sword
    We don't go deficit though, we get no change. Found Schizoredot (worker) and we go positive (albeit only +1gpt).

    IBT - there are a lot of orange troops going past schizolundi, they aren't at war with anyone so they must be prepping to declare war.

    Turn 7 - Schizobabwe: impi --> settler, Schizowhaleport: lib --> harbor
    MM our cities a little and we can have Feudalism in 6. thats 4 turns less than when I MM back in turn 2, no AI has it yet but they have to be researching it.

    IBT - wines come online

    Turn 8 - Schizograpes: Worker --> Worker (I'm hopping its distance from everyone else will give us some leeway with culture there). Cut lux back by to 0 now that we have wines (no riots) we are at +5gpt but cant increase science as that would take us to -2gpt (we only have 1gp).

    IBT - What do you want first the good or the great news? Well the good is that Schizoleiya gets culture expansion.
    The great is that Schizobane flips back to us! boo ya!

    Turn 9 - Schizoleiya: settler --> impi, Schizomania!: Lib --> settler, Schizoponyland: Impi --> worker.
    Not taking risks with Schizobane this time, set it to library have to hire a taxman to prevent riot. Send Schizoleiya's settler to green dot. Start working on plans for my own new dots. Spices settler can be there in 3. Getting Schizobane back was a big boost, we now have Feudalism in 3.

    IBT - belay that last comment. We have a barb warrior at 3 'oclock from our settler.

    Turn 10 - Schizoulundi: worker --> worker (would be temple if we could pop rush), Schizobane riots... ahem... that is odd seeing as I checked it last turn and it was fine... no growth or nethign, check the luxs... nope no change...aha... according to the faces its not actually unhappy (2 happy, 1 content, 2 unhappy, 1 taxman)... how peculiar....
    Move the settler onto the mountain (away from barb warrior), impi can meet up with im in 2, can then proceed back to spices city site, that'll be 6-7 turns before we get that city now. Should've given him an escort. Thats my bad (see everybody makes mistakes :lol:).

    IBT - barb warrior near our settler kills a yellow zulu warrior fortified in jungle... ok, super barbs are about!

    Turn 11 - Schizobabwe: settler --> impi, Schizobane resumes normality (that was weird last turn...).
    Drop science 20% to +13gpt and still have Feudalism in 1. Impi n spice city settler (SCS) hook up. send Schizobabwe settler northwestish of Schizobane. Check F8 and guys, be pleased to note we are the culture leaders and more than double the next best. I told you Emperor culture was weak.

    IBT - Feudalism comes in, turn off research (want max gpt in order to buy Republic),.

    Turn 12 - Schizobabwe: settler --> impi
    well about half the civs already have Feudalism, 2 don't have republic. We want Republic BAAADDDLY so I decide not to bankrupt us getting Monotheism (even tho only 2 civs no it so it could be useful for trades). AGZ offer the best deal for Republic.

    AGZ - Feudalism + 10gp + World Map + 7gpt for Republic.

    I choose not to revolt immediately as without taxmen we don't yet have the cash to handle the credit payments with no income (we have a grand total of 10gp in entire treasury! :lol:) Reset research on engineering to 1 scientist research (that 1 scientist is in schizobane) at +36gpt. 2-3 turns and we should be right for a revolt (i like spare cash in case any demands come in while we are in revolt).

    Decide to sell Rep and feudalism around and...


    Ok that is freakish! At the start of the turn 2 civs had monotheism, 2 didn't have republic and 4 (inc. us) had Feudalism.

    Now everyone has all 3...

    What the hell!?!?! Sima you were dead right when you said you can probably leave everything you know abotu civ at the door! Thats just bizzare!
    2 anomolies in 3 turns. So much for trading them around :rolleyes:

    IBT - :sleep:

    Turn 13 - ummmm the quietest turn of the set.

    IBT - zzz

    Turn 14 - Schizobabwe: Impi --> sword, Schizomania!: Settler --> worker.
    Found Schizovry (green dot): library, Found Schizospices (orange dot): library, we just beat a GBZ settler pair to the spices. Its now that i realise I haven't been building any offensive mil. I switch all impi builds to swords.

    IBT - uh huh... I had 2 city spots earmarked for northwestish of Schizobane. Both have been poached by galley-dropped settlers. Well to buggery with you!

    Turn 15 - I have to bring those 2 settlers back now don't I? fooey!

    IBT - Chinese Pink Zulu make demand 22gp, they are the biggest boys on the block and (i think) they are the leaders in the power graph. We are only 'weak to them' and we in fact are having no cats and a whopping 2 swords. I cave. We are still short of workers and I want to put a theory into practice so while he is there I purchase 2 workers for 51gp (hope no-one objects). Mpondo (Chinese Pink Zulu) completes the Great Library.

    Turn 16 - Schizomania!: worker --> sword.
    Aha! The workers we purchased DO count as native workers. Thats very interesting... very interesting indeed... pick 2 new spots for our settlers (1 2nd ring, 1 3rd ring).

    IBT - We have a ZYZ impi marauding through our territory... probably headed to the city site they poached 2 interturns ago... decide not to risk a war with them atm.

    Turn 17 - Schizodeathpit: sword --> sword... kill a barb horse with an impi (fat fingered it but its all good as we win flawlessly).

    IBT - zzz

    Turn 18 - Schizobabwe: Sword --> Sword, Schizoleiya: Settler --> Sword.
    We have 3 settlers and I only have 3 more city sites planned before we go Republic... we've got 96gp so we should be able to take a demand or two while in anarchy without having to sell anything. I decide now is as good a time as any to revolt. I make sure I've done all worker moves first then revolt and we draw...

    5 turns anarchy, thats about as good as we could have hoped for really. Disperse a barb camp with an impi (redlined). The only place needing a specialist is Schizobane so it gets a taxman (maybe shouldve waited for lib to finish before revolting? oh well too late now).

    IBT - zzz

    Turn 19 - just shuffling guys along, meh.

    IBT - Ack, schizodiamond got growth last turn and I missed it in my happiness sweep so it riots, make a taxman there.

    Turn 20 - Found Schizotugger and Schizodeer. Both set to workers, not that it matters that much as we are in anarchy. Ummm ya... thats bout it for this turn really.

    So heres my analysis.

    Well the situation wasnt nearly as bad as my initial impression had made out (and that wasn't that bad). A little MM and reshuffling units and sliders and we were doing fine. We got Republic for not that much though the tech business after that was... strange to say the least. We have 3 turns of anarchy left to run (would have been good to not have to leave the next player with any anarchy turns but the timing of the revolt wasn't right before that. I neglected our mil efforts too much I think as I was concentrating on expansion (and with no settler factory it was a tad annoying). Getting Schizobane back in the flip was great news but I started it on a lib so we didn't actually get anythign out of it.
    The settler to the east is headed for any one of the 3 RCP 11 sites Sima showed on his dotmap, obviously the grassland one would be best in terms of tile usage but it leaves it a bit too much space for a 3rd ring city, not thats necessarily a bad thing, with a courthouse (and maybe police station??) and WLTKD it should be pretty decent. You might notice Schizobane is on starvation yet has 2 (non-entertainer) specialists hired when it could have 1 entertainer and have growth. The reason for that is that it won't completely starve before the anarchy finishes and the scientist is to make sure we keep our min run on engineering going. The taxman just lowers our deficit during anarchy.

    I don't really have many suggestions for the next player, jsut consolidate. We will need a little lux slider once we hit republic as the MP's won't count anymore. We could prob move the core MP's (like in Schizobabwe for example) to the borders. We will want markets in core cities very soon as with 3 luxs they'll increase happiness and would prob make us able to run 0 lux while under size 6. I am building a harbor in whaleport to open up trading opportunities for luxs and resources (a few civs ahve no iron, we have 2 although only 1 is hooked up). We are well in the culture lead but the AI can build Caths n we can't. Keep an eye on culture and whenever the chance to build a few libs or temps (if nothing else is more urgent) don't hesitate. Keep building swords and well yeh...
    Choxorn's the expert on turn numbers so he can tell me if I've played the right number :p

    Good luck to whoever picks this up, go get 'em tiger!

    'Zululand' :crazeye:

    the save

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  19. Whomp

    Whomp Keep Calm and Carry On Retired Moderator

    Dec 17, 2004
    Nice set Tupa. Very curious trading picture, indeed. I'm a big fan of workers and it look like you got them real cheap. :yup: Generally, is the core going settler or worker/military/settler or worker/miltary? Correct?

    The Roman Red Zulus are fininshed. The good news is the Chinese blue Zulus have spent their GA.

    It's about time we start talking about our war plans. What do you guys think about our first victim? Celtic Green Zulu would give us a defensible position with water to our back to the east. Yellow looks easy but it may be better to use them as our buffer.

    As an aside...Choxorn please take our comments constructively. I think you've learned some things by what has been said and now you can use them for your future games. We all make mistakes but the key is to learn from them.

    When you're deciding what to build you have to ask, why would I need this? My default option when I don't know is...workers or settlers. You always need more of them.

    Step up the difficulty level on the training SG you started to regent. You're ready.
  20. Sima Qian

    Sima Qian 太史令

    Jan 5, 2006
    Just a quick note: We have to be very careful about eliminating other civs. Since we can't vote for ourselves in the UN, there will have to be at least 5 survivors to the modern age (including us). That way we can get 3 to vote for us, one to vote themselves, and we can still win if we abstain.

    @Tupac - very well played. I'm curious though, why didn't you claim another tile of wines with Schizoredot?

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