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[R&F] [Story] Filthy Robot's Scotland

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by Civic Key, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Civic Key

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    Feb 16, 2018
    Filthy Robot's Story of Scotland
    Civic Key
    Disclaimer: I'm a fan of civilization and FilthyRobot so I'm retelling his Let's Play on Scotland. I can't play it because my computer is too weak yet I still love Civilization. I liked this forum because you're using the creativity and the lore of the game. This story is based on Filthy Robot's Scotland SP Deity.

    Ancient Era: The First Scotsmen...

    From the first pages of Scottish history, there's no clear recorded history in Scotland except with it's oldest relic, "Text Ay Stirling", being written down around 3,800 BCE. It shows the holy creation of the Scottish people, now being displayed at the Museum of Stirling. Being the earliest form of writing, it tolds that every individual had a portion of holy God, believing that they can do anything. That last five words will led to the Scottish Enlightenment. With the growing city of Stirling around 3,500 BCE (from Divine Sparking), Ewan I of Stirling (probably the first ruler of Scotland) built Monument of Ewan by having two functions; to represent Divine Spark, to present the Ewans Code (Scotland's first code of laws). Sadly, Text Ay Stirling, and Monument of Ewan only recorded the domestic life of Stirling...

    The idea of Divine Spark led the Scotsmen to grow mania. Outside of Stirling, Scotsmen are depicted as strong, brave, and masculine by Scottish standards while as "whitten fatten men" by foreign standards because they went mania on everything, which is a common insult and stereotype in Scotland. Scotsmen Warriors are scattered around Australia through archaeology and written tales and exaggerated folksongs about them across the continent like the Fight at Tois Lochs.

    The Russians were the encounter of the Scotsmen. Originally, they were mutual friends but later unfriendly because of their opposite views. Scotsmen are mania while Russians are hunters. In 2,600 BCE, Scotsmen (who had deep bonds from the Russians because of their bold attitude) built a little post named
    "Scuin". As the little post grew, Yaroslav (King of Russia) saw it as a "Scottish whittish threatish" despite the Sconians had hopes to the Russians, causing them to be disappointed and disrespected them. In Russia, their divine religion is Eastern Orthodox and disgusted by Scotland's Divine Mania. Everything was unsettling until a worshipping site in Stirling was built and that news quickly spreads in Russia. Everything was but Divine Spark, Yaroslav had enough of it and denounced the two villages. Everything was blank until the Classical Era came to Scotland...

    Classical Era: ???

    The Classical Era was beginning to make clear of Scottish history. Around 1,900 BCE, Scottish Soldiers from Stirling come the fields of Scone to shout that Russia is a BAMPOT country. Ranold II of Scone built the monument for Scone as a commemoration to loyalty of Stirling and Scotland. In 1,839 BCE, Ewan III of Stirling and Scone put "Classical Republic of Scotland" from it's was influenced from Russia's government. It was difficult to change because Scottish peasants had Russophobia while Ewan III wanted to put the two opposing sides to peace yet he managed. The Monument of Ewan (having no function of the government) was changed as a religious statue for Scotland.

    Stay tuned!!

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