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Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
Worker automate is not fair is sucession games - please do not use it.
Also, no long go to orders. Don't fortify ships in the middle of the ocean.
Of course - NEVER load a autosave!

Playing -
Brian J (currently playing)
Grey Fox (skipping)
Thiazi (on deck)

Civ = Japan
World = Standard, Arid, Cool, 3 Billion, large continents.
Difficulty = Regent
Barbarians = Raging :eek: :eek: :eek:
# Civs = 8
24 hours to verify you can play your turn, 48 hours to play.
Your choice, up to 20 turns. You can always play less.

This is as lousy of a start as I can thing up for a map. Expect a nasty game. City walls are required!
Wooo, Japan. One of my favs. I'd like to get in if possible. Considering that it's 3 mil and not 5 mil, iron should be easy to get...SAMURAI!!!
This could be an interesting one to watch! I shall watch this one as well. I never played Japan... The map looks to me like a good ole war map! Nice mountains and hills... Good luck to you players... I bet this one could get bloody :D
I added LayZMan as #2.

That map was deleted as a false start. However, new map I spot 4 mountains, and 3 hill at 4000 BC.

The new laptop still had "culturely linked locations set" :)
General Leemamoto has decided to stop running from all of the tribes that have been fighting him. It is time for our people to grow. With that in mind ...

4000 BC - Kyoto is formed by a large moutain range. We had better use the little grassland well.

3250 BC - After many years, good news for our people. The Anui tribe joins our cause, and will form a city south of Kyoto in time.

3100 BC - We get $25 from some people called the Ghuzz.

2850 BC - After walking for hundreds of years, the Anui people build a city below Kyoto. The people must be happy with the news, for they expand my palace.

2630 BC - The Hsung-Nu tribe teachs us pottery.

LayZMan - You may as well take your 20

Still have a couple of open spots.
Man, that was quick, lol. Alright, I'll go.
Hey LK, you sure your timeline and the file you attached match? Because I just played my 20 turns and 1) I traded The Wheel for Masonry w/ Chinese and 2) We discovered Bronze Working at about turn 14 and were working on Warrior Code when I finished (the Chinese wouldn't give up Iron Working or Warrior Code)
I editted our the timeline after 2630 BC.

This should give you 20 clean turns.
I've played in a lot of these games lately, so if there are other players who want to play, then they should definately have priority over me but if you need another player to finish out the rotation then I'll join up.
(tried to post this earlier, but server probs. Actually surprise that even hrs afterward, it was the only thing I had copied. Lucky me, no re-typing.)

Ok. As one might expect w/ the game being in its infant stage, it was pretty much a ho-hummer.

Anyways, this is the reign of Rei the Warrior Chief, the chosen one. Although nothing major was accomplished in his reign, he is remembered more so because his name was so easy to remember, which allows the legend to pass through oral tradition.

2390 BC
-Kyoto people seek a settlement

2310 BC
-Kyoto trains warriors

2110 BC
-Rei is presented w/ a gift from local craftsmen. Knowledge of Bronze Working spreads through our small empire.

2070 BC
-Young warriors use new bronze technology for weapons, Kyoto has a spearman

2030 BC
-Osaka warriors have a barrack

1990 BC
-Tokyo is founded

1950 BC
-Rei delivers our prized possession, The Wheel to the Chinese. They taught us how to form bricks w/ Masonry.

-I probably built Tokyo somewhere where you didn't mean for. It's toward the east instead of south, but another settler is in the works anyhow.
Of course - NEVER load a autosave!

I assume this is because of the supposed bug it introduces into trading. However, I'm almost certain that not loading an autosave will not help you - I've seen the same trading thing happen in a game I'm 99% sure that I never loaded an autosave, and I've read other people saying the same.
Brian J <<<< Currently playing
Grey Fox

Game closed - accepting no more players

OK - Where are the raging barbs?:confused:
General Briangowa takes control of the japanese empire.

Warriors explore the surrounding land.

1790 BC:
Our brave warriors defeat a Barbarian and find a Barb villiage north of Osaka. South of Kyoto we get maps from a small village.

1750 BC:
More exploring.

1725 BC:
We disperse an Uzbek camp.

1700 BC:
Our settler moves into position.

1675 BC:
Edo is founded.Tokyo starts a temple. Barbarians spotted nearby.

1650 BC:
We meet the Indians across a land bridge to the north. Trade Alphabet for Pottery and Masonry, and 5 gold.

1625 BC:
We fight off a barbarian at Tokyo. We complete warrior code and start Writing. Our people add a second story to our palace.

1600 BC:

1575 BC:
Kyoto starts the Pyramids.

1550 BC:

1525 BC:
Defeats annother barbarian.

(13)1500 BC:
The Light Blue fellows south of us are starting to hem us in. Briangowa orders settlers built.

1475 BC:
Our northern Warrior fights another barbarian. This is raging?? :)

1450 BC:
More exploring. The Chinese and Indians are actually next to a giant inland sea.

1425 BC:

1400 BC:
We meet the French south of the Chinese. This is beginning to look crowded. We trade Writing for Contact with the Indians. Saves 22 turns of research! :D Joan even throws in 7 gold.

Mao has iron working, but wont trade it! He offered 7 gold for contact with the Indians.. nah..

1375 BC:
The Indians start the Pyramids. A Mongol encampment is dispersed.

1350 BC:


1325 BC:
The French are starting the Pyramids. I switch to Literature to get the GL.

1300 BC:
Starts a settler in Edo (settler factory).

Briangowa wanders off in the frozen north, leaving the empire of Japan leaderless.

Well, I dont know how we are doing in this game. The other civs are going to see us as weak.. we need settlers and military.. lots of it. China has Iron Working. Dont count on them trading it. Our science rate sucks. maybe drop it to get more money? Can't do worse than 40 turns per tech..?
Note the abundance of silk in the frozen north, diamonds near
Tokyo and Ivory near Kyoto. We need those spots!

Hope I didnt mess us up too much. I'm not sure I put priority
on the right areas. We will see.


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Next city site - Near all of the Ivory. That could become a hugh source of wealth. Hmmm... Other settler location???

CANCEL one of the settlers, and make it spearman.

Brian J
Grey Fox <<< currently playing
I'm playing!

My mission will be to bring three types of luxaries to our capital!

P.S. I know I won't have time for it, but...
9: 1075 Founded Satsuma, real close to China.
10: 1050 Founded Kagoshima, on a Hill near the Diamonds.
11: 1025 Founded Nara, close to China.
19 825 Germany Builds the Oracle.

I moved two spearmen and a worker to interfere a Chinese warrior/settler to build a city on a future japanese spot...

in a non-militaristic way...
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