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SulNES: Intemperate Grandiosity

Discussion in 'Never Ending Stories' started by TheMeanestGuest, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Thlayli

    Thlayli Le Pétit Prince

    Jun 2, 2005
    In the desert
    A Formal Invitation

    To the most esteemed and virtuous Judges, parliamentarians, iroeni, burgesses, ladies and titled tradespeople of Sul and the wider Ezeth,

    To present yourselves on St. Silani's Day at Napharneschi Manor

    For the purposes of merriment and celebration!

    For the victories of the municipal forces against the servants of tyranny and oppression at Cheridine Gate, Cherid Mount, &c.,

    The impending glories which it can be anticipated our city will soon enjoy over its perfidious foes,

    And the accession of the Lord Magistrate Zathander Napharneschi, the Lord Captain-Marshal Arvind Irvanat dal Tellem, and the Lord Intendant Kostyl Lipets, to their respective honored dignities in the name of the Parliament and People of Sul.

    Please present your reply via messenger to the postern of Napharneschi Manor at your swiftest convenience.
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  2. Thlayli

    Thlayli Le Pétit Prince

    Jun 2, 2005
    In the desert
    The Rebuilding of Silani Tor

    Guests to Zathander's party will note that the site of the great family Tor, which was demolished at the demand of Magister Keros as revenge for the Napharneschi family's support for a rival candidate for magister, is now encircled by a cloud of scaffolding. The Silani Tor has an unusual, pentagonal design, as it sits at the corner of the juncture of three roads to the University, Rizny Gate and Eeler's Run. This strategic position offers ample ability for long guns emplaced on the roof to pick off approaching foes. The main buildings of the manor, including the gunsmithy, extend slightly to the north up the road, and the family has occupied a bit of fallow land in that direction for the relocation of some outbuildings and servants quarters.

    Spoiler A Letter Sent to Immen Tor :
    To the good Lord Moro, and the fine Lady Israth,

    I hope the summer's arrival finds your land in fruitful abundance. It would please me if you were to call upon my manor in Sul for a small fete to celebrate my accession to the Magistracy of our city. Having now come into the possession of enough land to foster a family, I wish to make it known that I am favorably disposed to an alliance. However, I would greatly prefer to speak to Lady Israth in the flesh. Would that I might call at Immen Tor for a longer period, but matters of state require me to remain near the city for the time being.

    I am of no hurry to settle these matters, but it is my fondest wish that you shall consider the invitation.

    Lord Zathander Napharneschi, Magistrate of Sul
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  3. TheMeanestGuest

    TheMeanestGuest Warlord

    Dec 4, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Parliament applauds itself heartily and enthusiastically at its own victories, many praising the abilities of the Captain-Marshal and the Magistrate. The matter of Cherid Mount, however, is met with a small degree of consternation. A bold few question the intentions of Lord Napharneschi. Does he intend that such estates should be accrued to his person, or to his office? They are pointed in their requests for clarification.

    Various self-important self-assigned committees huddle to deliberate on the proposed matter of war, but the murmurs seem generally favourable.


    A Letter to the Judiciary of Sul from His Eminence, the Emissary Iphradim Qantigrias


    His Majesty has heard of your loyalty in casting out the renegade magister, Keros dal Esier. He is pleased by this. He has heard of your great friendship with his knight, Van dal Esier. This too has pleased him.

    But he does not deem this sufficient. You have yet to demonstrate your accedence to his command, and he does not find this pleasing. Know that His Majesty is fair and just, and does not ask more than he is owed, nor more than you are prepared to deliver. You have a grievance with the Council of Horizan, yes? These rebels have defied the Drakkanthron in league with the schismatics at Carathir, and so they must be punished.

    I am to arrive shortly at the Raka Naphran. There I will conduct a muster of His Majesty’s leal vassals of the Ezethai to besiege the city and its attendants on the river’s southern bank. It is the task of the Sulans, then, to seize or destroy those possessions of the Rizny that lie upon the northern bank. I advise that their port facilities be taken in short order. I do not care how this is done, only that it is.

    Wisely, His Majesty dispatches the Iroen dal Esier as his Executor to aid and oversee you.

    - Iphradim Qantigrias, Penitentiary-General of the Emissariat

    Spoiler correspondence for Zathander Napharneschi :
    A Letter from Van dal Esier


    Indeed, you anticipate the King’s own will. In my time at Azarnes among the many matters we have discussed I have impressed upon His Majesty the risk to the integrity of the realm posed by the traitorous allegiance of Horizan, that it provides avenue for Mitteram and Carathir to assail the valleys of the Ezeth, endangering rightful rulership. It seems I may have been too efficacious.

    The College interferes in the unwelcome form of a serpentine Qantigriazzi, slithering in to undercut our ambitions. I am sent to aid the Sulans with my knights, armsmen and retainers, of which I expect to gather some four-hundred. I will see to their provisions from my own purse, and in my duly appointed role as Executor shall afford the militia a substantial quantity [1 WP worth] of grain and fodder to contribute to its supply. Our duty is unenviable, cousin. Lesser glories, and greater risks. I shall be returning to Sul some weeks after this letter reaches you. Let us show the Drakkan that it is the Sulans who serve him best, and we shall reap the rewards.

    - Van dal Esier

    A Letter from Alezhis Napharneschi

    My son,

    I am well, and your mother sends her affections. You have brought honour to our family name, Keros driven from the city like a dog, our humiliations avenged. Despite the shameful necessities of your position, I am proud. Your brothers congratulate you on your martial victories.

    Your intentions, however, are already pre-empted at Azarnes. Van's presence likely did not help you in this. His growing influence must be stopped, Zathander. We cannot replace one dal Esier with another.

    I am told to expect an Emissary, and the marshaling of a royal army to which my banner is attached. The levy is bound. I will send a score of additional armsmen to see to your protection and that of our family possessions in the city. You are Napharneschi born, and you will find a way to turn this to our advantage.

    - Your Father, Alezhis Napharneschi

    Announcement: Orders are due by the evening of March 29th.
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  4. Thlayli

    Thlayli Le Pétit Prince

    Jun 2, 2005
    In the desert
    Spoiler Biography of a most disgruntled cayanist :
    Zakkas dal Kassyraqua is indeed a distinctly disgruntled cayanist. Now in his mid-50s, he was bastard born, conceived of an ill-fated union between the local magister and a mountain herdswoman outside of the Kassyrene monastery of Isarias. Being quite an embarrassment to his father, he was promptly shipped to the colonies. An adventurous childhood mostly serving in Collegial missions to various crude and unlettered colonies across the Fugue Sea ended when Zakkas was detailed to fight in the war against the demons. Zakkas was responsible for an execution squad, a mixed force of collegial cayanists and Bractemenn knights, sent to clear out remnant holdfasts of Mahlen. This naturally entailed quite a lot of butchering, since the children of demons are still demons.

    During this time Zakkas gained an unfortunate propensity to drink and to say unwise things in unwise company. Eventually Zakkas left (or was dismissed, really it was quite mutual) the College-Militant, and traveled to the vicinity of Tesch to work as an independent cayanist. He swore off violent jobs, and mostly worked increasing the yields of local iroeni, fathering two young daughters and paying for an expensive education.

    Zakkas’ work, however, eventually ran afoul of the local Collegial authorities, not because of any particular heresy in his methods but because of his unwillingness to work under (and pay dues to) the collegial authorities. A demand was presented for him to submit to a local magister, pay dues, and adjust his methods to best practices. Perhaps due to his war experience or simply his innate stubbornness, Zakkas protested to the local Emissariat, insisting that his licensure was in order. However, the magister he conflicted with had the benefit of rank, and connections with Carathir. He was censured, fined, and his collegial permits were revoked. For good measure, the magister made it clear that he should never show his face in Tesch again.

    Bankrupted, miserable, and embittered, Zakkas eventually found a job as a baggage guard for traveling merchants for whom a bit of under-the-table cayanics was an asset against thieves. His family, he settled in Sul, mostly thanks to the frequent availability of cheap hovels and distance from Tesch. But with the spread of chaos across the Ezeth and the wider realm, even the regular baggage trade was disrupted, making Zakkas now twice-unemployed, sinking into misery as one more among many indebted winesots in the taverns of Eeler's Run.

    And it was in this state that the retainers of the good Lord Zathander Napharneschi, looking for a cayanist who could be trusted not to speak to the College, found him.

    To the inquiries on Cherid Mount:

    The Lord Magistrate notes to those interested parties that a landlordship over Cherid Mount that switches every year with the election is not in the interests of Parliament, as it would greatly disrupt the incomes and livelihoods of the tenants of that land. He further argues that future Magistrates with an inappropriate background may not have an interest in or understanding of the intricacies of rural land stewardship, and as such it is better to have a permanent steward over them unconnected with the Judicial office.

    As such Zathander intends to hold the land about Cherid Mount in perpetuity as Protector, and recognizes their legal vassalage to the Judiciary. He will only claim the lands previously held by Keros, and will not disturb the iroeni or gentry who hold lands in their own right (and hold legal title proving it.) He further reminds said interested parties that half of the incomes he has promised to the parliamentary treasury, and that having a dedicated steward familiar with matters of tenancy will increase the income brought to Sul from them. He finally adjudges that as Magistrate, his purview of matters outside the city walls allows him to dispose of the Mount as he sees fit.

    He will dedicate an iroen of the region to make an annual report on the land's incomes so that it is ensured Parliament will receive its due.


    To the other Judges:

    on the following matters are needed:

    1) To support or oppose the war declaration with Horizan
    1b) To pledge allegiance to King Hazzen VIII of Tesch and his Emissary, requesting aid for the same

    2) To support or oppose a ransom for Keros' soldiers
    2b) Appoint a suitable organizer for ransoms, of whom Captain-Marshal dal Tellem is Zathander's preferred candidate.

    3) To support or oppose the repair of the Ortoran Gate - estimates are in, and a proper stone repair will cost 15 WP.
    3a) Zathander proposes a down payment of 4 WP from the State Treasury be made to start the construction, but this is the Intendant's purview for approval.
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  5. ork75

    ork75 Prince

    Mar 13, 2012
    Gentlemen, while I regret to send our soldiers to march while we lack proper laws and proper defenses, we are called to do so by our king, and, furthermore, stand much to gain. I vote in favor of the war with Horizan: let us bring the axe to the logs which block our commerce.

    I am no military man, and as such cannot speak to the rituals of ransom. I am, however, a man who has made his living with coin. So long as the funds from the ransom go to the state treasury, we should raise what funds we can. Our city has several monumental projects looming over her coffers: the repair of our gate, the establishment and implementation of the courts, and the development of her trade facilities. Therefore, let us play what cards we hold, and let the Captain-Marshal do his work. I vote in favor of the ransom.

    The gate must be repaired. I agree that we should complete this project in stages, beginning with 4 WP allocated in this season. I will also do my best to speed the project, when not working on our law code. I vote in favor of the gate repair.

    -- Intendant of Sul, K.L.
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  6. thomas.berubeg

    thomas.berubeg Wandering the World

    Aug 21, 2006
    Ft. Lauderdale
    1) Support

    2b) Oppose

    3) Support
    3a) Support
  7. bombshoo

    bombshoo Never mind...

    Jan 7, 2003
    Atten Anguillsa

    5 Esteem, 3 Piety, 3 Popularity

    Age: 41


    Judge of the New Parliament
    Chief Bursar For the Eeler’s Guild of Sul
    Fleetmaster of Anguillsa-Padwik Maritime Operations

    Possessions and Followers:

    Urban Estate, Personal (1 Opulence / 0 Security)
    A bunch of eeling gradi and fishermen

    Eelery (Wharf #33)
    Fishery (Wharf #32)
    Tavern (Attached to Wharf #33)
    Saltworks (Outside of town)

    11 - (2/1/5/3)
    2 from fishery in spring with the saltworks bonus
    1 from saltworks in summer
    5 from the eelery with the fishery bonus in fall
    1 from the tavern in winter and another 2 from salted fish in the winter


    The man we know as Atten Aguillsa is a fabrication. A comparatively recent one at that. Just another story in a long line of lies, damn lies, untruths and half-truths. In fact, by Sellem Dignyr’s own estimates, “Atten” is somewhere around the 150th alias he has used in his adult life.

    Sellem was born in Sul as the only son to a now extinct family of minor nobility. Like his father before him, he entered into the foreign service. At age 20, he was secretly inducted into the clandestine Royal Chancery of Acquisitions at the behest of his mentor and the King’s primary advisor on matters of intelligence, Grazi Tund. For approximately 20 years, Sellem did his role well, operating at first as a simple acquirer of foreign magical objects, but later as a full fledged spy and eventually the overseer of multiple covert operations on the Southern Continent.

    Sellem’s jobs over the years consisted of everything from brokering peace treaties between warring barbarian tribes to inciting riots and plotting the assassinations of potential troublemakers. In his role as a spymaster, Sellem became known as a man willing to get his hands dirty. Though he preferred to pass off the most repugnant of his duties to lower-ranking members of the Chancery or any of his hundreds of civilian “assets”, Sellem made it a point to never ask anyone to do something he was not willing to do himself. He was proud of this fact. Sellem viewed himself as the man willing to make the tough calls that no one else had the stomach for. This personal strength would be the cause of his downfall.

    It was a comparatively small conflict in Noiro. Sellem had been tasked with making sure the conflict stayed that way. A group of barbarian pirates with a particularly anti-Teschi sentiment had been causing havoc along the coast. Though the pirates were a nuisance at best, Sellem requested for several ships to be sent from Tesch as a show of force. The goal being to keep this minor threat from growing into anything more substantial.

    The Barbarian pirates were a cagey bunch. Commanded by a charismatic and beautiful scarlett skinned Pirate-Queen, Brijilla, they had perpetrated multiple high-stakes attacks with great success in the past several months. When the Pirate-Queen attacked the Teschi fleet head-on in Noiro’s own harbor, the Teschi ships were entirely caught off guard. In the blink of an eye, The Herionzi, the Second Ship of the Teschi fleet, was overran and captured, with Brijilla herself taking the helm of her newfound prize as well as control of several hundred hostages.

    Upon witnessing this disaster, Sellem, operating as a observer on board the the fleet’s flagship, used his authority to assert command. He could use this potential debacle to his advantage. To the protests of the fleet’s captain, as well as much the crew, Sellem ordered for the fleet to fire upon and destroy The Herionzi. Despite the initial protests, the well trained crew executed his order with great precision. Within minutes, The Herionzi was in tatters. Brijilla died taunting her enemies as her prize sank to the bottom of the harbor. With her death the pirate threat in Noiro shortly came to an end.

    The death of over a hundred Teschi sailors was not something Sellem took lightly. He fully expected a formal reprimand for the incident, though in the end, he knew his destruction of the pirate threat and the death of Pirate-Queen Brijilla would extricate him from any real consequences. His connections to the crown through his mentor, were sure to be in his advantage as well.

    Three months after the incident, it was with great shock when Sellem received a message accusing him of treason. Shortly later, a military escort arrived to take him back to Tesch. A tribunal had been called concerning the death of Perik Inepheri, the well connected Captain of the Herionzi. Sellem had been accused of murdering a son of one the kingdom’s most important families.

    The call for a tribunal was both a relief and a stressor. As the Admiralty had not assassinated him outright, Sellem knew he still had friends in high places, but nonetheless, he suspected he was being used as a pawn in a higher stakes game. His suspicions proved to be true. The tribunal was short and concise. His fate had been determined even before he had arrived in Tesch. His mentor, Grazi Tund resigned from his position, in favor of a member of the Admiralty taking control of the Chancery of Acquisitions and in exchange, Sellem was allowed to survive, with his identity and all records of his work erased. Sellem was given a substantial severance payment on the condition he would never work in politics or espionage ever again. Sellem agreed to his conditions.

    It should be noted, before the Herionzi incident, Sellem had been on the shortlist as a potential recruit for Admiralty Intelligence for the better part of a year. Sellem would have happily betrayed his mentor in a minute for that opportunity. Tund’s personal sacrifice disturbed Sellem deeply.

    The incivility of the Admiralty cannot be exaggerated. They agreed to let Sellem go free. They agreed to give him his severance pay in whole. They didn’t say where or how he would get it. Three days after his tribunal, Sellem found himself washed up on a beach around Sul with an extreme pain in his rear-end. It took three days of discomfort for Sellem to finally receive his whole payment and many days after to recover from accepting it. It really must be said again, the incivility of the Admiralty cannot be exaggerated.

    Sellem had lost everything. His professional life had collapsed, the organization he had given his life to had been asborbed by his rivals and he was sporting a tremendously painful and embarrassing injury to boot. Nonetheless, he did have money. A lot of money. Perhaps more than he could have ever earned working for the Chancery. Given how much the state had awarded him, they had obviously assumed he was corrupt (he wasn’t) and overestimated the price of buying his silence. Cash in hand and looking to ease his pain, Sellem went for a drink.

    Sellem went into a tavern for a beer. Within a year, he owned that tavern. Within another six months he owned the eelery and fishing wharf next door. Poor Padwik, the owner of the lot, had hit hard times and Sellem, now going by the name Atten Anguillsa, was exactly the man to bail him out.

    The coup in Sul resulted in some personal temptations that Atten could not resist. While running his local businesses gave him some minor influence, it did not give him any real power, and most of all, it did not provide him the with the adrenaline rush rush that his life in covert operations had given him. Consequences be damned, Atten bought membership into the Judiciary. It was time to matter again.
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  8. Thlayli

    Thlayli Le Pétit Prince

    Jun 2, 2005
    In the desert
    The Magistrate extends a welcome to Judge Anguillsa. It is good that the common citizens of the Run have finally found a worthy man to represent them in this council of state.

    Despite his accession so late into the season, we will allow his votes on the three matters before the Court to be counted.
  9. bombshoo

    bombshoo Never mind...

    Jan 7, 2003
    1) Support

    2) Support
    2b) Support

    3) Support
    3a) Support
  10. Thlayli

    Thlayli Le Pétit Prince

    Jun 2, 2005
    In the desert
    A Reply from the Judiciary of Sul to His Eminence, the Emissary Iphradim Qantigrias

    Your Eminence,

    It is truly our wish to serve the Drakkanthron, which is why we Sulans have waited, in quiescent obedience, for the royal will to come to us. For to act in presumptuous abandon would not be to serve the King – no, it falls to us merely to wait, and to obey. This is the counsel that came to us from the good Emissary Yetho, and this is the counsel we have followed. Now the word of the King comes to us, bearing your name, and we rejoice.

    We shall act speedily to enforce your will under our dear friend, Van dal Esier. In this task we have but two requests. The first, that you will convey our city’s official declaration of loyalty to His Majesty Hazzen VIII, and that we eagerly await his ceremonial and traditional coronation at Atten’s House. The second, that the King grant a royal licensure to our gunsmiths to craft long-barreled artillery, those not normally permitted us, in our capacity as agents of the Drakkanthron against the rebels. It would be an immeasurable honor if, as a boon for fighting and dying for our king, a Judge of Sul might be granted the privilege of assisting in the coronation.

    I shall speedily take the field myself within the season to see that thy will be done, your Eminence. Our prayers shall be for the unity of the College and the Realm, and our arms shall ensure that divine Tesch herself favors us with victory.

    Lord Judge Zathander Napharneschi, Magistrate of Sul
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  11. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama :)

    Jan 27, 2006
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  12. Thlayli

    Thlayli Le Pétit Prince

    Jun 2, 2005
    In the desert
    OOC: Not to be rude Nuke, but if you haven't discussed your application with TMG you probably shouldn't be playing yet.
  13. ork75

    ork75 Prince

    Mar 13, 2012
    OOC: sorry for taking so long on this! as you can see, it grew quite lengthy

    Friends! I come bearing a proposal.

    You elected me to be your Intendant so I would bring law to this lawless city. I bring before you a proposal which would establish for every Sulan man a system of fair courts and good laws, that we may have a functioning government and a functioning state.


    There is but one simple measure before us: approve, or deny, this code. Please, if you wish to see changes or amendments, bring your concerns! I will defend that which I have spent a whole season authoring, but the law is meant to be created by a legislative body. As we are that, the interpretation and enforcement of a code must stem from our votes.

    I urge you to approve what is presented.
  14. ork75

    ork75 Prince

    Mar 13, 2012
    Spoiler Letter to Zathander Napharneschi and Arvind Irvanat dal Tellem :

    My Lords,

    Attached you will find a draft of the contract we had previously discussed, dealing with the funding of the coming expedition to Horizan.

    I trust you will read it, and sign. Do let me know if you have any concerns over the terms, but I believe that they are both fair, and pursuant to previous discussion.

    On another note, I am pleased to report that the preliminary draft of the Law Code of the City of Sul has been, at long last, released to the Judiciary. I implore you to look it over, and suggest changes or vote for its approval in a timely manner.

    May the iron winds of victory follow at your backs, and bring you safely home again.

    - Kostyl Lipets

    Spoiler A Contract for the Magistrate :

    The banking house of Lipets & Pont and affiliated businesses (hereafter abbreviated L&P) shall provide the City of Sul
    1. [6 EP] of funding for a coming expedition against Horizan
    2. Cloth from L&P warehouses, [1 EP] worth at a discounted rate
      1. to be paid from the State Treasury to L&P
    In exchange, should the expedition succeed:
    1. L&P shall send a party of "Auditors at Arms" to accompany the expedition and provide consult on the quartermastering of the force
      1. If this is not desired, they shall merely act as due diligence for this contract on the part of L&P
      2. Regardless, these men shall pay their own way with regards to supplies, so as to not burden the fighting forces of Sul
    2. L&P shall be paid a cut of the spoils of war, considered to be composed of the following enumerated goods, rights, and establishments
      1. Or alternatively paid in cash and movables should the following terms go unfulfilled
    3. Damage to the city of Horizan shall be kept to a minimum
      1. should this condition be violated during the chaos of victory, the share of spoils paid to L&P shall increase in proportion with the degree to which further terms of this contract cannot be fulfilled
        1. this penalty will apply only to those commanders and troops directly under control of the Captain-Marshal and the Magistrate, although it is encouraged that other commanders are pressured to follow suit
    4. Any trade goods seized from warehouses and abandoned mercantile establishments (i.e. warehouses, customs houses, financial centers) will be turned over to L&P
      1. Only in cases where the owners have fled or otherwise forfeited their property through strong opposition to the campaign
    5. Banking houses and warehouses abandoned by their owners, or otherwise sold to the city of Sul during the victory, shall be transferred to L&P
      1. The L&P staff accompanying the campaign shall handle final negotiations, to ensure the fairness of the proceedings and the satisfaction of all involved parties
    6. Captives of the mercantile, common, or collegial classes taken during the siege shall be transferred to the control of L&P for negotiations
    Should the expedition fail:
    1. L&P shall expect repayment from the State Treasury of Sul in the amount of [4 EP]
      1. L&P intends to show their confidence and pride in this new project, and so will relinquish any right to pursue further repayment

    Kostyl Lipets

  15. bombshoo

    bombshoo Never mind...

    Jan 7, 2003
    About 30 Years Ago...

    *(A rancid puff of breath expelled from the snorkel. The half-excavated husk, curled into a hook-shape, flexed, barely visible. The excavator’s eyes widened, and he frantically waved the work crew away. “AWW **** LADS, THIS BOY’S A-STIRRIN’!”)*

    “SHUTTUP! We’re not callin it quits yet!” Captain Perethin hollered back. “Kid! Get over here! NOW!”

    Padwick ran to his father’s side, directly facing the gaping maw of the enraged beast as it lunged from its burrow, flinging muddy water all about.

    “Get em right there! In the top of the mouth! Ya got a clear shot to the brain kid! Take it now!”

    Padwik thrust his harpoon upward into the creature’s mouth, just barely scraping his forearm on its razor sharp teeth.

    The monster writhed and thrashed as the harpoon lunged into its soft palate, tearing through the ropes meant to hold it in place. The frightened crew tripped over themselves fleeing upside the muddy banks. Several of the men fell into the murky river below.

    The eel’s rage did not last long. Just as its massive body hit the ground, Padwik heard his father shout out:

    “We got a confirmed kill boys! Now let’s get this thing outta here!”

    At only eight years old and with barely an injury to speak of, Padwick had just become the youngest Eeler in the history of Sul.


    “The Boy did good today my dear! Killed himself his first eel! The spittin image of his father this one is!”

    “My two men. How could I be anything but proud!” Padwik’s mother kissed her husband on the cheek, running her hand across his chest, half-exposed under his ripped shirt.

    “But...you two, you stink of eel. Why don’t you wash up out back and then we’ll have supper.”

    Padwik’s father tousled his hair before heading back outside. “Ya did good today boy. Real good.”

    As soon as his father exited the house, Padwik’s mother knelt down in front of him for a secret conversation. The same type of secret conversation she often had with her son.

    Spoiler :
    “So what your mother told you about eels and eelers helped today, huh?” Padwik's mother asked him.

    “Yes mam”

    “And did you get what your mother asked for?”

    “Yes mam” Padwik handed her several eel teeth he had hidden in his back pocket.

    “With the blood of the killer still crusted on. Just like we talked about. Perfect. Did your father see you take these?”

    “No mam”

    “Good. What do we do if your father sees you take something from the eelery home?”

    “We say the magic words and then we tell you about it”

    “And then?”

    “And then he forgets it ever happened.”

    “That’s exactly right! I love you, you know.”

    “I know, mam.”

    “I really do. Now go wash up for supper with your father.”

    "Yes mam."

    *Note: The first paragraph was written by Lord_Iggy in our work on the eels concerning biology, industry and cultural importance. It provided the inspiration for the first half of this story, so I included it.
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  16. bombshoo

    bombshoo Never mind...

    Jan 7, 2003
    About 30 Minutes Ago...

    Eeler’s run was a wretched place. It stunk of fish guts. Most of the buildings were dilapidated and the few structures that were not ruined were so incredibly utilitarian in use that they were in fact uglier than the unused ones.

    Yet, in the earliest of hours, sometimes, the morning dew could overpower the stench from the fisheries and eeleries. The fog from the river could hide the unsightly surroundings, and from Atten’s balcony, the rising sun could shine just right, creating an incredible view.

    It was on one these rare pleasant mornings when Atten noticed a small boy, no more than six, digging into his yard.

    The garden below Atten’s balcony was one of the few places on Eeler’s run where one could find any greenery at all. It was simple. A grass yard, lined with some shrubbery and surrounded by a gravel barrier separating it from the dirt street. Nonetheless, Atten viewed this green-space as a point of pride.

    “My friend, can I ask what you’re doing?” Atten asked the child.


    “ ‘Diggin’? My friend. This is my private property. My yard. What are you ‘diggin’ for?”

    “Yer yard got nice rocks.”

    “...I wasn’t aware? My friend, it’s just after sunrise. Why are you in my yard looking for ‘nice rocks’?”

    “I gotta have something to do all day ma says”

    “Sure...But why here?”

    “Ma always puts me here when she goes to work. She tells me to find nice rocks.”

    “And your mother?”

    “Over there.” the child pointed to the Rigid Eel. Atten’s tavern, next door.

    “I’m gonna talk with your ma and her boss. You can keep ‘diggin’, my friend.”


    Atten stormed into the Rigid Eel

    “Padwik! Are you aware there is a kid tearing into our yard out front?”

    “Oh gosh. That’s Jycee’s kid.” He’s been out there every morning the last few weeks now. I’m sorry you hadn’t noticed.

    “Hmm. Jycee. She’s one of our best isn’t she?”

    “More than that. She’s actually running the books upstairs too”.

    “Hm. And she’s doing a good job then. Tell Jycee I want to meet with her later. Don’t tell her I mentioned the kid. I’ll tell her about that myself.”

    “Yes sir.”

    “And you? Are you planning on going out with the crew later? They’re saying they have good omens. They want you with them.”

    “I’ll do my best sir.”

    “Do it. Not for me. Not for them. Do it for you, my friend.”

    “Yes sir.”
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    Dec 4, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Spoiler correspondence for Zathander Napharneschi :
    A Letter from Van dal Esier

    Lord Napharneschi,

    I have received a brief yet obstreperous letter from the Emissary Qantigrias - I found your own enclosed. I will not trouble you with the details of the missive. Iphradim is an odious man, and as dangerous an ally as a foe. It is well that he has not elected to lead his campaign from our city; I worry as to the response should the mob provoke his ire. In this, at least, his antipathy serves us. It is my hope that we shall soon have our victory, and that he shall return himself to the capital where he belongs.

    His Majesty was quite satisfied to hear of the loyalty of the Sulan Parliament when I informed him of its declaration, though he regrets that he cannot yet properly reward such dedication. I am pursuing the matter of the legal dissolution of Sul’s magisterium, but this will require further negotiations with the college - the chamberlain is exacting in his requirements, and even the King cannot speed this particular business. There will be further discussion of coronation when these matters, and those of Horizan, are settled.

    To the matter of our impending victory I have been entrusted with certain authorities, as you know. I will admit that I am loathe to commit to the use of artillery, both for its barbarity and for its precedent. But I have brought your request before the King, as is my duty, and he deems that utility in this instance outweighs such concern. I have, however, advised him against the provision of royal license to any government which is yet to bear his charter - I am certain you understand that such actions would not reflect well upon the crown. To provide solution, His Majesty sees fit to grant you, as his vassal iroen, personal license for the production of up to five bombards absent any restriction to dimension. Likewise, I and my knights have been provisioned with a number of cannon from the royal armoury. These methods may be more destructive than is my preference, but they shall nevertheless compel the Rizny to obeisance.

    - Van dal Esier, King’s Executor

    A Letter from Moro dal Immen


    If circumstance were otherwise, we should both be amenable to your invitation. For matters of her health, my sister cannot attend. The city’s airs do not agree with her in summer. She extends her apologies. Barring your objection, I will accept and come myself with several knights in company. It has been some while since I have been in Sul, and I would enjoy conversation with those of my acquaintances who remain.

    - Moro dal Immen
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    I am so late. Sorry for the lack of orders and responses all, I've basically had full day workdays since Thursday, and have been stressed and tired before then. I have a long train ride tonight, so I should be able to deal with the first half of the stuff today... Hopefully...
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    I'm offering an extension to all players until the third of April. This has been an official announcement.
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  20. Thlayli

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    Jun 2, 2005
    In the desert
    From the Magistrate to the Intendant

    My good friend Kostyl, I have read your proposal and I find its terms to be suitable. All of Sul thanks you for your essential support for this expedition, and so I affix my name and seal to the contract on behalf of the city. I shall provide a response in the Judiciary to the courts proposal, and I find its terms to be largely acceptable, with some modifications to reflect our need to provide the petty courts first for the daily needs of the people, while we secure men of appropriate station for the proposed upper courts.

    Spoiler Zathander Napharneschi Turn 2 Orders :
    Zathander Napharneschi – Summer
    Followers: (20 gradi, 55 professional soldiers, Siadre dal Ivvia, Zakkas dal Kassyraqua [on retainer])
    +Levied serfs from Zathander’s land once the hemp crop is in.
    Assets: Napharneschi Manor, Silani Tor (under construction), Cherid Mount

    Upkeep costs: 1 WP/season for retinue

    7 WP in personal funds
    2 WP in reimbursements from Parliament
    (see state budget)

    4 WP – Rebuilding the Silani Tor
    1 WP – Occupation of Cherid Mount
    1 WP – A Most Remarkable Party
    1 WP – Hire the cayanist Zakkas dal Kassyraqua
    1 WP – Maintain Zathander’s retinue

    9 incomes - 8 outlays = 1 banked

    Ending personal funds: 2 WP (1 banked + 1 in income)

    10 WP banked in state funds
    6 WP loan from Intendant Kostyl Lipets
    2 WP donation from Judge Atten Anguillsa
    1 WP donation from Van dal Esier

    19 WP total

    -4 from the state treasury to begin rebuilding the Ortoran Gate
    -1 from state treasury to reimburse the Magistrate’s retinue
    -1 from state treasury to reimburse the Magistrate for services of his grammatarch and cayanist in battle
    -1 from state treasury to maintain the Parliamentary Guard
    -1 from state treasury to raise 200 gradi
    -2 from state treasury to raise 100 halberds
    -0 from state treasury to geas the 100 imprisoned commoner halberds
    -1 from Van dal Esier in food & supplies for the militia
    -1 from Lipets and Pont to purchase supplies from Lipets and Pont
    -1 from Lipets and Pont to purchase foodstuffs from Drakun Abndrakun
    [3 WP in supplies total]
    -2 from Lipets and Pont to construct the 5 great bombards licensed by the king

    19 incomes – 15 outlays = 4 banked.

    Ending Parliamentary Treasury: 5 WP (4 banked + 1 in tolls)
    A loan of 4 WP is owed to Lipets & Pont, pending seizure of goods & property in Port-of-Horizan.


    4 WP – Rebuilding the Silani Tor

    As mentioned previously, Siadre’s expertise and the presence of the foundation from the previous tor allows the construction to proceed at a 1 WP discount from the typical 5 WP. The construction will be designed in such a way as to allow additional floors to be added in the future, presumably with a flat roof and a design to be sufficiently load-bearing for later additions.

    1 WP – The Protector of Cherid Mount

    Zathander has seen fit to declare himself Lord Protector of Cherid Mount in the name of the Judiciary. The funds to be spent are for the following purposes:

    1) A fee for a local gentleman of skill and good reputation to serve as Zathander’s steward when he is not at the Mount. This man will be responsible for collecting and tallying the land titles and crop incomes.
    2) To give some small gifts to the local serfs and make them understand Zathander has replaced Keros as their master.
    3) To give some small gifts to the local gentry so that they don’t make trouble. Zathander will ask nothing of them right now beyond recognizing his authority.

    1 WP – A Most Remarkable Party

    Judge Abndrakun has graciously provided 1 WP of ‘amenities’ for this party already, so Zathander’s spending will focus on spreading the fun to the neighborhood. Free small beer and a number of roast fowl and boar will be provided to the inhabitants of the district around Napharneschi Manor and the University, not to mention the best and freshest bread, stamped with the Napharneschi crest for the benefit of the illiterate. Send gradi to distribute the free food and drink, and ensure the commoners make many toasts to Lord Magistrate Zathander and his impending victory over the obscene, perfidious, and treacherous Rizny.

    A variety of exciting events will be on offer at Napharneschi Manor, including whatever is tasteful and exciting, such as fire-eaters, music, dancing, and making Glamman fight each other in traditional blood sports. Invitations will go out to parliamentarians and local elites, as well as nobles from the wider Ezeth, if it does not conflict with the levy. It will be a good chance to build influence for Zathander and to socialize with important lords. Zathander will focus on strengthening a friendship with Moro dal Immen, and winning his favorable disposition to carry his proposal of marriage back to Israth. Zathander will note the benefits that can be expected to accrue to the dal Immens from this alliance, and that Cherid Mount would be sufficient for Israth’s dignity away from the sewers of Sul.

    1 WP – Cayanical Contrivances & Grammatarchical Gambles

    The cayanist Zakkas dal Kassyraqua will attend to the following matters:

    1. Assist Zathander in taking Port-of-Horizan, supporting and protecting him in combat
    2. Consulting on said secret project
    3. Teaching Zathander grammatarchically applied cayanics (mostly those directly applicable to 2)

    Siadre dal Ivvia will assist on the following projects:

    1. Ensuring that Silani Tor is of the highest quality, with whatever defensive flourishes he would like
    2. Mining the defenses of Port-of-Horizan and using his grammatarchy (if possible) to direct the artillery
    3. Drawing up a geas for the commoner College prisoners, binding them to a 1-year term of military service in return for freedom, and to not take arms against Parliament in the future

    Armed Actions:

    The assault on Port Horizan:

    ~1,000 Sulan militia – Captain-Marshal dal Tellem
    Hired mercenaries: 200 gradi, 100 halberds
    45 Retainers, 15 gradi, ?? serf-militia – Magistrate Zathander Napharneschi
    100 halberds (geas’ed ex-Collegemen)
    400 knights, men-at-arms, etc. – Executor Van dal Esier
    +Quartermasters from Intendant Lipets
    +5 Great Bombards (nominally) commanded by Siadre dal Ivvia

    [Naval maneuvers: If any patriotic Sulans afloat are willing to sail down the Ezeth and harass Horizan’s river traffic or blockade the port, that would not be a bad idea either – we don’t have any funds for it but Zathander is perfectly happy to issue letters of marque to would-be privateers. I will leave further developments to Judge Anguillsa.]

    Total estimated troops: 1,900+ (larger if the muster expands and any additional Ezethi nobles join)
    1,600 infantry, ~300 cavalry, 5 bombards

    None of this nonsense about investing a port and starving it out – we have come to win. The first contingency will be to offer surrender- if the mercenaries defending Port-of-Horizan will simply hand over the location, their contracts will be honored by Sul. An easy win, and then our troops can cross the Ezeth and assist in the fight against Horizan proper. If they refuse, it will be violence.

    The main plan will be to mine the walls, collapse the mine, and then further open a breach with artillery, then surge through the breach en-masse into Port-of-Horizan. Strenuous attempts will be made to avoid collateral damage to Port-of-Horizan. This will include assigning Siadre to manage the math of the bombard trajectories, and getting the Captain-Marshal to give a strict pre-war speech on avoiding setting fire to these buildings, as the city and people of Sul will make use of them to restore glory to Sul, etc. etc. Looting will of course happen, although we will attempt to restrain the worst excesses, but any soldier seen setting a fire will be subject to immediate court-martial. No fires.

    We will allow the good Van dal Esier to dictate his place of preference in the battle. There are two contingencies. Either he wishes to lead the assault on the walls, in which case Zathander will direct the artillery and lead the second wave into the city. Or, he will wish to hang back and command the overall battle, in which case Zathander will lead the breach team.

    After the artillery successfully open a breach in Port of Horizan’s walls, Zathander will direct the bombards to provide close supporting fire. Close, close, supporting fire. So close that if an accident were to occur and the good Executor were to perish, it would be a tragedy, but not an unforeseen one. Or perhaps some barrels of gunpowder buried deep under the mined-out walls fail to catch with the initial breach, and go off with a delay. That would also be a tragedy. The Executor would be mourned.

    Naturally we will avoid anything that looks like an assassination attempt, but mistakes happen, especially with inexperienced grammatarchs making calculations in the heat of battle. Of course, if the Executor does not wish to take the glory for himself, Zathander will lead the troops into the breach during which a friendly fire incident will be less likely to occur. This is also acceptable to us. Of course, Zathander will surround himself with a few hundred men, including his boosted retinue, and try not to get himself into as much trouble as the Cheridine Gate.

    As mentioned to the Intendant, our priority is securing the port facilities, warehouses, goods, and counting houses. The Intendant’s own men and Zathander’s retinue will focus on securing the key buildings and their wares after the city’s defenses are breached. If deserted, we will consider them forfeit. If occupied, aggressive negotiations will ensue, likely with the Intendant’s own men.

    Monster hunt in the Run: 5 retainers, 5 gradi

    A few picked men will be sent to aid good Judge Abndrakun in the Run. How he uses them are at his discretion, but it is assumed they will work together to find hidden firing and ambush positions when the “bait” is laid out at night.

    Guarding Napharneschi Manor: 5 retainers
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