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SVN 11502 Culture "Overhaul" Feedback

Only thing I've noticed so far, is that the AI culture expansion might be less gradual than the player's. Starting from 1 tile, I expanded to 5, then 9, then 13, etc. The AI next to me went from 1 tile to 15 in one turn, as if they had 3 culture levels in one.
I've only seen this once however, so take it with a grain of salt. Is it possible that the AI culture levels are set in a different string than the player's?

Gamespeed: long
Difficulty: noble
Realistic Culture Spread: yes
1-Tile-Start: yes
IDW: can't remember but there wasn't any warfare yet
Game started on SVN v11502?: yes
I started to get a consistent CtD when trying to capture a neandertal city. I think its because my culture is spreading on this city and after (cultural influence capture?) CtD happens.

I played on Blitz / Monarch, with RCS, IDW and 1-Tile, raging barbs, barb world, barb civ, neandertal cities.
Playing on v11504, started this game on v11503.

Edit: I disabled IDW in game and no crash happened, it is definetly cultural error, maybe cultural capture of Neandertal city gives a crash, I think


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For what's it worth, I've captured a city on 11502 and kept it, I had gained up to 34% culture from IDW and then the rest of the culture shifted from the captured civ to mine over time (pretty quick since there was about 300 culture points overall), and nothing bad happened... I've also razed two other different cities. It's been about 600 turns on 11502 with no crashes either.

Only odd thing I keep noticing is that some AIs don't expand from 1 tile until they reach cultural level 4, which kind of cripples them of course.

Edit: nevermind, I've started having crashes too. It's something going on with the AI, they're fighting over some weird cultural borders and that seems to bug out.
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Took another crack at fixing it, should be on SVN soon (11504). Some other users have reported CtDs; have you been getting them as well? I've been struggling to duplicate.
No CTDs, and I'm not waging any wars, so it shouldn't be IDW either, unless it does something behind the scene.
Wait, I do use my Neanderthal pseudo-Barbarian unit to harass the neighbors - could THAT be the culprit?
Thank you all for feedback; I've reverted the cultural changes until the root cause of the ctds and other issues can be properly addressed. May take a few weeks unfortunately, as I am traveling and it seems most of the other devs are similarly busy at this time :/
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