New Rise and Fall mechanics beta phase

It's default in the sense that everyone gets given the best units they can build based on their available techs, and exceptions need to be defined separately. I assumed they start with the necessary techs, but apparently they don't. I don't think it's a good idea to have civs spawn in Europe with only archers for defense, it only encourages early eliminations even further.
From what i've seen, it's the entire Europe that is spawing with archers. The lack of Machinery seems to be the culprit.
So it seems that Solid countries do indeed dont get hit by independence from Post Colonial countries.
French Mexico stayed and so did French Canada.
Only Colombia, Brazil and Argentina spawned, which makes me believe that their overlords were not Solid.
What determines how many advanced start points you get? For example I tried playing as Mexico and only got 100 points.
It's specifically defined for each civilization. I still intend to balance them better later on.
I kinda miss the unit flipping. It was nice to see independent Roman breakaways with leftover Legions etc.
What determines how many advanced start points you get? For example I tried playing as Mexico and only got 100 points.

Here's the code:

Assets\Python\ said:
dAdvancedStartPoints = CivDict({
iPhoenicia: 50,
iPersia: 100,
iRome: 150,
iTamils: 50,
iByzantium: 100,
iIndonesia: 50,
iMoors: 100,
iSpain: 50,
iFrance: 50,
iKhmer: 50,
iEngland: 50,
iHolyRome: 50,
iMali: 50,
iPortugal: 50,
iItaly: 250,
iMongols: 50,
iOttomans: 200,
iIran: 250,
iNetherlands: 300,
iGermany: 250,
iAmerica: 500,
iArgentina: 100,
iMexico: 100,
iColombia: 150,
iBrazil: 200,
iCanada: 250,
}, 0)
What's the chance of AI choosing to declare war on flip, does it have any factors playing into it?
Tried playing a few different nations with the modified mechanics and the game sure feels very different. The Spanish starting army is not even enough to take Barcelona now. Poland also starts off mega weak. The Viking UHV no longer seems doable (AI England starts with a massive army now) unless you conquer Italy or something. Poland and Spain seem impossible too given their starting armies. In one Poland attempt I actually got close to the population goal but someone (my guess was Arabia) discovered Civil Liberties in 1530. AI Russia feels way too powerful now, they are often very advanced quite early.
Can you explain more? Starting armies have not been changed. Are you talking about the additional units they receive when you declare war on them?
Polish starting army used to be something like 2 Lancers, 2 Heavy Swordsmen and 10 or 12 Crossbowmen. Now it's 2 Lancers, 2 Heavy Swordsmen, 2 Archers and a Catapult. Spanish starting army used to be 2 Lancers, 4 Swordsmen and 2 Crossbowmen if I recall right. Now it's 4 Swordsmen and 2 Archers.
In the Viking game England started off with a massive amount of Crossbowmen even though nobody declared war on them at any point during their Rise of England time frame. I had no way of building enough military to take 2 cities off of their starting 3 now.

Tried Italy a bit earlier and that's actually much easier. With the increased withdrawal chance taking Rome is a breeze and Napoli is easy too. The advanced start also sets you up very nicely with fully improved landscape around Fiorenza which makes building the three wonders all that much easier.

I download the game from the following site. Maybe I got a funky unintended version? :)
Poland never (intentionally) started with 10+ crossbows. I will review these starting units again.
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