Terraforming mod for VP, unlocked at Ecology


Sep 28, 2014
Hi all, i commissioned this mod to the very talented modder @iskaandismet , made and balanced for VP!

Here is the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3082069315

All the info is there, but basically this mod allows you to produce a consumable unit that, once consumed, allows to select a new terrain or feature for the tile where it is expended, even possibly revealing new resources compatible with the new terrain.

Usual warnings about reloading and civ5 limitations apply, and the AI can't use it (luckily i might add).

I commissioned this mod, but it's only fair to share it for free to a community that gave ne so many hours of fun, enjoy!
Would love to try but I only get mods from outside steam tbh
Just a thought for future development of this mod... If reloading saves is an issue for the visuals, you might explore having the terrain art converted into an improvement (possibly temporarily, til next reload). Improvements can pop in and out during the game, terrain and features can't.

It would be a bit of a hacky workaround, but to the user it might appear more seamless... I'm not sure the extent to which this could work (particularly how well an improvement could be modeled to look like bare terrain), just a theorycraft. It would potentially still have visual conflicts if a real improvement were built prior to reload, however
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