The BEST Fabrics/Brands/Clothing for Working Out/Hiking/Building in the Sun

I would say athleisure, cotton and polyester, are super reliable. Loose, smooth, baggy.

I also recommend athleisure for engineering/tech interviews.
You run in a hoodie when it is hot? One that advertises how well it fits over two underlayers?

For outdoor exercising, I wear a cotton t-shirt and shorts appropriate to the exercise (cotton cargo shorts for skating, padded bike shorts for long bike rides, loose polyester shorts for running). For yardwork I may use a long-sleeve cotton shirt and jeans if there are lots of scratchy or sticker-y things. For building, cotton t-shirt and cargo shorts if I can get away with it, thin cargo pants if I can't. I don't particularly care for the look of cargo shorts, but I really appreciate the pockets. I have a vented, wide-brimmed hat for working and gobs of sunscreen.
I don't do imperial measurements, but... no, there are no temperatures where running is possible where it's too hot for a sun hoodie. I doubt doubt a hood is even functionally hotter on than off after taking into account the sun then not being directly on your body.

The Bedouin lesson: A scientific study proves robes are the best garment to wear in the desert heat
This is an odd study. Only one person? Were garments tested back-to-back? Did they measure skin temperature, or was it purely subjective? The researchers also state that they had a bias going in for the robes. Also, the person was standing plainly, not working or laboring in the sun. I have not seen any human wear anything like a robe in the sun in the Middle East while exercising, only while walking casually or stationary in a sales position.

I see the logic, but only if the participant is standing totally still for the airflow to be created via the chimney effect.
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