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The CFC Model UN


Jun 19, 2002
Hipster-Authorland, Brooklyn (Hell)
PMs: Please give them descriptive titles, like "Speaking Order" or "My Resolution" not just "Model UN". :)

You may now PM me to be on the Speaker's List. Do it quickly, the faster you do it, the sooner you speak.

Prodedures Thanks to Toasty for these handy rules list...please don't sue me for plagiarism! ;)

When everyone has been assigned a nation via PM, I will take a roll call. You may say either "present" or "present and voting" when you are called on, however "present and voting" means that you may not abstain on any resolutions put forward.

Once all nations have been accounted for, all will similarly make an introductory statement (if you wish, you may include this in your roll call post), stating their current position on the issue at hand. Depending on the obscurity of your nation, you may have to do some research in order to be better prepared for this activity.

Subsection: the Speaking List
The Speaking List is a sign up. Any nation interested in making a speech must PM Xen and request to be put on the list. This may be used to argue resolutions, points, or whatever you feel necessary. No nations, without a right of reply, may speak (post) if they are not next on the speaking list. Nations are put on the speaking list in the order that I get their PM.

If your nation is personally insulted or attacked, and is more than three nations down the speaking list, the delegate may issue a right of reply to the President. Given Authorization by the President, that nation will be allowed to make a speech as though it were on the speaking list out of turn. Once the President has made an announcement of a nation's granted right of reply, no nation may post (without exception) until the right of reply has been done, at which point the speaking list will resume.

If a delegation does not post within 48 hours of notification, then they will be moved to the bottom of the speaking list.

Once there are no nations remaining on the speaking list, the Security Council will move to the voting phase.

Subsection: Proposing Resolutions
Nations may confer by PM to construct resolutions, and may issue them to whatever nations they believe may have interest in their resolution.

A resolution must be put up with the creators, sponsors, and the resolution itself. If you sponsor a resolution, it does not necessarily mean that you approve of the resolution, but that you want to debate it.


Creators: United States, United Kingdom

Sponsors: France, Russia, China


A resolution MUST have at least 3 sponsors in order to be put up by the President.

Resolutions are divided into amendments, which begin with statements such as "citing," "noting," "taking into consideration that," etc. etc., along with a general point to the amendment. Because we're trying to keep this lax, there will not be a specific list of such beginning statements.

Nations may propose amendments to a resolution. The sponsors may then vote on whether or not to include the amendment. Whether or not the amendment is added is determined by majority. If there is no majority found because of abstentions, the resolution will remain unchanged.

Resolutions will be listed in the below post.

Subsection: Voting
When the speaking list has been exhausted, all nations will put their vote in the thread (either yay or nay) when they get the chance.

When all the resolutions have been properly tallied, we will move on to another topic of discussion.

If any of the 5 veto power nations (The United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, or China) vote nay on any resolution(s), that resolution will not pass.

If no majority is found because of abstentions, then that resolution will not pass.

Players - Nations
Xen - United States (VETO)
Mr. Dictator - Benin
The Chosen One - Algeria
Amenhotep - Pakistan
Seleuceus Nicator - Russian Federation (VETO)
andrewgprv - Germany
Perfection - China (VETO)
Constantine - Angola
TubaGuy - Philipines
Syterion - Spain
Norlamand - United Kingodm (VETO)
Plexus - France (VETO)
cgannon64 - Chile (President)
naervod - Romania
Octavian X - Brazil

Current Topic:

Where should Saddam Hussein's trial be held? Who should try him - the Iraqis, the Americans, the international court in the Hague? Should the death penalty be an option?
Chile, Present.

EDIT: Roll call. Remember, if you say "Present and Voting" rather than "Present" you can't abstain, so consider it carefully...
I think we have to wait for conformation PMs before we can say present...
Nevermind :crazyeye:
alright presetn, as a a side note, by definition, you cant be moderator of the game unless you exchange nations with me- I dont know if your in the model UN or not, but if you are, you should know just wehat being the president.chairman is...
i say we vote on it

maybe everyone PMs CG or Xen simply stating what they think it should be
Angloa is present and voting
OK, Xen. What should be the first topic of debate?

EDIT: The topics of debate will be decided by the President, Xen. But since I have the first post he'll tell me and I'll edit it.
ill be back tommorrow, so can we wait until tomm.?
alright first things first, in the model UN, topics are proposed resolution, that propose to change somthing, it will have gone trough all the needed criteria, meaning that it is written in a manner that is clear, and to the point, it includes what needs to be change,s and the exact proposal on how the nation in question wishes to inact changes, the proposal must also have the two needed sponsors

that said, I am willing toi take any proposal right of the bat- fist come first serve
alright, well then name what you think need to be done- remember- a proposal is not a proposal of discussion, it is a proposed resolution that can be voted for ro amended, or even rejected in whole in favor of drafting a new resolution- but there needs to be a starting proposed resolution to start things off
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