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The Deity Challenge Line-up #35 - Siam OCC

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by consentient, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Zedseayou

    Zedseayou Chieftain

    Apr 18, 2011
    Buckinghamshire, UK
    Turn 276 Diplomatic Victory
    Apologies for resurrecting these old threads! I'm trying to make it through more of these as a way to practice and complete achievements before Civ VI. I don't know if the spreadsheet is still being updated or not but I think I'm close to 5 done? I do still envy those of you who've completed most of the games - I feel that it takes me an incredibly long time to play through, partly because I still reload things and play suboptimally.

    Spoiler :

    Finally completed another one of these!
    Tried to go for science, you can see I am building parts, and possibly could have made it but it would have been at least 20 more turns and the world was going nuclear. Missed the first world leader vote because I wasn't thinking about bailing yet then. Not sure exactly where I messed up with the science; I probably should have switched to Order to get an extra RA partner in the last 50 or so turns but it might not have worked anyway. Lost all my friendships for the last round for no obvious reason, despite my bribes. Perhaps could have been more selfless with the World Congress etc. I actually found it really hard to use the trait, the map had so many mercantiles that it rarely seemed useful or worth it to ally them. I also massively overshot on culture, completing Patronage and opening Commerce, but not sure what I could have done to get more food/science out of this start. Glad to have another notch, at least.

    I did manage a decent opening, with early pop ruin giving my ToA before T30, but Petra went to Morocco at about T50 and no way I could have beaten that. Ahmad also got DF so my religion was made with Hagia Sophia and I never had the fpt to spread it. Picked up a few other wonders along the way, crucially managed to nail Pisa and PT with two GEs. My game had Alex and Askia killed soon after I met them, so my RA output was always limited. Only managed to keep 4 going for most of the game, Boudicca never friended me, and as I said lost three of the rest near the end. Was never DOWed, bribed Assyria once, but my tech lead was always mediocre and only really caught up around Astronomy. Maybe should have saved gold to rush schools and labs, not sure how much time that would have saved.

    Final game screenshot
    Spoiler :

  2. Alzanar

    Alzanar Chieftain

    Mar 28, 2016
    Sorry for bumping necro thread )

    I actually like OCC since the decision tree becomes so much easier in the early game, so I tried this map even though I generally prefer playing immortal to deity (more relaxed).

    Pulled out a t243 diplo victory: some bulbing involved to get globalization on time, although with World Ideology and Forbidden Palace it was just for extra insurance.

    Iroquois were a runaway and letting them win international games was an error - Hia pushed hard for a CV, but luckily he doesn't know how to control all cultural CSs even with his infinite gold...

    SPs: full Tradition - 3 in Patronage - full Ratio (finisher used on Globalisation few turns prior to World Leader vote) - 5 into Autocracy (followed Iroquois into it, so only got 1 bonus tenet at the beginning).

    Wonders: ToA - Oracle - Hagia Sophia - Forbidden Palace - Porcelain Tower - Christo Redenter - CN Tower (last 2 just because had nothing better to do)
    I read your spoilers about Petra, so prioritized Philosophy above Currency, which was the right decision since Morocco left no chance to grab Petra.

    Religion: DF - Tithe - Swords into Plowshares - Religious Community - Defender of Faith (useless)

    World congress: world fair - scholars in residence - cultural heritage sites - world ideology (why on Earth Hiawatha returned me the right to host it? whatever)

    Some highlights:
    - stayed peaceful for the most of the game, tried to manage diplo since it's one of the game aspects I know least about: no DoWs, and only jumped on multi-denounces - Alex was the first pariah, taken out by Assyria in Medieval; Morocco - second - fell by the endgame
    - Hiawatha was a runaway and could have won CV if this continued
    - got so many units from military CSs that went to war with Morocco eventually, until I noticed that gives Hia +50% bonus to his tourism; btw, upgrading units with OCC instaraze is not fun
    - Hia was the first into ideologies, joined him in Autocracy - useless for my empire in this game - just to stay friends

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