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The Deity Challenge Lineup - Game # 2 - America

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by DingleBirdy, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Sclb

    Sclb Emperor

    Jul 14, 2015
    T268 Dom V

    Decided to clear first continent with XB, then turtle to bombers to clear rest.

    Spoiler :

    Sun God pantheon from meeting CS.
    Stole workers from Dutch and Budapest.
    Liberty 4 city start, NC at T87.
    Built both Oracle and Machu Picchu and later a 5th city on a desert island surrounded by fish/atoll.
    Meanwhile bribed Attila to attack Pacal.
    Machinery at T107, DoW Attila, took Attila's Court on T113, containing SoZ. DoW Pacal immediately.
    Later Huns eliminated, and William backstabbed on T129, easy to defend but the units just keep on respawning.
    Unable to take Palenque, so took one of Pacal's city and sold it to Babylon. Later DoW Babylon to capture the Mayan city containing GLH, Palenque taken on T153, and Mayans also eliminated.
    Now that I can concentrate all of my forces to win war with William, Amsterdam falls T182. By that point, Monty has found my continent, so I decided to bribe him into attacking each of my opponents, so that he can join my genocide and become friends. Ethiopia was wiped out by Monty, and Morocco wasn't very strong. Made peace with Dutch and waited for artillery to finish his remaining cities including 2 CS.
    Next was Babylon falling on T203, was a much easier target than Dutch due to only 3 cities and tiny army. Babylon was also eliminated.
    Dutch war resumes with some range/logistic Gatlings and Artillery, they were also eliminated by T221. Now that I have control of the entire continent, next was hitting Scientific Theory for schools to speed up tech to get B17.
    Meanwhile, Morocco was tempting target with Alhambra and Brandenburg gate, so DoW on T225 and swimmed my veteran army along with some range promoted frigates. They have the GW, but was easy with naval attacks and artillery and Monty's army distracting him. Marrakech falls T244. For some odd reason, Alhambra and Brandenburg gate wasn't built in the same city. So one of them will produce B17 and the other produce tanks. That combined with Total War from Autocracy produces tanks with blitz and B17 with logistics or air repair.
    Used Oxford on Radar, backstabbed Monty after taking all his gold and making his happiness plummet to -30 on T257. Tenochtitlan falls T262, Addis Ababa falls T268, while also taking almost all of his cities. B17/tanks/battleship combo is extremely strong.

    SP: full liberty, full honor, full commerce, rationalism opener, exploration to happiness, autocracy 6
    Monty adopted first pick autocracy and nobody else had ideology before they were eliminated. Was able to build Prora in Boston, Big Ben in Washington.

    Both UU were used, one as meatshield and the other on cities.


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  2. stormtrooper412

    stormtrooper412 Peacemongering Turtlesaur

    Apr 19, 2014
    Nice :)
  3. Hans Tork

    Hans Tork Chieftain

    Jan 14, 2015
    So got a T286 Space Victory.


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