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The NOTW Information Thread

Discussion in 'Mafia/NOTW' started by Backwards Logic, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Backwards Logic

    Backwards Logic Emperor Palpatine

    Nov 21, 2007
    Death Star
    The Night of the Werewolf Information Thread

    Scroll down for upcoming NOTW games, NOTW Rules, the IM addresses of NOTW players and links to old NOTW games. Special thanks to Ekolite for putting all of this together.

    Current Games

    Name: NOTW LVII: Tempus Fugit
    GM: Arakhor
    Status: Game has ended

    Up-Coming Games

    Name: NOTW: Placeholder Name
    GM: Takhisis
    Status: In Design

    Name: NOTW: Dust2
    GM: Buddhafish
    Status: In Design

    Name: NOTW: At the End of All Things
    GM: Visorslash
    Status: In Design

    Name: NOTW: Blood of the Dragon
    GM: Zack
    Status: In Design

    List is in no particular order.
  2. Backwards Logic

    Backwards Logic Emperor Palpatine

    Nov 21, 2007
    Death Star
    The Basic ‘Night of the Werewolf’ Game

    Night of the Werewolf is Mafia style Game. The basic premise of the game is a struggle within a community when a small number of them mysteriously become werewolves and start killing people nightly. The main aim of the game for the innocent players is generally to kill all the werewolves, while the werewolves are trying to overpower the innocents. Exactly how this works varies from game to game.

    NOTE: Sometimes the enemies aren’t werewolves, the general idea is the same though.

    Each player plays a character. Every character belongs in one of two categories, 'Innocents' and ‘werewolves’. Werewolves are few in number, but they usually know who the other Werewolf players are. By process of elimination, they know everyone else is Innocent. Innocents are numerous, but they have no idea which player’s are Wolves and which are Innocent. Each Innocent player knows only that they are innocent. The object of the game is to eliminate all characters from the other category. Innocent players win when all Werewolf characters are eliminated, and vice-versa. Sometimes the idea of character strength is added to the game, where the wolves are usually stronger then the innocents. In this case, the wolves usually only have to kill enough innocents so that their total strength s higher than theirs.

    Characters are eliminated through a two-stage process. Each game turn is broken up into two parts, 'night' and 'day'. During the night, a werewolf is selected by the GM, who decides who to kill this night. In game terms, that character is 'murdered by the Werewolves. That player is then eliminated from the game. Everyone learns that person was an Innocent (because only Innocents are murdered in the basic game.)

    The town then attempts to catch a wolf. Unfortunately, the wolves’ identities are hidden, so an election is held. All the remaining players, Innocent and werewolves both, debate their suspicions of guilt. Each casts a vote and condemns one character to the gallows. The character who receives the most votes by the end of the day is 'hung'. That player is immediately eliminated from the game. Everyone is then informed if that character was an Innocent or a Werewolf.

    Many characters are assigned special roles. The most common special role is that of tie-breaker. This role is traditionally referred to as the Mayor.

    The game alternates between night and day phases until all the Innocents are eliminated (Wolf victory) or all the Wolf characters are eliminated (Innocents victory).

    What sounds like a rather mundane simple game turns out to be a very challenging game of strategy, misdirection, paranoia, and guile. The knowledge advantage possessed by the werewolves allows them to disrupt and mislead the voting process. In this way the wolves has a chance to overcome their drastic numerical inferiority. But only if luck and skill is on their side. One slip-up, and the Innocents will pounce on the accidental clue. Tensions and paranoia mounts as players fall by the wayside. Players who survive to the end know they've been in a game.

    NOTW Games on the Forum

    One person acts as Game Master. This person knows all the game secrets and posts the official results of all elections and werewolf murders. This person creates a "game thread". All discussion on or about the game occurs within the game thread. The GM keeps an updated list of the remaining active players, announces special events, wolf murders, and hanging results. The GM does not participate in the thread other than posting these episodic updates. The bulk of the thread consists of players casting votes to hang, accusations of guilt, protestations of innocence, and attempts to clarify or confuse the issues.

    The game thread does not contain any werewolf discussions regarding murders, because those are handled by Private Message. All players are allowed to communicate their suspicions or other information by PM with each other, but forwarding PM’s from other players or the GM to a third party is strictly forbidden.

    To start play, the GM creates the game thread. The game usually begins with a GM post describing the murder of a non-player character. This murder tips off the community that something is amiss. The GM posts an announcement that the game thread is open, and the game begins.

    Forum games need some different rules than the original game. One of these differences is the "tie-breaker". One character is chosen to have the special ability to break any tie votes which may occur. This character is traditionally called 'The Mayor'. The Mayor is not chosen by the GM. All players elect one character to be Mayor in a special election at the start of the game.

    Once the game thread is declared open, it is considered 'daytime' in game terms. All players are allowed to post comments on the game thread. All players can try to sway opinion and to register votes. At the end of the 'Daytime' phase, the GM declares the thread closed and counts all the votes.

    At this point no players may post on the thread. The GM determines the results of any elections. The GM then posts an announcement on the game thread informing players of elections results (if any) and the outcome of that day's hanging. From this point on it is the 'Night-time phase' in game terms.

    During Night-time, the wolf player chosen to perform the night’s murder send a PM to the GM with their choice for the next victim. Other players may also have actions they can take at night. In all cases, the game thread is left alone. All Night actions are handled via PM. No player is allowed to post on the game thread during Night-time.

    When the PM activity is over, the GM writes up a new post. The latest werewolf murder victim is announced, along with other pertinent news if needed. Game time turns into 'Daytime', the game thread is declared open, and players once again are allowed to post to address the latest crime. The cycle continues until one side wins.

    The result is a game somewhat like of the popular poker game, Texas Hold-'em. Every player knows a little bit of private information on their own. And every player knows a lot of information that is available to everyone. And just like in poker, bluffs, misdirections, tells, and risk often play as big a part as the hands dealt.

    There is one last item to understand about NOTW games played on the forum: they work only when the players are honest. They work only when every player sticks to the spirit of the game. It is very easy to cheat or to work around the rules, because there is no way the GM can effectively enforce them. So please don't do it.

    Spirit of the Game

    A game such as this can succeed only when all the players agree to abide by the spirit in which it is played. There is no way to enforce this. Players have to rely upon the good will of their fellow player. Please do not agree to play unless you are comfortable with all the rules, even those you may not fully agree with or understand.

    This game intends to create a competitive gaming atmosphere. Players are encouraged to do everything within the rules to gain an advantage or to confuse an enemy. You can lie, you can ruthlessly turn on an early ally, you can be as tricky as you like. But you must do so within the limits imposed by the rules.

    You are allowed to discuss the game with other players on the game thread or via PM or instant messaging. However, it is against the rules to discuss the game with people who are not playing in the game or people who have been killed.

    The moment you are eliminated from the game, you must not discuss the game with other players at all. This means no posting on the game thread, or any other thread and no PMs/IM to other players. However, dead characters are allowed to discuss the game with each other via PM or IM.

    This rule typically varies game to game, but as a rule of thumb under no circumstances are you allowed to copy any PM's sent to you, especially those sent by the GM. Message forwarding is also against the rules. Paraphrasing is fine, but copying word-for-word is a big no-no. Don't do it.

    Remember that NOTW games operate on a mix of secret and public information. These rules exist to protect your secret information and to protect the other players' secret information. If you wish to make use of your special knowledge it will be up to you to persuade your fellow players. You cannot just wave around a secret message to 'prove' you are not running a bluff.

    When all the players respect the spirit of the game the simple rules of NOTW come together to deliver a surprisingly rich gaming experience.

    Twists & Variations

    Leadership Roles

    Most NOTW games include a special leadership role, sometimes more than one. This role is traditionally called the Mayor. A special election is held at the start of a new game to elect one character as Mayor. Any character can be elected Mayor, even wolf characters. The Mayor's main function is to cast an extra 0.5 deciding vote whenever an election ends in a tie.

    Ending the Game

    The game ends when one side reaches its victory condition.

    The Innocent team wins when every wolf player has been eliminated.

    The wolves do not have to eliminate every single Innocent. The Werewolf team wins when the total strength of the innocents is less than the total strength of the werewolves.

    There are many special rules to modify strength. Each Innocent character, has one point of Strength, werewolves sometimes have a higher strength. Sometimes a character is extra tough and worth 2 points of strength. Sometimes a character will own an item that adds a point of Strength. This adds a bit of uncertainty as to when the game will end. But the basic concept remains the same.

    Innocents win when Wolf Strength reaches zero.
    The wolves wins when wolf Strength equals or exceeds Innocent Strength.


    Your goal is to survive. If you are Innocent, you cannot win unless the Innocent team kills off the Werewolves. If you are a wolf, you cannot win unless the Werewolf team kills off the Innocents. Players who keep their character alive are Winners!

    But will they be happy? That's a slightly different kettle of fish.

    Character Background and Personal Goal.

    Each character is provided with a few paragraphs of back story, this gives a bit of background on the character’s personality and history for Role-Play (RP) purposes. Most characters also have a personal goal other than team survival

    Background information will include little snippets of information close neighbors might reasonably know about one another. Villagers know who is a skinflint, who pays bills on time, and who doesn't muck out the latrine often enough. Background information will also include personal information not commonly known. You may have a secret crush on the blacksmith's wife, but no one else does ... or has someone else in town figured it out? Background information provides a little bit of fertile ground for player's to let grow their role-playing imagination. But it also offers subtle clues on plot twists soon to come.

    Personal Goals might best be thought of as "alternative, role-play, victory conditions". They have nothing to do with winning or losing the game, but they do grant bragging rights at the end of the game. Players who meet their PG requirements at the end of the game will be given full credit, even if your character died before all the conditions were met. (Exceptions, as always, apply.) Even though PG's have nothing directly to do with Victory, realize that most roads to fulfillment involve staying alive. Players are well advised to keep the basic victory condition - team survival - firmly in mind, and to keep their role-playing information secret.

    Special Abilities

    Special abilities greatly add to the unpredictability and fun. It just wouldn't be NOTW without special abilities. In some variants the special abilities are rare and straightforward. In others they are widespread, and might be rather complex. In virtually every case they are handled by means of Private Messages exchanged between the player and the GM. Care must be taken using special abilities. Public knowledge of your special ability may very well mark you for death. Other players who might benefit greatly from your ability might not believe you. So think ahead, and always remember you must persuade your fellow players without ever, every copying these very secret Private Messages.


    It does little good for players to role-play if the GM doesn't participate in the fun. Here at Civ fanatics, we like to spiff up GM announcements with a bit of colorful prose. Please understand this is done purely for fun and to encourage a role-playing atmosphere. GM writing is not intended as a source of hidden clues or hints. Once again so it's clear: GM writing should not be examined for hidden clues or hints.

    Take the example of a hanging election. The deadline passes. The GM gets to work. The election is closed, the votes tallied, and one unfortunate character is hung. The GM writes up a short story to describe the hanging. "The vote was clear: Bun-Bun was to hang. Bun-Bun made a break for freedom, but Ferpo and Loomis tackled her and wrestled her to the gallows. Brooklyn quickly applied the noose and Mr. Pennybags yanked on the lever. Bun-Bun was Innocent! Bun-Bun's body was examined and an heirloom was found. The village has discovered the Panzerkampfwagon Mark VIb "King Tiger" Main Battle Tank! This Heirloom is worth +1 Strength.

    This GM report communicates five facts: Bun-Bun is eliminated. Bun-Bun was an Innocent, not a werewolf. Up to the time of her demise, Bun-Bun owned a special heirloom. This heirloom grants its owner one strength point. Barnum now owns the heirloom.

    The rest of the text is included solely to promote a role-playing atmosphere. The other characters mentioned, Ferpo, Loomis, Brooklyn, and Mr. Pennybags, are all arbitrary selections. Their inclusion in the colorful writeup should not be interpreted as a clue or a hint. By game's end, all characters will have had their turns 'in the limelight'.

    Always remember it is not the GM's job to supply clues. Those will be supplied by your fellow players through their comments and votes.

    Speeches and Secret Voices - virtually extinct now from recent games but still part of NOTW

    Why let the GM do all the storytelling without benefit of your considerable talents? NOTW's unique Secret Voices System allows every player to contribute to the GM's 'storytelling' scenes.

    For example, your character may want to make a short speech just before the next unfortunate citizen is lynched:

    "Ferpo steps forward. 'Mr. Mayor, before you pull the lever, let me remind everyone I was just guessing when I suggested we hang Loomis. If Loomis turns out to be innocent, don't blame me, heh heh heh. Heh. Heh?' The mayor rolls his eyes when Ferpo finishes, then pulls the lever. Ferpo was innocent!"

    Will people be more or less likely to forgive Ferpo after his little speech? Who can say? So perhaps your cunning plans would be better served by a little anonymous rumormongering? You have the option of using the system to submit a short unattributed speech to be included in GM 'storytelling' scenes. But be careful! In NOTW games every tactic carries risk. If you choose to use your 'Secret Voice', other players have a chance to deduce or detect who is behind the trickery.

    Every character is assigned a unique identifier, known only to that player. Let's continue with the above example. This time Brooklyn will try to spread a rumor using his "raspy" Secret Voice.

    "Ferpo steps forward. 'Mr. Mayor, before you pull the lever, let me remind everyone I was just guessing when I suggested we hang Loomis. If Loomis turns out to be innocent, don't blame me, heh heh heh. Heh. Heh?' Ferpo finishes. the mayor rolls his eyes, and someone with a raspy voice mutters 'Pennybags voted to hang Ferpo because he knew Ferpo was a Prophet. He's a Werewolf!' The Mayor calls for silence, then pulls the lever. Ferpo was innocent!"

    Your character can speak publicly, or your character can mutter anonymously, but your character cannot do both during the same scene. In our example above, everyone will know that Ferpo was not the character with the 'raspy voice'. Ferpo delivered a public speech, so he could not have been the secret rumormonger.

    Comments provided by players will appear italicized, or in a different font, or color, or otherwise clearly differentiate these passages from those composed by the GM.

    To participate, send the GM a Private Message in the following format:

    Public “May you find your fulfillment in the afterlife.”

    Secret / Say this if the 'nasal' secret voice is heard. “Spoken like a real werewolf … friend.”

    If the character with the ‘nasal’ secret voice mutters something this hanging, you will butt in and mutter something yourself, using your own unique voice. If nasal-voice does not mutter something, you will remain silent as well.


    And that's in a nutshell the basics of a NOTW game. Over time, the game has evolved to the point where there can be multiple 'wolf' sides vying for victory but the premise is still virtually the same. I encourage new players to read over some of our older games to get a feel for how these games play out. I personally would suggest checking out Chandrasekhar's NOTW XXV: Border of Life for an entertaining read into one of the most well-run games and intriguing games this forum has seen. For a more unorthodox game, I suggest reading TheForestAuro's NOTW XXXI: It's a Long Story where there were multiple sides all vying for victory at once. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading and we hope to see you in a game shortly!
  3. Backwards Logic

    Backwards Logic Emperor Palpatine

    Nov 21, 2007
    Death Star
    Previous Games

    NOTW LVI: The Demon Council - Zack
    NOTW LV: The Underground - Autolycus
    NOTW LIV: The Masque of Death - Arakhor
    NOTW LIII: Return to Ciretako - Visorslash
    NOTW LII: The Immortals II - Sprig
    NOTW LI: The Trial of Lilith - Ekolite (Game ended before completion)
    NOTW L: The Immortals - Sprig
    NOTW XLIX: Cirith Ungol - spaceman98
    NOTW XLVIII: The DOOM Project, Episode II: The Orphans of Oblivion - Dreadnought
    NOTW XLVII: Holy Crusade - Jarrema
    NOTW XLVI: Dakalam - Zack
    NOTW XLV: The Doom Project: Episode One - Dreadnought
    NOTW XLIV: The Root of All Evil - landlubber
    NOTW XLIII: Night of the Walkingdead - Takhisis
    NOTW XLII: Only The Strong - Autolycus
    NOTW XLI: Chronomancy Redux - TheForestAuro
    NOTW XL: Return of the Baron - Autolycus
    NOTW XXXIX: Impending Retribution - Backwards Logic
    NOTW XXXVIII: No Tomorrow - Seon
    NOTW XXXVII: The Party - Sprig
    NOTW XXXVI: Night of the Mindworms - landlubber
    NOTW XXXV: Life's a Bore - Autolycus
    NOTW XXXIV: Chronomancy - TheForestAuro
    NOTW XXXIII: An End To War - Autolycus/j65536d
    NOTW XXXII: Siege of Evermore - civplayah
    NOTW XXXI: It's A Long Story - TheForestAuro
    NOTW XXX: Dark Radiance - Frozen in Ice
    NOTW XXIX: Hired Swords - PaulusIII
    NOTW XXVIII: Everybody Wants to Change the World - Diamondeye
    NOTW XXVII: Night of Blood - Oyzar
    NOTW XXVI: Children of Kylorin - CCRunner
    NOTW XXV: Border of Life - Chandrasekhar
    NOTW XXIV: The Age of Despair, Thread One, Thread Two - thomas.berubeg
    NOTW XXIII: The War Party - Renata
    NOTW XXII: The Road to Ruin - Backwards Logic
    NOTW XXI: Return to Foxford - thomas.berubeg
    NOTW XIX: The Song of the Nightingale - Pinman

    ~~~~~Links below this line no longer work. Keeping them intact for posterity.~~~~~

    NOTW XVIII: Castle Stonemoor - Niklas
    NOTW XVII: The Stealer of Souls - zxcvbnm
    NOTW XVI: Operation Enduring Freedom - Catharsis
    NOTW XV: The Children of Stone - merciary
    NOTW XIV: The Court of The Crimson King - thomas.berubeg
    NOTW XIII: The Sound of Screaming - Ekolite [Archive found >>HERE<<]
    NOTW XII: The Name of the Rose - thomas.berubeg [Archive found >>HERE<<]
    NOTW XI: Wolves among Lost Sheep - Nero's Fire [Archive found >>HERE<<]
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    NOTW VIII: Through the Looking Glass. Thread One, [Archive found >>HERE<<] Thread Two [Archive found >>HERE<<] - ethergar
    NOTW VII: The Dark Side of the Sun. Thread One, Thread Two - Chandrasekhar
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    NOTW V: Fall of Luchuirp - Jono [Archive found >>HERE<<]
    NOTW IV: un-named - thomas.berubeg [Archive found >>HERE<<]
    NOTW III: un-named - Unser Giftzwerg [Archive found >>HERE<<]
    NOTW II: un-named - Bad Player [Archive found >>HERE<<]
    NOTW I: Foxford - Kael

    These games are all finished and cannot be signed up for.

    Note: Many older threads are no longer available due to action by the administrator.
  4. Backwards Logic

    Backwards Logic Emperor Palpatine

    Nov 21, 2007
    Death Star
    Fall From Heaven

    Fall from Heaven II is a dark fantasy mod for Civilization IV. The Age of Ice has ended, what is left of the once great empires of man have formed into small tribes, ready to rebuild and retake that which was lost. But the world is not empty. Hordes of barbarians await these new civilizations. Wild animals stalk hapless scouts and reckless emissaries. Giant spiders lie in patient wait in the jungles and the forests waiting for their prey to take that last, fatal, step.

    There is great evil, but also selfless good. There are those who strive to remain neutral in the coming conflict as opposed ideologies break the world asunder once again. The first goal, is survival. The second goal is power, for good or ill. Will you pursue power through strength of arms or arcane studies, through piety or blasphemy? Choose carefully. On each path you will find allies, and bitter foes, and the deeper you delve into the secrets of combat, or sorcery, or the divine, the harder it will be to turn back.

    Almost all NOTW games are based on FFH and so it may be beneficial for non-FFH players to read about it to work out any sneaky little clues, or just to gain a better understanding of the world of Erebus.

    World History

    Spoiler :
    The Birth of Time

    In the beginning there was the One creator. Such was his power that all he spoke and thought was Truth. When first he spoke he made a place of glory and a throne from which he could sit and view all that was. This place he named Heaven and his throne was called Order. The One spoke of a blue orb that rested on the arm of his throne. This orb he named Temporance and to it was given the power to control the flow of time.

    The Time of Angels

    It was now that the One began to speak of new creations. Each one he created he gave a unique name and the twin gifts of life and free will. Each creation was created differently but to the whole he gave the name Angels. These angels were divided into 21 precepts and a single angel was appointed to be the head of each precept.

    Each Angel was made to serve the One and to serve the creations that would come after. For the first time other voices were heard as they began to sing and praise the One.

    Lugus- Angel of Light (Sun)
    Sirona- Angel of Wisdom (Spirit)
    Bhall- Angel of Fire (Fire)
    Nantosuelta- Angel of Faith (Enchantment)
    Amathaon- Angel of Fertility (Creation)
    Junil- Angel of Justice (Law)

    Arawn- Angel of the Soul (Life & Death)
    Oghma- Angel of Knowledge (Metamagic)
    Danalin- Angel of the Water (Water)
    Dagda- Angel of Balance (Force)
    Kilmorph- Angel of the Earth (Earth)
    Sucellus- Angel of Growth (Nature)
    Tali- Angel of the Air (Air)

    Camulos- Angel of Peace (Chaos)
    Aeron- Angel of Strength (Body)
    Ceridwen- Angel of the Stars (Dimensional)
    Mammon- Angel of Foresight (Mind)
    Esus- Angel of Trust (Shadow)
    Mulcarn- Angel of Ice (Winter)
    Agares- Angel of Hope (Entropy)

    The Birth of Man

    Heaven was full of many wonders which the angels spent centuries studying and praising. When the One felt them ready he commanded them to take flight outside the boundaries and to fill the vacuum with creations that mirror those of Heaven. To them he gave the power of creation. So did the countless angels set off in every direction, creating as it pleased them to create a host of worlds true and good that would serve the One.

    When the creation was done there was a countless array of worlds and a nearly endless variety of life upon them. All of it served the One. Seeing this work as good the One took back the power of creation from the angels.

    The Fall of Agares

    Unknown to the other angels, and some say even to the One himself, Agares was not willing to lose the power of creation. Knowing he could not hope to keep the power and that he would be left only with the power to manipulate what was already existing he hatched a plan. Using the power of creation, while he had it, he created infinite plains of raw elements, air, earth, fire, water, life and death. At the center of these infinite reaches he placed gems of each of these elements which he had secreted out of heaven itself. When the power of creation was lost to him he still had enough matter and energy that he could go on creating until the end of time.

    Once the power of creation was taken from him Agares continued creating with his infinite planes of elements. He spun entire worlds not in the fashion of heaven but as he desired. The peoples of these worlds were not told of other angel&#8217;s or the One and Agares commanded they worship him alone.

    The other angels notice of this. Agares claimed that it was cruel to take the power of creation away from them and that the One was jealous that their creations had outshone heaven itself. Six angels sided with Agares as they were eager to regain the power of creation and he showed them his infinite plains and how to use them to create. These angels were Camulos, Aeron, Ceridwen, Mammon, Esus and Mulcarn.

    It was then that the One intervened. Seeing Agares&#8217;s blasphemy he sought to remove it from all of creation. But by this point Agares&#8217;s taint had spread through creation, nothing existed that would still exist if he removed the evil from it. So pervasive was Agares&#8217;s corruption that if the One entered creation it would be destroyed by his holiness. Unwilling to destroy creation the One condemned all the Angels out of Heaven, to live among creation until the day he returns to separate the good from the evil. The One tasked the angels still loyal to him with protecting creation and guiding it toward enlightenment until the day he returned.

    Those angels that followed Agares opposed the One&#8217;s decree and took up arms against the angels loyal to him. From this point on the angels that fell were known as evil by men, those that opposed them and were charged with protecting mankind were known as good and the 7 tasked with maintaining the functions of creations besides man were known as the angels of neutrality.

    After throwing all of the angels from Heaven the One sundered the path between Heaven and Creation so that none but him could pass between them.

    The First Age - The Age of Dragons

    Those days following the fall of the angels were hard upon mortals. The wars between the angels were fought across the faces of the worlds while men and other races huddled in caves, fearful of the power being unleashed around them. It was during these days that the dragons were born, mighty creatures empowered by the angels to fight in their battles alongside them.

    Seeing the devastation they were wrecking on the lands, and that they would have nothing to show but bloody battlefields when the One returned Dagda commanded the fighting to stop. With the aid of Arawn, Kilmorph and Oghma he threatened to fight against whoever acted aggressively in the conflict. Dagda had enough angels that agreed with him that the others knew it was pointless to fight him. They agreed that certain restrictions should be placed on the conflict if the lives they created were to survive through it at all. As a symbol of this alliance a weapon of great power was made, the Godslayer, a weapon with the power to slay an angel, and the weapon was given over to the most powerful of human men, a warrior named Finner. This was a power that none of the angels had on their own.

    The days of the Age of Dragons were days of huge supernatural battles, powerful storms, earthquakes and volcanoes. Its heroes were brave men without the benefit or magic or knowledge, who were little more than savages trying to survive in a world they didn&#8217;t understand and where death came strong and swift.

    The Second Age - The Age of Magic

    The war still continued but more subtly than before. With the war not directly on the worlds men and other intelligent races were able to build and establish cities, begin trade, and learn. It was during these days that the angels began to share their gifts with the races of the land. For the first time healers and druids began to appear. Each of the angels began to teach their followers in different ways but the most powerful of these teachings came from Ceridwen, she sought to teach men the powers of the angels themselves, the men called it magic.

    Magic is chaos. It is the breaking of the rules put in place when the worlds were created. The angels believed they had the right to change the rules of the planes because they had created them, and saw it as a horrible corruption that Ceridwen was teaching the men to do this.

    In these days there was no good magic, only goodly priests and very powerful evil wizards. There is only so much magic on a plane and the men did not have the angels ability to reach out to separate planes for their power. This wasn&#8217;t much of a problem because the magic of the plane was enough to power the relatively few wizards that Ceridwen had taught to channel it. But as more wizards learned to channel magic it became harder for any individual wizard to cast the more powerful spells.

    While the amount of wizards were few, these were the days of the most powerful of wizards ever to exist. They were evil and created many evil artifacts, some of which still exist to this age. Fire was a holy weapon in these days and the goodly mans only defense against the unholy power of magic. Although it was rare for a wizard to fall, when they did it was almost always to the flames of the righteous.

    The days of the Age of Magic were days of relatively peaceful times but always with strong undercurrents of superstition and fear. Spells could destroy cities or swallow seas, and magical weapons could make a farmers son into the most powerful of heroes, but it always had a cost.

    The Third Age - The Age of Ice

    There were three events that occurred almost simultaneously and marked the end of the Age of Magic. The events were so catastrophic that the progress made in the Age of Magic was nearly forgotten and is the closest Creation has come to destruction since Dagda forced the other angels to make their pact.

    It began with the preparation of Mulcarn to break the Compact and enter the worlds again. The angels of good had decided that they would each be responsible for watching one of the angels of evil and it was the angel of fire&#8217;s (Bhall&#8217;s) responsibility to be watching the evil angel of winter. But Bhall was suffering from the persistent temptations of Agares himself. When Bhall gave into Agares&#8217;s temptations, she threw off the order of the One and choose instead the chaos of Agares. On this day fire turned against men and rained from the sky on thousands of worlds. Immediately the sorcerers who had feared the flames found them easier to control than any other element and the flames became the sorcerers most powerful weapon.

    At this same time one of Ceridwen&#8217;s most powerful sorcerer's, a man named Kyorlin turned from his loyalty&#8217;s as well. Tired of the evil that surrounded him he found some soft spot in his heart that Nantosuelta gently tended to. At first broken to sorrow for his past actions he was quickly moved to righteous anger. He prayed and preached for all those who had also fallen to evil to turn away from it, and when that failed he used the power of his sorcery against them. This was the first time magic had been used by men for good. The angels of good were pleased by the battles Kyorlin fought and won in their name, and the many converts that followed him instead of Ceridwen. They blessed him and deemed that men should have the power of magic and Nantosuelta was selected to guide men in it.

    As soon as Bhall fell Mulcarn, who had been waiting for that moment, moved into the world. Sucellus went to stop him and the two battled on the tundra of a forgotten world for days. Sucellus was beaten and since Mulcarn couldn&#8217;t kill him he broke Sucellus into 7 parts and scattered him throughout all of Creation. With the angel of nature gone and the angel of winter in the worlds and flush from his victory an Ice Age set in across Creation.

    The Ice Age had a wide impact but lasted only a few hundred years. Nantosuelta gathered the bodies of Sucellus that Mulcarn had spread across creation except for the one that Mulcarn kept himself, the Heart of Sucellus. This age came to an end the day Kyorlin appeared in Mulcarn&#8217;s earthly throne room, having traveled across half a dozen ice covered worlds to get there. Kyorlin was by this point nearly 450 years old and his magic, the result of both the direct teachings of Ceridwen and Nantosuelta, was said to be the more powerful than any mortal has ever known. He was there to do what a god a failed to do, kill Mulcarn, and when he announced it the entire plane echoed with Mulcarns laughter. Laughter that ended when Mulcarn noticed the Godslayer hanging at Kyorlin&#8217;s side.

    Mulcarn was killed and Kyorlin gave the Heart of Sucellus over to Nantosuelta who put Sucellus back together and restored the broken god. Once again nature bloomed and the ice receded but Sucellus was changed from the event, during the time his body was torn apart his spirit walked Arawn&#8217;s land of the dead with the mortal departed spirits. When Sucellus returned he brought with him the powers of Nature and Death as well.

    The days of the Age of Ice were days of chaos and constantly changing conditions. The twin cataclysm&#8217;s of raining fire and the sudden ice age were to much for many civilizations to bear. Life on entire planes was extinguished while others had to drastically change their lifestyle to survive. Dwarves and Elves alike retreated far underground to escape the chill of the surface and the battles of the Underdark began during this age. Then at the end of this Age, the events leading up to Kyorlin&#8217;s battle with Mulcarn, make for the best of legends.

    The Fourth Age - The Age of Rebirth

    When the ice receded life once again returned to areas that had left vacant. Man was forced to rebuild again but did so a bit stronger, and a bit more knowledgeable than he had before. There were more sorcerers than there had ever been, but that wasn&#8217;t to say they were common. Because of this any individual sorcerers power didn&#8217;t compare to the legendary powers of the sorcerers of the Age of Magic. The elves suffered a split and although most have returned to the sunlit surface some made a pack with darker forces and opted stay in their deep home.

    It is now the beginning of the Age of Rebirth. The Compact of Dagda has broken into two factions one dedicated to Dagda and another dedicated to one of his lieutenants, and angel known as Cassiel who argues that angels should follow the example of the One and turn the backs on Creation and allow it to succeed or falter on its own, not as part of their schemes.

    Only in retrospect will the point that marks the move into the next age be known. It is suspected that the next age will be known as the Age of Enlightenment and be marked by a dramatic polarization of good and evil, law and chaos which will be followed by the return of the One and the judgment that ends Creation. Some ages predict that that Age of Enlightenment is already upon us and point to the nearly fanatical discipline imposed by the Order as evidence, a fanatical devotion so intolerant of infractions it is beginning to be difficult to distinguish it from the planes most evil dictatorships.

    Evil cults seem to be taking root in even the most peaceful of farmland villages. Adventurers are sorely pressed to keep up with the activity as new creatures are spawned and ancient creatures are awakened to terrorize the land. In the shadows it is whispered that the Godslayer may not be capable of killing a god forever and Mulcarn may return, sages fear that like Sucellus he may return more powerful than he left. Other rumors speak that a group of men have found the gems at the center of the Elemental planes that Agares stole so long ago. They say the Gems of Death, Water and Air all are being held by mortal men, now with as much power as the gods themselves.

    It is said the outer planes mirror this activity, the long dormant war of belief on the planes has taken on new urgency, every planar border city taken is celebrated as if those commanding the war know the battle is almost done. Man has proven that he does not need the angels to survive, his growing maturity is removing the innocence that protected him long ago.

    More Information can be found at:

    The Website
    The Forum
    The Manual

    THE WIKI!!!

    FFH is an excellent mod with a great, friendly online community. It is the most popular mod for Civ 4 and I highly recommend it. If you have BTS you can also play the FFH scenario: Age of Ice without downloading a thing!

    Download FFH Here!


    Unser Giftzwerg for providing such stealable rules - Hope you don't mind.

    Kael for designing FFH and creating NOTW.
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    Skype Contacts

    If you would like your Skype contact added to this list please PM it to me.

    Skype really adds a lot to an already fantastic game. I really do urge the players to use it when playing NOTW.

    Ekolite: Available on request.
    Visorslash: nolynches
  6. Backwards Logic

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    The Mini-NOTW series

    Just recently, a new-wave of NOTW games has emerged to fill a need in the NOTW community. As the main NOTW series grew in popularity so did the length of time each game took to play. To keep interest in the series, these mini-NOTW's started up to help fill the gap between dying early in the main series and waiting for the next game to begin. They typically are anywhere from 10 - 15 players although this figure may change. The rules are identical to that of the main game, just the only thing that differs is the size and scope. Anyone not still alive in the main thread is allowed to join in and these mini-NOTW are a great way for new players to get their feet wet in this gaming experience.

    List of past and present Mini-NOTW's:

    Mini NOTW XVII: The Cursed Blade - Autolycus
    Status: Game has started

    Mini NOTW XVI: The Death of Batman - Autolycus
    Status: Cancelled

    Mini NOTW XV: The Academy - Autolycus
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini NOTW XIV: The Decent - Visorslash
    Status: Cancelled

    Mini NOTW XIII: Death of the Tyrant - Takhisis
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini NOTW XII: The Mage Guild - Sprig
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini NOTW XI: Murderer's Web - Darth Caesar
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini NOTW X: The Dickinson Family - remake20
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini NOTW IX: Carnival House - Ekolite
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini NOTW VIII: The Tragedy of Calue Hill - Diamondeye
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini-NOTW VII: The Court of the Momus - Autolycus
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini-NOTW VI: Trust A Few, Fear The Rest - Sprig
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini-NOTW V: I'm on a Spaceship - KingMorgan
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini-NOTW IV: I'm On A Boat - TheForestAuro
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini-NOTW III: Game of Thrones - Lightfang
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini-NOTW II: Making Money - Diamondeye
    Status: Game has ended

    Mini-NOTW I: To Kill A Mockingbird - Diamondeye
    Status: Game has ended
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2017
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    Great work, Backwards! Please sort out the last lines of the msn list and add that mine can be found in user profile. Glad you are including M-notws aswell :)

    Oh and sticky, sticky, STICKY :lol:
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    And evidently, even after posting intent to host a NOTW more than a month ago, it seems to have slipped everyone by :rolleyes:
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    Great job. I notice the roman numerals are gone as well ;)
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    Fix my MSN, also; nobody uses the yahoo one. So just the MSN: same name at live.com.
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    I hope I've got everything updated - if you see something that needs attention pm me and I'll get to it when I can. For future IM listings, please pm me - I'll see them and get to it much quicker than if it gets buried in here. Thanks.
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