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The Paths of Glory

To France
We and france have, after discussions between us, decided to sign a defensive pact between us.

Confirmed and signed,

Louis XIV, King of France and Emperor of the Romans.
To the Catholic Forces in Ireland
CC: France, Belfast Parliament

The British government, desirous of peace in the Emerald Isle, is willing to host a conference in which grievances of both the protestant Parliament and the Catholic people can be negotiated in a sensible manner.

As far as we are aware, the reason for this conflict is because of continued attempt to centralize power by the now-fled King against advice. Now that the matter is unlikely to come up again, there is no actual need for continued conflict.

While the negotiations occur, we expect there to be no further fighting or deliverance of war supplies to either side.
To: Britain, The Belfast Parliament and Royalist Forces in Ireland
From: France

France welcomes British co-operation in attempts to mediate with regards to the Irish question and restore peace and avert needless bloodshed in Ireland. We especially welcome Britain's clear statement against foreign interference in domestic Irish affairs during the course of negotiations, noting the clear involvement of foreign forces from a certain country on Irish soil in exacerbating recent disturbances.

With regards to a conference, it is Frances belief that such a conference should be held in a location that is as non-partisan as possible. Perhaps in a third country with no stake in the Irish question should the respective Irish parties and the King of Ireland be amenable. In this way the impartiality and equanimity of the general mediation process can be assured to the highest degree possible.
To France
From Britain

Any agreement that we produce must be ratified by both Belfast Parliament and London Parliament afterwards. Proximity to the isles is necessary.

We understand there is some reticence towards sending the King to the Isles at this moment. His representative will suffice.
To France
From Britain

Any agreement that we produce must be ratified by both Belfast Parliament and London Parliament afterwards. Proximity to the isles is necessary.

We understand there is some reticence towards sending the King to the Isles at this moment. His representative will suffice.

To: Britain
CC: Denmark, Rhineland
From: France

France notes that Ireland is not a fief of Britain but a sovereign nation, the approval of London's Parliament is immaterial vis a vis reconciliation between the Irish parties and any agreement produced between them. Be that as it may France is adamant that holding a congress in Britain itself would be inappropriate given the political situation, an alternate location for a congress is necessary. France suggests Denmark or the Rhenish Confederation, which we note have cordial relations with both our great nations and are entirely neutral in the Irish matter.
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From Britain
To France

Eh, Denmark is fine I suppose.
Great Proclamation of Shahu II Chhatrapati of the Maratha

Let it be known that the Baburid Dynasty is extinct. Though we once lent our protection to the Mughal Emperor in their domain of Shahjahabad, their neglect of their duty and their ferment of rebellion and strife have made clear the unjustness of their rule and the necessity of their deposition. The utmost responsibility of a sovereign is to seek not their own comfort but the prosperity of their realm and the well-being of their people. In return, the loyal subjects, vassals, and guardians of the sovereign acknowledge their authority and dutifully accept their command. It is upon this loyalty that the sovereign can make their realm prosperous.

The Baburid Dynasty long enjoyed the loyalty of subjects and vassals alike, and their realm was prosperous for a long time. Eventually, however, they forgot their sacred duty and sought instead glory for themselves. It was the dreaded Aurangzeb that once plunged his realm into disorder by such actions, waging military campaigns to no other purpose than his own satisfaction. Our own ancestor, the first Chhatrapati Shivaji rose from the ruins of Aurangzeb’s broken realm to restore the peace, and in that he was successful, and owing to Our respect for Them, the Chhatrapati became the Protectors of the Baburid Emperor. Though the realm had been broken, and the foreigners would try to take it for themselves, the Chhatrapati loyally preserved its unity and defended it.

For the last time, then, Shah Alam II of the Baburids did forego their duty and proclaim their very protector the Chhatrapati an enemy, and excited the Nizam of Awadh into rebellion against Us. Not content with such shameful act, once the gates of Shahjahabad were torn from their jambs and their army lay slain in the field of battle, they refused to surrender the throne their own unlawful conduct made them unfit for, and had to be slain. It is over the mournful loss of the last sovereign of a long dynasty, which brought much peace and prosperity before it embarked on a path of war against its own domain, that We announce:

That We, the Chhatrapati Shahu of the Maratha is thus the sole sovereign of this realm of Hindustan, or Bharatavarsa.

That We shall celebrate court in Burhanpur to celebrate Our univocal enthroning as such, and discuss and decide on how to better care for this realm and to bring further prosperity to it.

That as a sovereign, and not merely guardian or protector, We are magnanimous, and that an amnesty shall be declared for those standing rebels who lay down their arms.

At Pune in Purnima Pausha 1704 (28th December 1792)
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Denmark is willing to host a conference and can bear the burden of those expenses.
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What happened to Tipu Sultan?
So he just died?
Imperial Decree of Bengal Suzerainty and Mutual Protection

Upon accession of the Shahu II Chhatrapati of the Maratha as sole and supreme sovereign of the realm of Bharatavarsa, that is of India, having acknowledged the presence since longtime of the British East India Company in the province of Bengal and their capable administration of it thereof, in the utmost interest of peace and prosperity His Imperial Majesty has decreed:

That the British East India Company henceforth disposes of the Chhatrapati’s sanction to conduct its rule in the province of Bengal in His stead. This sanction is irrevocable in perpetuity, and by this sanction the British East India Company conducts its rule over a province of the Empire as suzerain to the Chhatrapati.

That as a province of the Empire and as suzerain of the Chhatrapati, the British East India Company possessions in Bengal and elsewhere in the realm of Bharatavarsa, that is of India, are under the protection of the Chhatrapati and the force of His arms if they were attacked, whether from within or from outside. In return, as corresponds to a loyal suzerain of the Chhatrapati, the British East India Company will furnish troops to garrison the province of Bengal and additional ones to join the armies and navy of the Chhatrapati to rally to the defence of the realm if it were under attack.

That in compensation for the privilege of perpetual and autonomous rule over the Imperial domain of Bengal, the British East India Company will maintain a permanent representative in the court of the Chhatrapati to account for its administration.

Done at Kolhapur in Amavasya Pausha 1714 (12th January 1793)
The British East India Company confirms receiving of Suzerainty of Bengal in perpetuity.
You have no shame to do away with the single most iconic face of Indian resistance against the advance of the EIC. :(
Imperial Proclamation

The Qianlong Emperor, Ruler of All Under Heaven, Son of Heaven, Emperor of China, issues this proclamation to be carried about by his faithful servants and subjects. The Emperor, who rules China with the majestic grace of the Great Qing, under which China has known prosperity as great as any in history since the Yellow Emperor, shall dedicate resources as appropriate to see that his word is carried out.

He decrees: the merchant and naval sailors of the United Kingdom, which loyally respects the authority of the Emperor, shall not be subject undue harassment, nor be oppressed by pirates of the sea and navies of rogue nations. These good people shall be allowed the privilege of sailing through the East Sea and the Southern Sea under the watchful care and protection of the mighty facilities of the Great Qing.

The Emperor graciously sheds his blessing on the subjects of the United Kingdom, and their respect for Good Civilization.

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