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The Paths of Glory

Poland offers 6 mc in exchange for 3ec in the year 1793. Poland is always happy to assist her neighbors and engage in commerce.
Is this a thing? Japan would gladly accept and pay for Polish technological expertise, advisors and equipment. We are also planning to host a Hungarian contingent in the coming year. We promise these ones won't get murdered by angry samurai.
Please disregard previous offer, it was unintentionally vague and was meant for one of our neighbors, the deal is since concluded.
that's unfortunate, I was looking forward to developing Franco-Mysore relations. At any rate I suppose Tipu keeps his job as pm for the time-being.
The Ottoman Empire warns other nations of a great outbreak of ligma among the Mamluk forces in the Sudan. Those who we have captured have contracted the disease from the local Sudanese kafirs, who Christians know from the travels of their Marco Polo to fornicate with all manner of animal. His Imperial Majesty the Sultan warns against civilian travel in the region, which is in continued defiance of his just governance, and is scourged with this affliction for its flagrance towards the Sublime Porte and God.
Hey quick bump to double check when orders are due for this next update
Uhh, as it says at the bottom of the update, it was 16th September. Shadow said in chat that he hoped to have the update out on Monday.
Oh poop i'm dumb, I could have SWORN there was an update since then. I'm so sorry.

There are delays with the update due to excitement at my day job, expounded on in detail in the discord chat. Theres a hard deadline for me of October 5th and I'm hoping to get it done before this coming weekend.
I wont let you kill this, Shadow. I refuse!
The Qing devours Poland.
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