[BTS] Trouble with screenshots


Mar 12, 2020
Plains Hill
Recently I installed the BULL mod in custom assets for my BTS game, and ever since then I've been unable to take screenshots with steam. I'm not sure this is the cause, but it's one of two things I've changed. I also ran the game from the .exe shortcut a few times, rather than opening steam. But the problem persists even when quitting, restarting the computer, starting steam, and running the game through steam.

Before, I had the steam screenshot bound to Shift+f12, and it worked fine. Now when I press the bound key, nothing happens, no screenshot sound, nothing. Rebinding the key does nothing. I have the steam overlay enabled and a folder assigned to store the screenshots.

Does anybody know what's up?

edit: found a workaround just press printscreen and it saves to the bts screenshots folder im a giant dummy haha
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