Turn-around challenges


Dec 20, 2009
Pune, India
Last night I was playing this totally botched but fun game as Japan where I am aiming for a domination attempt or space race attempt with 2/3 UHVs . Since I dislike the boring first UHV the two UHVs I aimed for are nos. 2 and 3 . Also since I never managed to win the third UHV as Japan (mostly it was bad luck and over-expansion) I decided to just focus on these two to see how it could be done.

So now I'm offering this as a challenge to anyone who would be interested in taking it. It is year 1807, and Japan remains at the fringes of the world, a backward struggling nation forever catching up with the rest of the world, while its fiercest rival Mongolia rules over the most powerful empire the world has seen. Can you turn around Japan's fortunes ? Or will she forever dwell in the shadow of other great nations.


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