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Nov 7, 2012
Somewhere in California
"Even the rest of the nations of the world which were not subject to the imperial sway were sensible of its grandeur, and looked with reverence to the Roman people, the great conqueror of nations. Thus even Scythians and Sarmatians sent envoys to seek the friendship of Rome. Nay, the Seres came likewise, and the Indians who dwelt beneath the vertical sun, bringing presents of precious stones and pearls and elephants, but thinking all of less moment than the vastness of the journey which they had undertaken,
and which they said had occupied four years. In truth it needed but to look at their complexion to see that they were people of another world than ours."​

Unique City-State
(UCS) is a Vox Populi exclusive mod that grants unique bonuses for having alliances with city-states. The mod also includes differing diplomatic texts that'll allow a great amount of variety when greeting another city-state and encountering them. Requires the full package of Vox Populi along with having the Event System enabled.

Changes to Overall Gameplay
Spoiler :

  • Please see this for more explanation!
  • AIs are more diplomatically biased to grab city-state influence and more reactive to aggression toward city-states.
  • City-State Friendship Threshold: 30 -> 35.
    • Siam's UA First-Met Bonus: 40 -> 45.
  • Allied Friendship Threshold: 60 -> 70.
  • Pledge of Protection Resting Bonus: 5 -> 10.
  • Pledge of Protection's Military Power Requirement: 60% -> 50%.
  • Great Diplomat's Influence Bonus Scaling per Era: 15 -> 20.
  • 26 new City-States with Unique Abilities!
    • 3 Cultured
    • 3 Maritime
    • 9 Mercantile
    • 9 Militaristic
    • 2 Religious

Spoiler :

City-State|Name|Unique Bonus|Extras
Bogota|United Independence|Capturing a City grants 20 Culture scaling with Era. Liberating a City grants an additional 10-40 Culture scaling with Era and City.|The City Scaling is limited at 6.
Bratislava|Heart of Slavic Culture|Guilds produce +2 Culture and +1 Tourism.
Brussels|Home of the Marsh|+1 Culture to Marsh. Can improve tiles with Marsh Features.|Marsh can only be improved on Desert, Snow, and Tundra coastal tiles.
Bucharest|Paris of the East|Great Works produce +1 Culture.
Buenos Aires|Vox Populi|+1 Culture to Bonus Resources.
Florence|Cradle of the Renaissance|+1 Culture to Quarries. Artists produce +2 Golden Age Point.
Gwynedd |Cyfraith Hywel|+10% Culture during Golden Ages.
Kabul|Paradise on Earth|Mountains generate +0.66 Culture.
Kiev|The Great Gate|Can develop Bylinas.|Bylina has a 350 Production Cost, provides 1 Musician Slot, and has 2 Gold Maintenance. The Bylina is already developed in Kiev.
Kuala Lumpur|Muddy Rivers|+5% Culture to Wells. +2 Culture to Watermills.
Kyzyl|Center of Asia|Palace and Monument generate +1 Tourism.
Leluh |Reef of Heaven|Oceans generate +1 Culture.
Milan|The House of Visconti|Can construct Visconti Emissaries.|Visconti Emissary has a 350 Production Cost, provides 1 Artist Slot, and has 2 Gold Maintenance. The Visconti Emissary is already constructed in Milan.
Monaco|Banking Haven|Markets and Banks generate +1 Culture.
Prague|The Hrad|Walls and Castles generate +1 Culture.
Sierra Leone |Freetown|-5% Boredom in all Cities.
Yerevan|Art of War|Military Kills yield 50% Culture equivalent to the killed's strength.

Maritime City-State's Allied Capital Food Bonus reduced from +7.5/7.5/7.5/11/11 to 5.5/5.5/5.5/9/9
Maritime City-State's Allied Food Bonus reduced from +2.5/2.5/2.5/3/3 to +1.5/1.5/1.5/2/2
City-State|Name|Unique Bonus|Extras
Auckland |Tamaki Makaurau|+3 Food to Coastal Cities.
Byblos|Byblos Cedar|Fishing Boats, Lakes, and Oases produce +1 Food.
Cape Town|Tavern of the Seas|+10% Trade Route Length. Earn 20-40 Gold upon finishing a Trade Route.
Chevak |Cev'aq|Workable Tundra Tiles yield +0.25 Food to the City and Workable Snow Tiles yield +0.33 Food to the City|Must work the tiles to receive the bonus.
Manila|Pearl of the Orient|Earn 1-15 Food and Production upon finishing a Trade Route.
Mogadishu|Maritime Growth|+1 Food to Flood Plains and Oceans.
Mombasa|Unity for Development|+1 Food to all Bonus Resources.
Nairobi |Harambee|-5% Distress in all Cities.
Ormus|Jewel of the Ring|+1 Food to all Luxury Resources.
Panama City|Panama Canal|Forts and Citadels produce +1 Food.| (Pontoon Bridges produce +1 Food if such a thing exist *wink*)
Quebec City|Fur and Lumber|+1 Gold from Camps, Lumbermills, and Logging Camps.
Ragusa|Maritime Suzerainty|City-State Alliances generate +1 Food in all Cities. +1 Food to Embassies.|
Riga|Latvian Commercialism|Cities produce +3% Food.
Sydney|Capital Infrastructure|WLTKD generate +5% Food.
Ur|Cradle of Civilization|City Connections generate +2 Food.|
Vancouver|The Big Smoke|Villages and Great People Improvements generate +1 Food.
Wellington|Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara|Strategic Resources produce +1 Food.

Mercantile City-State's Allied Gold Bonus reduced from +3/4/6/8/10 to +2/3/5/6/8.
City-State|Name|Unique Bonus|Extras
Antananarivo|Pirate Haven|Military Kills yield Gold equivalent to the killed's strength.
Antwerp|Economic Prominence|Merchants generate +1 Gold.
Cahokia|Monks Mound|Can construct mounds anywhere.|Mound generates +1 Gold. Mound generate more yields to adjacent Villages/Cities and maintaining Cahokia's Alliance.
Colombo|Kubera|+2 Gold to Jungles and Forests. -2 Gold to Lumbermills and Logging Camps.|
Douala |Minature Continent|+1 Trade Route.
Djibouti |Ta Netjeru|-5% Poverty in all Cities.
Genoa|La Superba|Upon a great person birth, earn 50 Gold and 15 Golden Age Points scaling upon era.
Honduras |Banana Republic|Resources from City-States count toward Global Monopolies.|Does not stack with a certain Statecraft Policy.
Hong Kong|Prosperous|Cities produce +1 Gold for every 6 Citizens.
Kigali |Double Shift Curriculum|-5% Illiteracy in all Cities.
Malacca|Strait Settlements|Luxury Resources produce +1 Gold.
Managua |Place of the Big Man|+7% to the sum of Yields and Golden Age duration modifiers from Global Monopolies.
Melbourne|The Gold Rush|Mines and Great People Improvements produce +1 Gold.
Muisca |The Golden One|+1 Gold per 2 Citizens in the Capital and +1 Gold per 30 Citizens in the Empire.
Muscat |Cryptus Portus|Lighthouses, Harbors, and Seaports generate +1 Gold.
Quelimane |River of the Good Signs|+1 Golden Age Points to River Tiles.
Samarkand|The Sogd|Trade Routes produce +4 Gold for both origin and designated civilizations.
Santo Domingo |Caribbean's Gateway|+3 to the sum of Yields and Happiness from Global Monopolies.
Singapore|Wealth of the City-State|+2 Happiness.
Tyre|Ruins of the Ancient World|Great Works and Landmarks produce +1 Gold.
Vilnius|Athens of the North|Can construct The Gate of Dawn|The Gate of Dawn has a 350 Production Cost, provides 1 Writer Slot, and has 2 Gold Maintenance. The Gate of Dawn is already constructed in Milan.
Zanzibar|The Spice Islands|Bonus and Strategic Resources produce +1 Gold.
Zurich|Banking Establishments|Treasury produces +2% Gold as interest.|Maximum from Interest Rate is 50 Gold scaling per Era.

Militaristic City-State's Allied Science Bonus reduced from +4/6/10/14/20 to +3/6/9/12/15.
City-State|Name|Unique Bonus|Extras
Almaty|Almatu|City Connections produce +1 Science.
Ambracia |Mercenaries of Pyrrhus|Land Garrisons generate +5% Production. +50% Military CS Gift Rate.
Belgrade|The White Fortress|Siege Units gain +25 Max HP.|
Budapest|Pearl of Danube|Receive 5 copies of Horses.|These horses contribute to monopoly count and can be traded.
Clermont |Crusader's Zeal|Units gain +33% Experience from Combat. Newly-trained Units receive a random 10 Turn Promotion upon their first combat.|
  • United We Stand!: +25% Combat Strength when adjacent to a Friendly Unit.
  • Charge!: +15% Attack. +25% Combat Strength vs Wounded Units.
  • Reinforce!: +15% Defense. Can heal after attacking.
  • Glory to God!: Unit acts as a Great General. Adjacent units are eligible to heal 5 HP per turn.
Dodoma |Sail in the Wilderness|Naval Ships gain +5% Combat Strength and +1 Movement.
Faya |Spoils of War|Military Kills yield 50% Science equivalent to the killed's strength.
Granada |Alcázars|Forts and Citadels yield +1 Culture.
Hanoi|Defenders of the Homeland|+10% Combat Strength in friendly territories.
Laconia |Spartan Discipline|+10% Combat Strength when adjacent to a friendly unit.
M'banza Kongo|Manikongo Glory|+15% Combat Strength when fighting in Forest, Jungle, Flood Plains, and Marshes.
Odenso |Lord of the Hunt|Military Units gain +1 Vision and Military Units in neutral territories are eligible to heal an additional 5 HP.
Phanoteus |Gift of Promethesus|Chances of rigged elections and coup in City-States increased by +25%. Spies +25% mroe likely to catch enemy spies in owned cities. Spies steal Technologies and Great Works +25% faster.
Sidon|Neighborhood Bully|Military Units in enemy territories are eligible to heal an additional 5 HP. Gain a Sphere of Influence with Sidon when you are allied with Sidon and bullying any City-State.|World Congress must be active for Sphere of Influence to happen.
Sofia|Serdica|+5% Combat Effectiveness Bonus to your Great General and Great Admirals.
Surrey |Magnifience in Flying Machines|Fighters and Bombers gain +10% Combat Strength.
Valletta|The Grand Harbor|Can construct The Grand Harbor|The Grand Harbor requires a Fishing Boat resource improved nearby. Granting +15 Naval XP and +2 Food/Science when constructed.

Religious City-State's Allied Faith Bonus reduced from +6/10/14/18/24 to +5/9/13/17/21.
City-State|Name|Unique Bonus|Extras
Armagh |Patron of Saints|Can faith-purchase Saints.|Can purchase one of four saints for each City. Each reducing a certain unhappiness need by -5% and empowering the certain yield by +5%. Patricus (Culture), Beningus (Science), Secundius (Gold), Celestinus (Food/Production).
Geneva|Ecclesiastical|Cities produce +1 Faith for every 5 Citizens.
Ife|Yoruba|When a city expands its border, earn 3 Faith scaling upon era. +2 Border Growth Point to Shrines.
Jerusalem|Holy Lands|Upon an alliance, Jerusalem will adopt the initial majority religion of their ally's capital. Has a religious pressure equal to a holy city. If the World Congress is active, Jerusalem will have a Sphere of Influence established.|
Kathmandu|The Mountain|Mountains generate +0.66 Faith.
La Venta|Olmec Creations|Great Person Improvements and Shrines produce +1 Faith.
Lhasa|Place of the Gods|Earn 25 Faith from Great Person's Birth. Can construct the Potala Palace World Wonder. Constructing the Potala Palace establish a Sphere of Influence with them.|Potala Palace requires an active World Congress to be constructed.
Vatican City|Absolute Faith|-10% Faith Purchase Cost
Wittenberg|Birth of the Reformation|-5% Religion Unrest in all cities. Laborers produce +1 Faith.
Yangcheng |Year of the Animal|Animal Resources produce +1 Faith

@Asterix Rage - Artwork for Unique Promotion Icons. Check his work out at VP Promo Icon

Q: How come my bonuses from city-state are stacking/not appearing?
A: You disabled Event System.
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Will the AI be able to account for the new CS bonuses? Like will Shaka be more likely to want to ally Kabul than Brussels?
This is on top of normal ally bonuses, right? Anyway, I love it, more diversity is always awesome.

Merry Christmas to everyone ;)

And if you need ideas:
Sydney or Melbourne - -X% crime reduction
Wellington - double national wonders yield
Cape Town +50% trade range
Florence - +2 culture from marble, stone and artist, musician and writer specialist
Genoa - +10% trade routes yield
Kiev - +1 prod and faith from pastures, each horse resource produces additional horse;
Prague - -X% religious unrest
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Will the AI be able to account for the new CS bonuses? Like will Shaka be more likely to want to ally Kabul than Brussels?
Sadly no, but Civ 6 doesn't even have that AI flavoring. Vox Populi AI tends to favor the city-states that are closer in order to close in on the votes and bonuses anyway for it to matter. (Which is why all the bonuses should correspond somewhat to their generic ally bonuses)
Will the AI be able to account for the new CS bonuses? Like will Shaka be more likely to want to ally Kabul than Brussels?
Sadly no, but Civ 6 doesn't even have that AI flavoring. Vox Populi AI tends to favor the city-states that are closer in order to close in on the votes and bonuses anyway for it to matter. (Which is why all the bonuses should correspond somewhat to their generic ally bonuses)

The ai favor cs which give him influence quest, which are friendly, which are near, which have a resource it lack, and which are good for his strategic victory(ies): it will choose military civ more if he pursue a world conquest strategy. So, to allow AI to make sound choice, the unique ability should be in line with the 'type' of the CS.

diplomatic victory: want all cs
conquest victory: want military ones
cultural victory: cultural & religious ones
spaceship victory: maritime & mercantile.

If you think its not enough, we can add a flavor column to the CS table and use it to bend AI a bit more, this change is easy.

edit: and we can add a lua callback to allow lua code to change weight in the AI CS selection.
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Almaty - cavalry related bonus? +15% cavalry CS (if doable) or +15% mounted unit production and/or +1 hammer from pastures?
Belgrade - +5xp for created units or +1xp per allied CS.
Bogota - +2f on gold/silver mines
Cahokia - possibility to build totems for melee units on own and neutral ground - +10 CS within 2/3 tiles
Colombo - +1f on jungle tiles
Hanoi - +15% defensive CS on own lands
Kathmandu - +2food and culture from mountains + ability to build mines on mountains, whenever at war with other CS or civ (balance), drops alliance to friend status;
Lhasa - provides ability to build Potala Palace unique World Wonder (+5f, +5c, +20% war weariness (yes, it increses ww)), when ally status is dropped, whole project hammers are lost/converted to gold;
Mbanza Kongo - +20% cs in jungle/forest;
Milan - GP/reneissance related bonus? +1c/f from great works?
Monaco - gold/tax evasion related? :)
Ormus - triple sea trade routes religgious pressure, gain gold from missionary religion spread;
Panama City - +1 naval movement? or too strong?
Riga - +1g on camps;
Samarkand - the silk road -25% road connection maint;
Vatican City - -10% faith purchase costs;
Wittenberg - allows buying markets/banks/stock exchanges with faith with -25% cost;
Yerevan - military builidings generate +1faith;
Zurich - gain 5% of your current gold as interest at the end of turn;

We can still add something to spies.

Problem with +x on tiles means they are fairly poor late game, unless we make some kind of scaling with era.
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If we could get the AI to properly take the diverse benefits into consideration, I'd be all for it, it sounds great!
Votes won in a majority. Development will be made for the new year!
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How is this project coming along?
Terrible since a [Internet Company] is "temporarily" suspending me back and forward on certain days and it's hard to work when you have no internet, but the progress is still moving good. For example...

Now, I just need the main framework to be finished. (Making sure the city-states alliance aren't glitchy due to inconsistent alliance such as a sphere of influence when your influence with the city-state is below the minimum threshold of an alliance and the likes of it)
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Update 2: Main framework has been finished. Only a few unique abilities needs to be finished and we are good to go! Edit: Also a few bug fixes involving World Resolutions and we should be good to go!
Balance Changes:
  • Friendly Threshold increased from 30 to 40.
  • Allies Threshold increased from 60 to 100.
  • Great Diplomat Scaling On Era increased from 10 to 25
  • Pledge of Protection's Resting Point increased from 5 to 15.
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Why did you change the thresholds and whatnot?

Probably to compensate for the additional bonuses of alliance. And probably to increase the role of other aspects in City-State Diplomacy.
Is this the compatible implementation of Sukritact's Suzerainty?
Is this the compatible implementation of Sukritact's Suzerainty?
No, it's different since some of Suzeranity's bonuses aren't AI-friendly. As you noticed, there's not many unique features for the sake of saving the AIs. it's also not a compatible implementation because it doesn't override and delete every city-states.

Also he's the lucky one because I know for sure Sukritact's Suzeranity will break on CSD's Sphere of Influences and Open Doors Resolution which I'm trying to do some loops around right now.
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What about to give militaristic city states more military themed traits when allies ? Such as bonus exp,unique promotions,healing,movement etc.
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