Jarcast's Cities of Marble for VP


Janitor Raccoon
Jan 10, 2018
Terra Incognita


Heavily inspired by this old work by Machiavelli, I conceived this mod as its spiritual heir to be played in a Vox Populi setting.

It adds 8 new National wonders and takes from the old mod the gimmick of granting a specific building to newly founded cities.

It is compatible with More Unique Components for VP and civilization modmods featuring unique national wonders.


National WonderRequired Building in CityBuilding granted to newly founded CitiesCivilopediaIcon Artist
Dur UntashShrine- Sukritact
WaterworksGranary- Jarcast
National JoustArmoryArmory Janboruta
Diplomatic MissionConstabularyConstabulary Janboruta
National TheaterAmphitheaterAmphitheater Janboruta
National AquariumZooCircus RawSasquatch
Polytechnic InstitutePublic SchoolUniversity DarthKyofu
Olympic StadiumStadiumZoo Grant

The bonuses stay the same.

National WonderBuilding granted to newly founded Cities
Heroic EpicBarracks
National EpicMonument
School of PhilosophyCouncil
Circus MaximusArena
East India CompanyCaravansary
Grand TempleTemple
Oxford UniversityLibrary
Printing PressChancery
Royal CollectionGallery
Foreign BureauWire Service
National Intelligence AgencyPolice Station

If you have enabled the following 2 mods: Bare Necessities for VP, framedarchitecture's National Wonder Collection, there are 4 more compatible National Wonders.

National WonderBuilding granted to newly founded Cities
Central BankBank
National Military AcademyWalls
National Naval AcademyHarbor (only coastal)
National Air Force AcademyMilitary Academy

Suggestions to add new national wonders are welcome.
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New version online.

- SQL triggers ensures compatibility of unique national wonders from existing and future custom civs;
- inserted exception for Israel civ for VP (trait forbids construction of Temples so unique Grand Temple won't give a Temple in newly founded cities);
- Building_FreeBuildingClassFoundedCity table now defined in SQL instead of XML.
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