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Nov 10, 2002
The gentle Mon Calamari people brought more than their determination to restore freedom to the galaxy when they joined the Rebel Alliance. They also brought a fleet of powerful capital ships. These immense vehicles were a startling contrast to the rectilinear shapes favored by the Imperial fleet. Whereas the Imperial Star Destroyer resembles a pointed dagger in shape, a Mon Calamari cruiser lacks hard angles, and is covered with ovoid forms suggesting an organic sculpture.

Movie shot

Despite their smooth lines, these vessels pack an enormous punch. Turbolasers, ion cannons, tractor beam projectors and shield generators dot the flowing surface of the ships.

Perhaps the most important Mon Cal cruiser during the Galactic Civil War was the Home One, the Headquarters Frigate that served as Admiral Ackbar's flagship, and the traveling headquarters of the Rebel Alliance after the Battle of Hoth. Home One engaged Imperial vessels during the Battle of Endor, and survived intact. Other Mon Cal cruisers weren't so lucky -- several were atomized by searingly powerful blasts from the second Death Star's superlaser cannon.
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Preview shot of the 3D model:
One of these days I'm going to make a space mod for myself at least and I'm going to have to get some of these beauts from you.
Finally, someone willing to do a Calamari Cruiser... my version of an MC cruiser was terrible!

But, to go with everyone elses suggestions, make the ship bigger.
Thanks, for the suggestions :D

Here the ship with the final size. The animation is far from completion I have some ideas for it ;) I think the size is now ok.

An here a first concept shot of an attack animation. The X-Wings will attack the target with lasers and torps. Perhaps I will use an Y-Wing too.
I dunno TheMorpheus, I have a feeling in game the attack animation will not look so hot.

And considering the size of the ship, I would suggest trying to fill the entire 240x240 civ III flic animation size.

Note the civ III battleship, which has been squatted a bit. I would say shorten it by 10% and fatten it by 10%.... and in East or West view make it take up 230 of the 240 pixel limit.

If you must use a fighter attack sequence it will need to stay orthographic to fit with everything else.... so I would suggest oversizing the hangar bay to allow at least recognizable sized fighters.
This project was a long time at hold, because I was busy with other things.
Another reason was that I was never pleased with the first results of the project, because the biggest ship of the rebellion is difficult to handle.

The ship is too long and I never found a good place for the civilization color.

Perhaps you can help me to finish the project at last.

I placed the civ color to the bridge, is that good enough?
Here some stills, what do you think is the best one?


Other suggestions:

The bottom three are fatter, the top ones are skinnier. Personally, I think the one at the far bottom looks the best.
The ship is looking good. You might want to make the civ color a little bigger. I would personally suggest puting the color in the in the back by the engines, but also keep it on the bridge. But its your unit and you do whatever you want with it!! Besides the little civ color thing the previews look fantastic!
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