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Oct 25, 2000
To reduce the number of threads posted in the wrong forum, I am making this sticky thread in here for people to post unit requests.

Unit requests or unit-related questions can also be posted in the main Civ4 Creation forum, as in the past.
There's only one long range missile in the game, "THE NUKE"; If someone can make a long range missile like the nuke but doesn't leave fall out, just destroys land improvements would be a plus thanks.
Cruise missile. The TACICBM is a good place to start. It has already been altered slightly. So to make a cruise missile you could just take away the nuke and combat ability. Then you can make it bombard instead of nuke. ;)
I think a modern infantry unit would be very useful for someone to make.

It could look somewhat (would not have to though) like the Navy SEAL unit. There should be some differences however the Navy SEAL is the probably one of the better unit graphics that comes with the game so it is a good standard.
Early cavalry (not just horse archers) would be nice. I would like a highly mobile attacking unit, not just armed recon. And on the recon side of things, how about a UAV...:mischief:

Also there are some naval units that would be useful: such as a Cruiser and Man-o-War. I have more ideas, but I will wait and see what others come up with and what is possible.
21 century warfare

I like to do a request, a rather big one by the way. I`m the kind of player who likes the late game, the Cold War feeling with big military bulid ups untill war breaks out and the face of the planet will never be the same. You know, the strategic moves, being outnumbered by ten to one and still make it by moving the military resources into the right positions, in the right time and beat the enemy in every way by useing the right tacticts in the right moments. It`s like a high rush on adrealin if it goes your way, or a supersonic resert of the game if something would go wrong. I can`t tell, a whole contintet can be lost in a singel round then you are dealing with 3000 enemy units. You get the idé. Anyway. Some units in modern age era in Civ3Conqest are not present in CivIV. Therefor is not possible to make the best use of the tactics and the touch of modern age disapears sinch most units dosen`t seem to be as technology advanced as they should. The navel vessels from the WW2 period is a good exampel. To achive a better balance between weaker and heavier units (marines and paratroopers vs armored vehicles), I give them a little better battel vaule so they have the possibility to survive a fight and not nesserserly fall victims. In CivIV you have the promotions, and maybe that`s enough to do the trick. Of course, air support is a definitive most in this case. The paratrooper function and helicoter transportations opens up another field of opptinitues if they are used properbly. Further on helicopters could be placed on aircraft carriers after a few changes in the map editor, which pretty much doubles the effectivity of archipelago warfare, dramaticly increasing the time to take key objectivs near the enemys shores or even major parts of porley defended land. It`s surprisingly realistic, most unit movements in territories with ruff terrain is done with helicopters, and if you have the resoursers, it`s ceritanly possible to build a carriar to them. The men who do hardwork on the ground are special trained combat personal with the suitable knowledge and equipment for the desired purpose. Well, and I suppose, freaking cool. In modern warfare the airforce decides the outcome, and the variety of fighters should be bigger than it is. Not to many, but aleast two or three with specific abilitys for interception missons, bombing raids and airsupport. You could always use a 2 billlon $ Stelth bomber to carry out most things, althrough it`s more likey that it should be done with fighters. And finally, Aegis cruiser with ability to fire cruise missles, a nuclear submarine, and tactical nukes. These units could be very, very powerfull, especially the Aegis. And then the hell is about to break lose the tactical nukes is a cheap secuirty insurance then the enemy is marching towards the center of your empire.

In the big picture CivIV is fine game, but these changes will really add a new stratmosfer later on then then Cold War begins. Are you guys ready for a challege? Remember, strategy and tactics frist but don`t forget the apperance. A re-skinned Destroyer from 1942 would`t do much in bringing warfare into the 21-century.
I've always liked exotic weapons. One of my favourites would be Archimedes lenses and cranes, a very primitive antecessor to LASER batteries used by the Greeks to defende Syracuse from the Romans.
Quoting from this site:
Archimedes had helped defend Syracuse by designing a network of lenses and cranes. The lenses bounced sunlight into the eyes of attacking Romans on ships. When the half-blind Romans squinted their way close to shore, gigantic cranes would teeter their ships over.
We need a new AEGIS Cruiser.

This will be needed for the Age of Civilizations.
please someone do some simple things, use the swordsman (but please remove the shoulderplates or give him better ones) or maceman model and give him the whole pallet of weapons (so we got many models, just everyone with another weapon) and helmets (for example the one from the spearman or axeman).

because this would give me a base of skinning/reskinning new units and shouldnt be so hard to do.
Could someone make a mounted samurai and a samurai archer?


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