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[UXP] World of Legends: Heroes, Guilds, and More!

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by cybrxkhan, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe

    The Unofficial Expansion to Civilization 4
    (for BtS 3.19)

    >>>DOWNLOAD VERSION 0.60 HERE!!!<<<
    >>>Download Patch 0.61 HERE!!!<<<

    Summary of Features:

    Heroes –unique units such as George Patton, Zhuge Liang, and Imhotep that allow civilizations to gain an edge over their enemies, either through military might or domestic development!
    Guilds – special national wonders that allow for the hiring of civilian units
    Minor civilizations – barbarian and small civilizations such as the Huns and Assyrians may pop up from time to time, sending hordes to annoy established civilizations
    Militia - expendable units that disband right after you use them - use them as a quick and cheap method to levy an army!
    27 new civilizations – play as the Vietnamese, the Polish, the Berbers, and many more civilizations from across the world!
    26 new leaders for existing civilizations – match wits against Meiji, Theodora, and William the Conqueror, and other famous world leaders
    New units, buildings, and wonders – more things to build, like Javelineers, Herbalists, and Great Zimbabwe
    New promotions – Heroes can acquire ancillaries to improve their abilities, and normal units also have a few new promotions
    New technologies and civics – new ways to rule, such as Constitutional Monarchies, and new technologies to research, like Alchemy and Consumerism
    New scenarios - one scenario, 1410 AD, is included in version 0.50. More will follow!
    Game tweaks and changes – the African civs have their own unit art, troops move slower in deserts, forts can be used to increase commerce, and many other fixes to the game

    Brief Description

    World of Legends is an unofficial expansion to Civilization 4, that seeks to recreate the atmosphere of a normal expansion. Its main features are Heroes, Guilds, Inquisitions, and Minor civilizations that could pop up now and then.

    Unlike other big mods that introduce a whole avalanche of new features and add-ons, World of Legends tries to keep these to a smaller number. (The only time World of Legends veers off this “unofficial expansion” goal is in the addition of civilizations and leaders, which I feel is something people enjoy – playing with different cultures and peoples.)

    This is version 0.50 of World of Legend; it includes the new heroes, guilds, civilizations, leaders, units, buildings, wonders, civics, promotions, and game fixes and tweaks.


    New civilizations:

    Heroes can acquire retinue, which are super-promotions:

    Military heroes:

    National heroes:

    Spawnable Civs pose a huge problem if you're unlucky:

    Kamehameha of the Polynesians:

    The Palace of Knossos, one of the new wonders utilizing the event system:

    Abd el-Krim of the Berbers:

    Features of WoL:

    Heroes: The biggest feature of WoL. Each civilization has two unique heroes, a military hero (like Joan of Arc or Thuthmose III) and a national hero (like Thomas Jefferson or Lord Nelson). Military heroes are super-powered units that can change the course of a war; national heroes, though a little less powerful, can build an Achievement that can give a civilization powerful bonuses – such as slightly increased culture or science in all cities – in the long-run.

    Heroes also receive special promotions that no other unit can – retinue. Reminiscent of the retinue in the total war series, these are people like spouses, adventurers, and war veterans that give your heroes huge bonuses. However, heroes must be used wisely, as they will automatically die after 25 turns (this is done for mainly balancing issues, but it also presents a strategic challenge to players).

    Guilds: Guilds are national wonders that are precursors of the Corporations. Their main feature is that they allow for the hiring of special “civilian” units every few turns – units such as artists, who can slightly increase culture in a city, or explorers.

    Minor civilizations: Based on The J’s “SpawnCiv” modcomp, this feature mimics the rise and fall of barbarian and minor civilizations throughout history; peoples such as the Huns, Anglo-Saxons, and Khitan have a chance of popping up during the game. They are at war with every player and cannot have diplomacy with anyone; though they can be defeated, they will be very annoying, and it will take some resources to defeat most of them.

    New Civilizations and leaders (a more detailed list can be found all the way down): 27 new civilizations, and 28 leaders to existing civilizations, have been added. There are also four new traits – agrarian (extra food on tiles with 4 or more food), progressive (+2 science beakers in all cities), and nationalistic (+2 spy points in all cities, free Combat I promotion for all mounted units). New Civilizations and their leaders:

    Spoiler :
    Polynesia – Kamehameha
    Venezuela – Simon Bolivar
    Brazil – Dom Pedro II
    Poland – Sobieski
    Turkmenistan - Tamerlane
    Tibet – Songsten Gampo
    Vietnam – Trung Sisters
    Indonesia – Gajah Mada
    Nubia – Piye
    Swahililand – Barghash
    Austria – Maria Therese
    Phoenicia – Hiram
    Uighurstan – Bayanchur Khan
    Hittites – Suppiluliuma
    Australia – Deakin
    Canada – John MacDonald
    Chola – Rajendra Chola
    Thailand – Ramkhamhaeng
    Hausa – Usman dan Fodio
    Kongo – Afonso I
    Italy – Garibaldi
    Berbers – Abd el-Krim
    Assyria - Tiglath-Pileser III
    Hungary - Matthias Corvinus
    Minoa - Minos
    Armenia - Tigranes II

    New Leaders for existing civiliations:

    Americans: Teddy Roosevelt

    Incas: Pachacuti

    Native Americans: Geronimo

    Mayans: Hunac Ceel

    Egyptians: Narmer, Senusret III

    Greeks: Agamemnon, Pyrrhus

    Romans: Trajan, Constantine

    Byzantines: Theodora

    Spanish: Philip II, Afonso X

    English: William the Conqueror

    Germans: Charlemagne (HRE removed from the game), Maximilian I

    Vikings: Margaret I

    Arabs: Harun al-Rashid

    Persians: Khosrau

    Indians: Akbar, Chandragupta

    Chinese: Taizong, Kangxi

    Japanese: Meiji, Shotoku

    Koreans: Sejong

    Zulus: Cetshwayo

    New Units: Besides the Hero units, there are 3 new units: Javelineer, Horseman, and Galleass

    New Buildings: Inn, Public School, Herbalist, Bakery, and News Press

    New Wonders: There are 12 new wonders:
    Spoiler :
    Bamyan Buddha
    CN Tower
    Great Zimbabwe
    Himeji Castle
    Machu Picchu
    Nalanda University
    Porcelain Tower
    Sydney Opera House
    Terracotta Army

    New Technologies:
    There are eight new technologies available

    Spoiler :
    Army Organization
    City Planning
    Trade Networks

    New Civics: There is one new civic option in each category.
    Spoiler :
    Government: Constitutional Monarchy
    Legal: City States
    Labor: Labor Laws
    Economy: Bartering
    Religion: Personality Cult

    Help and credits:

    If anybody wants to help with python and SDK, please contact me via PM.

    Anyhow, a big thanks goes to the former team members of WoL – dutchking, Gaius Octavius, Ball Lightning, and TheLastOne36, as well as unofficial team members, Zerver and Seven05, who helped so much to get this mod started. Without them, this mod would be nothing.

    Special thanks also goes to Bakuel, for all his amazing units; The J, for doing all the python voodoo I couldn’t do myself; NikNaks, for making the civilization buttons and FlagDECALs not look lame; WzySub_10 and the CivGold team, since I nicked off a lot of stuff from them; edgecrusher for his hero interface; and The Capo, Ekmek, and IgorS, who provided a lot of the leaderheads I use in this mod, as well as helped me make my own.

    A really special thanks goes to Sevo, whose SevoMod was the first mod I played extensively, one that I enjoyed and played numerous games with. This mod is a homage to him and his mod.

    A full list of credits of other people whom I nicked modcomps, unit art, building art, LH art, and a whole bunch of other things from (if your name isn’t on here, and I used something of yours, please gently remind me, and I’ll put it on):

    Spoiler :
    Stmartin and his CAR mod made for his Three Kingdoms mod
    Duke van Frost
    Rabbit, White
    Walter Hawkwood
    the WoC Team
    GFO Anubis
    The Capo
    C. Roland

  2. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe
    Version History

    Patch 0.61

    Spoiler :

    General changes, tweaks, and bug fixes:
    - Tweaked Spawnable Civ diplomacy bonus: Spawnable Civs will declare war ONLY if you come across them; that way, the diplomacy bonus is limited to only Civs that know the Spawnable Civ, and not every single civ.
    - Fixed Oasis Building crash issue
    - Messenger Retinue promotion bonus (for heroes) changed to 10% chance to heal after victorious battle, instead of ability to move after battle
    - Progressive trait changed to +10% research in all cities
    - Seafaring trait changed to +15% food and +15% production per trade routes
    - City-States Civic bonus changed to +1 production from mines, +1 food from farms, and +10% war weariness in all cities
    - All Guilds now obsolete with Corporation

    Unit/Hero Changes and Tweaks:
    - Settlers require Pottery to be built
    - Pikemen available with Civil Service, not Engineering
    - Maceman requires iron only, and cannot be built with copper
    - Dhow (Swahili UU) also starts off with Flanking I promotion
    - Colonist (Phoenician UU) starts with Sentry promotion
    - Modern Infantry now has 25 strength and a +25% city combat bonus
    - Jaguar Warrior strength increased to 6
    - Explorers require Trade Networks

    Building/Wonder Changes and Tweaks:
    - Great Wall requires a minimum of 4 cities to be built
    - Great Wall cost increased to 250 shields
    - Public School bonus changed to +1 culture, +1 beaker, and +1 free specialist in city
    - Inn gives +4 espionage instead of +8 espionage, but now also gives a +1 happiness bonus
    - Inn no longer allows for a spy specialist
    - Great Zimbabwe cost increased to 200 shields
    - Commercial Port (Phoenician UB) changed to +2 culture in city
    - Trading Guild (Chola UB) bonus changed to +15% military production in city
    - Palace of Knossos requires Writing, not Alphabet

    Tech changes and tweaks:
    - Steel now also requires Corporation
    - Scientific Method is now a Renaissance tech, not an Industrial tech
    - Compass gives +1 movement to all ships

    Other Minor Tweaks/Changes/Fixes (i.e. no change to gameplay):
    - Praetorian renamed "Legionary"
    - Phalanx renamed "Hoplite"

    Version 0.60

    Spoiler :

    Changes with Issues/Bugs: [DONE]

    - Fixed issue with Hero being unbuildable after another hero of the same unitclass being built
    - Fixed Swahili causing CTDs and/or starting the game with too many of the Shehe Mvita national unit
    - Fixed Caravan art/bug
    - Fixed Bakery art
    - Numidian Mercenary (replacing Horseman) can now be built; previously it was not buildable due to XML mistake

    New Additions: [DONE]

    - 4 civilizations: Assyria, Hungary, Minoa, and Armenia
    - 10 Spawnable Civilizations introduced (Tupi, Carib, Huns, Goths, Anglo-Saxons, Benin, Seljuks, Khitan, Wei, Mughals)
    - 7 Leaders (Pyrrhus, Alfonso X, Maximiillian I, Cetshwayo, Khosrau I, Philip Augustus, Shotoku)
    - 3 Wonders (Scarborough Fair, Palace of Knossos, Ishtar Gate)
    - "Settler Religions" modcomp - settlers can spread religion in a new city if there was one in the city they were built
    - "Moving Capital" - human player can choose to relocate capital to enemy capital if they have just captured it
    - "Wonders Destroyed/Captured Messages" - if a city with wonders is captured or destroyed, everyone who knows the conqueror is informed
    - "War Prize" - defeated ships and siege units have a chance of being 'captured' by the winning side
    - "Real Always War" - if you select the "Always War" option, everyone will be at war with everyone, and not just you against everyone
    - "Espionage Process" - you can 'build' espionage points like you can build commerce, culture, and research
    - 23 new random events

    General changes and tweaks: [DONE]

    - Most of the Guild/Civilian units now buildable, even though they have a national limit; this means that the AI should know how to use Civilian Units
    - Some leaders' personalities have been changed (Akbar, Usman dan Fodio, Margaret, Constantine, Geronimo, David, Harun al-Rashid, Kamehameha, Trajan, Meiji, Bayanchur Khan, Pachacuti, Philip II, Agamemnon, Sejong, Abd, Taizong, Trung Sisters, Hiram, Piye, MacDonald, Tamerlane, Theodora, Gajah Mada, Chandragupta, Senusret, Songsten Gampo)
    - Constitutional Monarchy civic bonus of +3 gold per specialist reduced to +1 gold
    - Progressive Trait bonus reduced from +3 beakers in city to +2 beakers
    - Labor Laws civic replaced with Apprenticeship civic (+20% production per trade route, +1 health in all cities)
    - Gandhi's favorite civic now Pacifism
    - New city list for Brazil, Poland, Polynesia, Venezuela, Turkmenistan, and Vikings
    - Organized Religion civic requires Scriptures, not Monotheism
    - Cottages, hamlets, villages, and towns give +5% defense to all units
    - Forest Preserve available with Feudalism
    - Farms now have a random chance of discovering wheat, rice, and corn
    - Mines have a higher chance of discovering resources
    - 1 gold from Farm improvement with Serfdom Civic
    - Serfdom worker speed bonus reduced to +25%
    - Mines give +1 production with Steam Power
    - Whales no longer obsolete

    Unit/Hero changes and tweaks [DONE]:
    - All heroes have 2 movement points
    - Archer now gets a +25% attack and defense bonus against Javelineers
    - Javelineer is slightly weaker and more expensive; UUs replacing Javelineer also have been changed accordingly
    - Horseman is much more expensive, and has a penalty with city combat; it has a bonus against melee units instead of archery units
    - Dhow (Swahili UU) bonus changed to -20 hammers cost
    - Missionaries now only have Medic I promotion
    - Indonesian Military Hero is now Diponegoro
    - Persian Military Hero is now Shapur I
    - Zulu Military Hero is now Ndlela KaSompisi
    - Vietnamese Military Hero is now Trieu Thi Trinh
    - Turkmen Military Hero is now Shah Rukh
    - Helicopters get +100% vs. mounted and melee units
    - Great Spy has commando promotion
    - Ironclad movement increased to 3
    - Knight now requires Feudalism AND Theology and Horseback Riding
    - Cavalry can upgrade to Tanks
    - Explorers slightly stronger, have a small withdrawal chance, and start with the sentry promotion
    - Ballista Elephant gets +1 first strike

    Building/Wonder changes and tweaks: [DONE]
    - International Port (Swahili UB) bonus now just +10% commerce
    - Guild buildings now also give Great People points
    - Airports give +10% foreign trade yield
    - Great Wall costs 225 hammers
    - Castles obsolete with Rifling
    - Herbalist obsoletes with Medicine
    - Bakery cost increased to 50 hammers
    - Barracks requires Army Organization
    - Bakery gives +1 food
    - Granary cost increased to 100 hammers
    - 1 happiness from recycling center with Environmentalism Civic
    - 1 happiness from Courthouse with Bureaucracy Civic

    Technology changes and tweaks: [DONE]
    - Humanism no longer gives free tech
    - Scientific Method gives a free tech
    - Army Organization gives a free Great General
    - Research costs for a number of techs slightly reduced in order to accomodate the new techs (Construction, Writing, Philosophy, Chemistry, Communism, Artillery, Electricity)

    Art/Graphics/Audio Changes: [DONE]
    - New LH art for Kamehameha, Suppiliuluma, Chandragupta and Alexander the Great (from the Alexander the Great Project)
    - New hero unit models for Kahina (Berber), Antonio Jose de Sucre (Venezuela), Dido (Carthage), Khalid ibn al-Walid (Arabia), Michiel de Ruyter (Holland), Robin Hood (England), Sinbad (Swahililand)
    - Galleass unit size reduced
    - Aurangzeb animation fix (Carthaginian War Elephant)
    - New sounds for technology quotes
    - Ethinically Diverse versions of Javelineers and Horsemen

    Other Minor Tweaks/Changes/Fixes (i.e. no changes to actual gameplay):

    - A number of leaders' diplomacy text fixed (Margaret, Theodora, Sobieski, Songsten Gampo, RAM)
    - "Kris" renamed to "Pendekar"
    - Changed text for News Press, Army Organization
    - John A. MacDonald renamed "MacDonald" and Simon Bolivar renamed "Bolivar" to keep consistent with other leaders' naming conventions
    - Kahina pedia text changed
    - Thai Empire renamed to Siamese Empire
    - Viking Empire renamed to Scandinavian Empire

    Version 0.50

    Spoiler :

    - Initial release of "stable" version


    - First to discover Nationalism gets a Great Spy
    - First to discover Guilds gets a Great Merchant
    - First to discover Monarchy gets a Great General
    - Monarchy requires Army Organization
    - Engineering requires Architecture (and not Construction)
    - Liberalism ONLY requires Humanism
    - Mass Media requires Consumerism
    - Gunpowder requires Alchemy
    - Theology requires Scriptures and Literature, not Writing and Monotheism
    - Banking requires Trade Networks, not Currency
    - Medicine gives +1 health in all cities
    - Humanism gives +1 happiness in all cities
    - Humanism gives free tech
    - Consumerism gives +3 trade routes in all cities
    - Trade Networks gives +1 trade routes in all cities


    - Skirmisher replaces Javelineer (+50% city combat)
    - Immortal now also gets +50% bonus versus mounted units
    - Numidian Cavalry now replaces Horseman (+25% vs. melee units, Flanking I)
    - Keshik now replaces Knight (+1 first strike, ignores terrain costs)
    - Cannon moved back to Chemistry
    - Knight moved back to Feudalism
    - Praetorian now costs 55 hammers instead of 45


    - Apothecary now replaces Herbalist (+1 health, +1 happiness)
    - Noddle House now replaces Bakery (+1 health, +1 happiness)
    - Pizzaria now replaces Bakery (+2 culture)
    - Nkisi now replaces Herbalist (More expensive, +1 happiness, -15 maintainence)
    - Sistine Chapel requires Humanism
    - Public Transportation requires City Planning
    - Granary costs 85 instead of 60 hammers


    - Monarchy now also has a +10% Great General bonus


    - Unit art for Phalanx, Immortal, Gallic Warrior, and Marine Infantry replaced


    - Most (if not all) resources require a tech
    - Jungle and Ice/Snow now require 3 movement points
    - Desert now requires 2 movement points
    - City list for China, Maya, Egypt, Inca redone
    - Fortress now gives +2 gold, and also +1 gold for roads and railroads, but -1 food
    - Missionaries have now been renamed (i.e. Jewish Missionary is now a Rabbi, Islamic Missionary is now an Imam, etc.)
    - Missionaries receive the Medic 1, Medic 2, and Medic 3 promotions free
    [ Removed:
    - The threshhold for Great People and Great Generals has been lowered
    - Heal rates have been increased
    - Maximum xp from animals has been increased to 10; maximum xp from barbarians has been increased to 50
    - There can now be 3 National Wonders in one city

    Bugs and Issues

    • CTD happens randomly and without discrimination, even on the better computers (python or SDK faulty?); there seems to be no ability to fix this at this time
    • Some hero unit art has faulty animations/models
    • Although Spawnable Civs are "barbarian" civs, players still get diplomatic bonuses with other civs for fighting against the Spawnable Civs. Having the Aggressive AI option will alleviate this, somewhat.

    To Do List for Version 0.70

    • New barbarian animals
    • Culturally diverse city styles
    • Fill in gaps for culturally diverse units
    • Include more "minor civs" via The J's SpawnACiv
    • Add a new civic category
    • Add some new music to the game soundtrack
    • Select/Order sounds for new civs where possible
    • Add in new Random Events
      [*]Introduce "Dynamic" Religions (???)

  3. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe
    Details on New Civilizations, Leaders, Units, Buildings, Wonders, Civics, etc.


    Spoiler :
    Civilization List:

    Leader: Kamehameha (Agrarian, Philosophical)
    UU: Waka (Replaces Galley, +1 strength)
    UB: Fishery (Replaces Lighthouse, +15% food)

    Leader: Simon Bolivar (Philosophical, Protective)
    UU: Llanero (Replaces Cavalry, + Guerilla I and Woodsman I promotions)
    UB: Resort Hotel (Replaces Supermarket, +2 happiness)

    Leader: Dom Pedro (Imperialistic, Nationalistic)
    UU: Fatherland Corps (Replaces Rifleman, -15 hammer cost and +1 first strike)
    UB: Estadio (Replaces Coliseum)

    Leader: David (Spiritual, Organized)
    UU: Maccabee (Replaces Swordsman, +25% city defense and +1 first strike)
    UB: Kotel (Replaces Walls, +2 happiness)

    Leader: Sobieski (Nationalistic, Organized)
    UU: Winged Cavalry (Replaces Cuirassier, +50% vs. melee)
    UB: Keep (Replaces Castle, +2 xp for all mounted units)

    Leader: Tamerlane (Imperialistic, Aggressive)
    UU: Turcoman Rider (Replaces Knight, -1 strength, +100% city attack)
    UB: Bazaar (Replaces market, +2 trade routes)

    Leader: Songsten Gampo (Spiritual, Agrarian)
    UU: Kham Cavalry (Replaces Horse Archer, +1 first strike and +1 strength)
    UB: Gompa (Replaces University, +2 culture)

    Leader: Trung Sisters (Agrarian, Charismatic)
    UU: Marine Infantry (Replaces Maceman, +Woodsman II promotion and +1 first strike)
    UB: Noodle House (Replaces Bakery, +1 happiness and +1 health)

    Leader: Gajah Mada (Imperialistic, Industrious)
    UU: Kris (Replaces Maceman, +1 strength)
    UB: Spice House (Replaces Granary, +15% gold)

    Leader: Piye (Agrarian, Financial)
    UU: Ku****e (Replaces Archer, +1 movement and +1 chance first strike)
    UB: Steep Pyramid (Replaces Monument, +15% gold)

    Leader: Barghash (Financial, Nationalistic)
    UU: Dhow (Replaces Caravel, Can Hold any unit)
    UB: International Port (Replaces Harbor, +1 trade route, +10% commerce)

    Leader: Maria Therese (Progressive, Creative)
    UU: Jaeger (Replaces Rifleman, immune to first strikes and +1 chance first strike)
    UB: Conservatory (Replaces University, +2 happiness)

    Leader: Suppiluliuma (Agrarian, Organized)
    UU: Huluganni (Replaces Chariot, +50% attack vs. spearman and +1 chance first strike)
    UB: Iron Smithy (Replaces Forge, +15% military production)

    Leader: Hiram (Financial, Expansive)
    UU: Colonist (Replaces Scout, +1 strength and can attack)
    UB: Commercial Port (Replaces Harbor, +2 xp to naval units)

    Leader: Bayanchur Khan (Financial, Expansive)
    UU: Nomad (Replaces Horse Archer, +20% withdrawal chance and +Guerilla I promotion)
    UB: Oasis (Replaces Granary, +1 happiness and +1 culture)

    Leader: John A. MacDonald (Nationalistic, Expansive)
    UU: Mountie (Replaces Cavalry, +Woodsman I and Woodsman II promotions)
    UB: Microwave Tower (Replaces Broadcast Tower, +1 happiness and +100% culture)

    Leader: Deakin (Industrious, Expansive)
    UU: Light Horse (Replaces Cavalry, Ignores terrain costs and +1 chance first strike)
    UB: Flying Doctor (Replaces Airport, +10% heal rate and -20% maintenance costs in city)

    Leader: Ramkhamhaeng (Progressive, Protective)
    UU: Mahout (Replaces War Elephant, +25% vs. melee units)
    UB: Stage (Replaces Theatre, +2 happiness)

    Leader: Rajendra Chola (Charismatic, Financial)
    UU: Kallarani (Replaces Maceman, +25% city combat)
    UB: Trade Guild (Replaces Market, +Amphibious promotion for all units built in city)

    Leader: Usman Dan Fodio (Spiritual, Charismatic)
    UU: Savannah Cavalry (Replaces Cuirassier, +Blitz promotion)
    UB: Court Musician (Replaces Library, +2 xp for all units)

    Leader: Afonso I (Spiritual, Nationalistic)
    UU: Levy Archer (Replaces Longbowman, +50% vs. melee units)
    UB: Nkisi (Replaces Herbalist, +15 hammer cost, +1 happiness, and -15% maintenance costs)

    Leader: Garibaldi (Nationalistic, Philosophical)
    UU: Condottieri (Replaces Cuirassier, +50% city combat)
    UB: Pizzeria (Replaces Bakery, +2 culture)

    Leader: Abd el-Krim (Agrarian, Nationalistic)
    UU: Libyan Warrior (Replaces Javelineer, +1 strength)
    UB: Foggara (Replaces Aqueduct, +15% production)
    Spoiler :

    Leader: Tiglath-Pileser (Expansionist, Imperialistic)
    UU: Lancer (Replaces Horseman, Starts with Drill I and Drill II promotions)
    UB: Archive (Replaces Library, -15% city maintainence)

    Leader: Matthias Corvinus (Charismatic, Organized)
    UU: Hussar (Replaces Cuirassier, Starts with Commando and March promotions)
    UB: Tanyak (Replaces Stable, +10% food)

    Leader: Minos (Seafaring, Organized)
    UU: Palace Guard (Replaces Warrior, +1 strength)
    UB: Trader (Replaces Bakery, +1 free merchant specialist)

    Leader: Tigranes (Organized, Expansive)
    UU: Nakharar (Replaces Horseman, Starts with Leadership Promotion)
    UB: Khachkar (Replaces Monument, +15% trade route yield)

    Leaders of Existing Civilizations

    Americans: Teddy Roosevelt (Progressive, Charismatic)

    Incas: Pachacuti (Agrarian, Aggressive)

    Native Americans: Geronimo (Protective, Creative)

    Mayans: Hunac Ceel (Agrarian, Organized)

    Egyptians: Narmer (Agrarian, Expansive), Senusret III (Agrarian, Nationalistic)

    Greeks: Agamemnon (Aggressive, Charismatic), Pyrrhus (Seafaring, Aggressive)

    Romans: Trajan (Imperialistic, Creative), Constantine (Spiritual, Nationalistic)

    Byzantines: Theodora (Charismatic, Imperialistic)

    Spanish: Philip II (Aggressive, Nationalistic); Afonso (Spiritual, Creative)

    English: William the Conqueror (Progressive, Financial)

    French: Philip Augustus (Nationalistic, Progressive)

    Germans: Charlemagne (HRE removed from the game)

    Vikings: Margaret I (Protective, Financial)

    Arabs: Harun al-Rashid (Spiritual, Creative)

    Persians: Khosrau (Philosophical, Agrarian)

    Indians: Akbar (Agrarian, Progressive), Chandragupta (Philosophical, Expansive)

    Chinese: Taizong (Industrious, Agrarian), Kangxi (Industrious, Philosophical)

    Japanese: Meiji (Progressive, Imperialistic), Shotoku (Philosophical, Organized)

    Koreans: Sejong (Progressive, Nationalistic)

    Zulus: Cetshwayo (Aggressive, Protective)
  4. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe

    Q: This mod looks interesting and well-made... but so do a lot of other mods, so what makes World of Legends different?

    A: I cannot claim to have the best mod out there, but World of Legends does differ from most mods in several ways. Firstly, World of Legends aims to create the feel of an expansion pack - so yes, there will be new units and civilizations and features, but there won't be an overload of new additions. This way, players can still have fun trying out all the new stuff, but they won't be overwhelmed and confused. Another major difference is in the new features themselves. Many mods tend to add in similar features, such as the Revolutions Mod. However, World of Legends tries to incorporate a number of features not found in any other mod, such as its own Hero system, Guilds, and spawn-able minor barbarians.

    So to conclude, although World of Legends may not be the best mod out there, it does offer another experience for players to try out - unique and different, but not too radical and overwhelming. Anyhow, if you're bored with WoL, try out some other great mods, such as The Capo's Diplomacy II and phungus420's Legends of Revolutions. Both of those, so far as I know, try to also implement a different experience than most other mods.

    Q: The mod crashed before it even got to the main menu! What’s up with that?

    A: First, check to see that you have patched the game to 3.19. If not, you can download that here. Second, if you have Vista, you must delete the dll, since Vista for some reason does not accept a dll different than the original. Thirdly, make sure you have not renamed World of Legend’s folder in the mods folder. Make sure it is still “World of Legends”, as some of the interface requires that the mod be called “World of Legends” in order for it to work.

    Q: Does this mod/uxp use dll? If so, what kind?

    A: As of version 0.50, although this mod does use a new dll, it is easily removable – just delete it, and you should be fine (if not, please tell me). The dll is simply stmartin’s CAR mod with a 40 civ dll, so it shouldn’t pose any problems. However, you will not be able to play the 1410 AD scenario or any other scenarios that are made for this mod.

    Q: Can this mod/uxp be played with other maps?

    A: Unless if they have a 40 civ dll, then no. However, you can simply convert the worldbuilder save file through wordpad to accommodate 40 civilizations.

    Q: Why didn’t you include [x] civilization, leader, modcomp, etc. in this mod?

    A: This mod is not intended to be one of those mods that include a whole slew of new features and things, like Rise of Mankind, or even an entirely new game, like Fall from Heaven. Those mods are excellent and even more well-made than this mod, but this mod is for people who want to have the experience of playing a new expansion. Therefore, I tried to mimic an expansion pack in the choices I made, while still taking some liberties, for example including modern-day civs like Canada or Brazil that would have never made it into the main game. Thus, there won’t be any Hunnic civ, for example, because I do not think they warrant their own civilization – though they will make an appearance as a minor civilization/barbarian horde. I have limited time, energy, and (frankly) modding skill, so I try to include the best stuff I can without overdoing it. If you disagree with a choice I have made, feel free to discuss it in the thread.

    Q: You didn’t split up the Native Americans!

    A: The game developers didn’t, apparently, and, if they were to have made another expansion, they probably wouldn’t have either, so I decided to leave the Native Americans as they are. I also wanted to add civilizations from different regions, and the Native Americans were not the highest of my priority. However, in the far future, I hope to make an optional add-on to World of Legends wherein you can play as major Native American tribes (probably just the Lakota/Sioux, Iroqouis, Apache, and maybe Cherokee).

    Q: Can I use some of this stuff in my mod?

    A: No problem. Just try to make sure to give credit where it is due (not just to me, but the people whom I nicked stuff off).
  5. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe

    More screenshots to wet your appetite:

    The luxury craftsman's guild, which can provide explorers every few turns for a small fee.

    African EDU:

    The minister, one of the retinue/ancillaries available to Hero units (the bonuses he provides is different in the actual game (this is an older screenshot) but the idea is the same):

    Achievements can be built by National Heroes:

    Seizing an enemy Capital:



  6. Bakuel

    Bakuel King

    Mar 14, 2007
    Glad to see it's out! What a happy new year this is turning out to be! :goodjob:
  7. i_diavolorosso

    i_diavolorosso Prince

    Apr 20, 2008
    I really really want to try this mod, but downloading a 500mb file from AG is a bit er...tormenting. Is it possible for you take a mirror(i hope in filefront)
  8. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe
    I just added a list of changes, fixes, and tweaks to the game at the bottom of the first post. Check it out, if you want to play the mod - or else you could be making a big mistake, like thinking deserts only cost one movement point (they now cost two)!

    Additionally, I forgot to add, since this is a mod/uxp still in development, please report any bugs/issues with the game! This is mostly an xml and python mod, so most issues will not seriously affect gameplay. :D

    Oh, yes... Took a long time indeed to get this entire thing up to get the big part (heroes) out... About 3 years! :lol:

    Before I do that, may I know why is AG "tormenting"? Not that you're probably not right, I just wanted to know your reason - it's only a few minutes wait, though I do agree waiting to download a big mod can be annoying (I remember CivGold took over an hour, and that was over 1 GB). And anyhow, I'm glad you're interested in this mod, so if downloading from AG does prove to be a bother for a lot of people, I'm more than happy to provide a mirror. :)
  9. The_J

    The_J Say No 2 Net Validations Retired Moderator Supporter

    Oct 22, 2008
    Congratulations to finally getting it out :clap:.
  10. Xyth

    Xyth History Rewritten

    Jul 14, 2004
    Which aspects require SDK changes? Would the mod be remotely playable without the custom .dll (with tweaks)? Asking so in case it's possible I can convert this to run on a Mac. It looks very impressive, many congratulations on years of hard work coming to fruition!
  11. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe
    Amazingly at this point, this entire mod is just xml and python. I'm pretty sure the dll can be easily removed for normal games - it's simply stmartin's CAR mod with a 40 civ dll, so the only thing you wouldn't be able to play with are the two worldbuilder saves I shipped with this mod, a World Map for 40 civs and the 1410 AD scenario since they require the 40 civ dll.

    Otherwise, it should be fine - but please tell me if it works or if it doesn't, because I hate SDK messes too! :D
  12. GoUtes53

    GoUtes53 Warlord

    May 9, 2005
    Any chance in adding the latest BUG and Better AI to this mod? Nice work, BTW.
  13. i_diavolorosso

    i_diavolorosso Prince

    Apr 20, 2008
    It's very slow
    Yeah i don't have a very fast internet connection here.But i could get an average of 100kbps download speed from filefront(that's mean about 2 hours), while in AG, i could only get about 10 kbps, and no more than 30kbps(well that's about 18 hours:lol:).
  14. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe
    To all - I've added a "More Screenshots" and "FAQ" section to the fifth and fourth post respectively. Check them out if you're interested! :D

    Thanks. :)

    Anyhow, I have looked at BUG and Better AI.

    Firstly, for the BUG, I am interested in including it, but I feel that at times it includes way too many new improvements to the interface and art. The thing is I don't want to overload my mod with too many new things, so I haven't gone into BUG yet to see what I did like and what I didn't like; I may do that in the future, though. Also - to be honest, I'm not wholly aware of the full contents of BUG, as in I don't know how much python, xml, and sdk/dll is in it and how much of each type - my question then is, do you know how much python and sdk/dll specifically is in it? That's my biggest concern, to be honest - I'm okay with adding new improvements if it makes the game look better, but I want to make sure I can do so without messing up the code I already have.

    Secondly, for Better AI, I really do want to add that too. However, several issues came up when I was looking into it. Firstly, it's SDK/dll. I do not want to mess around too much into SDK/dll until I get more of this mod/uxp finished with (after all, this is still version 0.50), so I'm leaving Better AI for a future version of WoL (also I want to wait until Better AI itself can get to version 1.0 :D). Secondly, if I remember correctly, Better AI contains a good portion of the Unofficial Patches, which has a lot of XML stuff I don't want to include and mess around with. However, regardless, I do hope to integrate Better AI into this mod/uxp in the far future - it's too good of an improvement of the game to not put in.

    Alright, adding a mirror's no problem, then. I may even make it the main download link instead of AG. I won't do it until a little while, though, so you'll have to wait maybe a few days or even a week. Sorry if that's going to be a bit inconvenient, but I thank you for your patience and understanding. :D
  15. The Capo

    The Capo godless Heathen

    Jan 29, 2001
    Washington, DC
    Awesome stuff cybrxkhan! Good job! :goodjob:
  16. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Deity

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    I had a CTD. I have attached my logs.
  17. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe
    ^Exactly right after what happened did the CTD happen?

    Although I will admit this mod will occasionally crash for no good reason, more or less due to all the data in it, especially if your computer is on the lower end of things.
  18. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Deity

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    My warrior moved, it was on automatic explore. The next game went fine except I did not build the hero units since they disappeared before my cities finished building teir current buildings. :) btw What is the recommended speed setting and map size?
  19. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe
    That's very odd. I have tested a number of games myself, and it never crashed like that before. Usually it crashed when I was playing the 1410 AD scenario, since that one has 40 civs, most of them well-developed with tons of units and stuff, so logically it'd strain my old laptop more.

    Also, yeah, make sure you're careful about those hero units - they can't escape death! :lol: (I did that for game balance, since it'd be pretty cheap if you got a hero that kept winning and then getting more and more retinue/promotions and then becomming super-powerful).

    Anyhow, if your game is lagging, I advise, obviously, a smaller map size. I also advise you to put your graphics at lower settings. In my test games, I did usually a standard-sized map with the low graphics settings. So if my dingy old laptop can handle that, unless if your computer is worse than mine, I think it probably can handle at least a standard-sized map with low graphics settings. And, anyways, even on low graphics and smaller maps, this mod/uxp is entirely playable.

    I conclude then that your crash was probably an isolated freak event. The only thing I have to say right now is save often (well, everyone should be doing that even with the normal game :D). However, if more random crashes happen, then please don't hesitate to report them to me as well as what was happening before the crashes.

    Thanks for reporting the crash, anyways! This is still a mod in development, so any help is appreciated. :goodjob:
  20. i_diavolorosso

    i_diavolorosso Prince

    Apr 20, 2008
    That's ok
    Thanks for the mod, btw:goodjob:

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