v1.17f Upgrade Paths


Nov 8, 2001
I'm confused (a not uncommon state) about the upgrade paths with the new v1.17f.

In v1.16f
was the standard, I added
->tank->modern armor
because I think there is historical precedence for that.

Now, with v1.17f I see
chariot->horsemen->mounted warrior->knight ...
But, mounted warrior is a CSU. How can anyone get from horsemen to knight unless they're Iroqouis?

This may be answered somewhere in the update threads, I don't know. But, I think it's important enough to bring out separately. Or it may not even be an issue when I start playing the game intensely.
This just means that UU can now be upgraded in the regular path. So far I haven't had any problem upgrading to knights from horsemen, so I don't think you have to worry.
You have always been able to skip units in the upgrade chain, i have upgraded horseman to calvary many times or my favorite, spearman to mech infantry. So the extra units in the chain should not matter.
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