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!!@&*)$^@#^)$%^ vassals !!! :mad: ><


May 1, 2006
Big bad Shaka Zulu. Conqueror of Africa, destroyer of all peaceful nations. The most aggressive leader in the game.

He's just about finished conquering Wang Kon, so I decided to attack him before he attacks me. He's got me massively outnumbered, but that's OK, I've got rifles, and he only has knights. Long story short, I eventually manage to wipe out his whole army, taking only minimal losses myself, and I'm looking forward to liberating all those juicy, flood plains filled cities (I'm darius) that he's mismanaged. My troops are outside of pyongyang, ready to strike, and...

"you have made peace with shaka"

What?!?!?! No I didn't!!!

He vassaled himself to Kublai Khan. Despite the fact that he was STILL the largest AI on my continent, and had the second largest army. I thought this guy was supposed to be a fierce warrior? And now he surrenders at the first setback. So uh.... now Kublai Khan pretty much rules the whole continent, and there's nothing I can do about it without going to war with him, shaka, and Wang Khan (who also vassaled himself to Kublai Khan).

Next time, I'm playing without vassals.
Here's the screenshot of my continent. I've got a nice tech lead, so I think I can still win, but I just can't believe that Shaka surrendered when he's still this powerful.

Ouch. Tough situation. That long border will be tough to defend against those two troop-spammers. The one consolation is that, being so large already, there's a chance Shaka will break free later on.
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