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King Phaedron

Oct 9, 2017
The Vinland civilization is irredeemably broken! You can't have them in the game or play as them past the Medieval age. The creator apparantly did not give them spy names or something like that.

I am playing a game with Siuc, Vinland, Ayutthaya, Gael, Catatania, Amazons, Bohemia, and Eagleland, as well as Mongolia, Byzantium, Russia, Huns, Indonesia, and Carthage.

Either he did not program spies, or he used one of those civilizations as a template and the game is crashing because both use the same spies, something like that.

All I know is you absolutely cannot play Vinland beyond the medieval era no matter what. Since I can't contact him, I am making this post in the hopes that someone would be able to fix this.
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