Warhammer Conversion Beta - Download/Debug Thread


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Feb 2, 2006
Please use this thread only for reporting bugs and installationissues. First see if your problem has been addressed in one of the patches in the second post before you post here, don't forget to mention which version you use, savedgames help a lot. This will help me not to miss important issues here, thx.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Version 0.13


Patch E(see post 2 for changelog):


How to install:

doubleclick the exe and enter path or browse to your BTS/Mods directory

Minimum Specs:

-BTS 3.17

-There's not much support for nonshadergrafics and no support for frozen animations. If you see many floating heads it's time to upgrade your system!

-The mod only supports english language


This version is still a betabeta. A lot of units, buildings, civics well almost anything will likely change a lot until I'm going to make a real release. This version is uploaded for the purpose of debugging and to give poeple that want to participate in it's developement the chance to help.
Please report any issues you find naming the version of the patch you are using. Before playing make the following changes in your civilization.ini:

; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
HidePythonExceptions = 1



; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
HidePythonExceptions = 0

Patch 13f (unreleased)

Spoiler :
-spideriders got 2 movement
-skeletonswordsmen got 5 attackstrength
-cursed pit spawns restless instead of Skeletonswordsmen

Patch 13e (breaks saves)

Spoiler :
-adaptive/insane trait fixed
-some spellingissues

Patch 13d (breaks saves)
Spoiler :
-missing unitart for spiderrider added

-added ability to have civunique great poeple as per Mexico
-added Warboss unit(greenskin Great General replacement), can't build academy, can't join city as specialist

-roads/imperial roads slowly convert to trails inside territory of a civ having wild paths technology

Patch 13c (breaks saves)
Spoiler :
-you can build roads on top of trails now
-dwarves can't research whaagh/insat.hunger
-fixed indian chariot animation
-indian Warchariot doesn't display as dwarfchariot
-fixed indian ancient cavalry
-fixed indian light cavalry

-Lustria can't research roads/imperial roads
-increased extrayieldthreshold of agricultural trait to 4
-removed creative trait
-upgraded spellcasters get freepromotionpick
-privateers get hidden nationality as promotion

-added tech wild paths(to build trails) - civs that can research wild paths can't research roads/imp.roads and vice versa
-forest goblin spider rider
-added black orcs

-added another bunch of unitbuttons

Patch 13b (didn't test saves)
Spoiler :
-fixed Old ones/spirituality missionaries to spread the correct religions(big oops:mischief:)
-fixed pedialinks for Araby, Ind
-fixed Deep Jungle/wetlands spawn on mapcreation
-fixed ancient forest
-fixed Indian swordsman artlink

-militia spearman/swordsman again need iron working(but not necessarily iron)
-inceased chance of ancient forest creation(req spites+silvan ways)
-asrai Prophetess can upgrade to Hedgewizardclass
-missionaries never obsolete
-normalized missionary costs

-added new art for Unicorn(by Refar)

Patch 13a (old saves can have weird results, but are loadable)
Spoiler :
-fixed pink promotionbuttons
-fixed earth's grasp spell
-Temples spelled correctly
-fixed a ctd caused by units getting negative movementpoints from spellpromotions
-fixed unitpedia for cathay

-cavalry and chariots now get proper disadvantages when on wetlands and in deep jungles
-halfed Knight Unitclasses' penalties for terrains
-reduced magicmissle's(spellunits) strength

Version 0.13 - conversion to BTS 3.17(FFH 32h codebase)(breaks saves)
Spoiler :
NOT A PATCH - delete previous install
-comes with installer
-soundtrack included

-fixed cottageart
-theater now correctly gives +1 happy per 20% gold commerce
-fixed a ctd

-Black Ark str 12, +2 Unholy damage, 5 cargo, can enter ocean, cost 400
-Inquisitors have a national limit of 5 now
-Phoenixguard and Executioners no longer replace Pikemen, gave too high national limits
-Toad tradeable with Hunting, requires camp or swamp
-siegeworkshop available with mathematics
-Ship of the Line properly requires Shipyards and Cannons
-Galleon requires Shipyard
-disabled some magic techs for Bretonnia
-olives, cotton give health instead of Happiness
-dye doesn't give happiness(only with building)
-halfed healthboni from Forests, Deep Jungles, Ancient Forests
-Silvan ways moved to Economy, +5 health, Upkeep High
-slavery nerfed a bit

-adapted Vehem's Lizardmen terrainscripts for Lustria and Amazonia
-added terrain wetlands
-added improvement swamp
-added route Trail(most barb civs can only use this)
-added tech Roads(can only be researched by "civilized" races)
-added tech Imperial Roads(can only be researched by "civilized" races)
-added check to prevent civs from building improvements they shouldn't(Ithilmar mine i.e.)
-added Bonus Sacred Incense, Promotion Guardian Phoenix(from shrine of Assuryan)
-added Bonus Soulstone(from shrine of Khaine)
-added Bonus Spites(from Oak of Ages), grants Woodsman I to newly build units, use as trigger for Ancient Forest Growth
-added Altar of Khaine Unique feature
-added Shrine of Asuryan Unique Feature
-added Unique feature Mines of Gunbad
-added labor civic Clansmanship

-Brightstone no longer spawns on maps, it's for Unique improvement "Mines of Gunbad"
-merged all Meteoric Iron ressources to just Meteoric Iron(to simplify)
-removed adamantium armour

-Interfacecoloradjustments for araby, ulthuan

Patch D(breaks saves):
Spoiler :

-Marketplace yields gold instead of food with bonusses

-some building adjustments I'm too lazy to log
-some unit rebalancing I'm too lazy to log
-removed some buildingprereqs for units meant to be conscriptable(early melee/militia units)
-men-at-arms now are available with feudalism
-several other small tweaks(sorry really got lazy about logging this area, probably makes more sense logging this in detail after we have reached some decent gameplay)

-added back espionagemissions

-factions that aren't really playable are disabled for human players(still playable in the worldmap scenario for mapbalancing)
-emergency conscripts will only trigger if the defender has militia civic(can conscript),
->note defender still needs to have more influence in the cityplot than the attacker after last defending unit died
-merged swordsman and axeman unitclass

Patch C(shouldn't break saves):
Spoiler :

-xml error on start fixed

-no diplomodifiers from monsterressources

-added Lutefisk Mafia's 360 Degree camera

Patch B(may break saves):
Spoiler :

-fury of Khaine correctly creates a spellunit
-removed Jimprovementculturalborders, caused vista incompatibility
-fixed some upgradepaths
-woodelves now correctly receive eternal guard as royal guard replacement
-fixed multiple spells using the "doDamage" function
-fixed Aspirant doublebuild issue
-miscast works now
-workers/slaves can build corrals now, AI doesn't seem to build them with reconunits
-Hired assassins can't capture units/cities

-removed numerous bonusprereqs for tier 2 units and militia
-removed firststrikes from Monsterclass I
-flying monsters can't pillage(except Dragons of course)
-hired assassins don't use weaponupgrades

Other changes:
-added Mammoth
-added Polar Bear
-many animals will yield food and gold on kill
-removed subdueanimal promotion
-removed command promotion
-commando can't convert units anymore, just use enemyroads
-added building woodelven, darkelven citizens
-spellcasters made consistent
-disabled some more unfitting techs for elves
-some more txt_key_fixes

Patch A(breaks saves):

Spoiler :
-Civic Sylvan Ways now correctly named Silvan Ways
-Hedgemagic II promotion available without channeling2
-some txt_key fixes
-possible fix for "show'em", animosity
-fixed an endless loop caused by hidden nationality

-removed xienwolfs expansion temporarily for debuggingpurposes

-promotions: standardbearer, cover require warriorcode
-guerilla I grants +20 hillattack and defense, requires Mining
-guerill II grants +30 hillattack and defense, requires Naturelore
-coven grants free xp to sorceryunits, -1 happy instead of old effects
-Hedgewizards and chaoswizards require covens
-silk and spiceroad no longer grant influence
-academy no longer grants influence
-most other wonders have been changed regarding influence
-highelves foodyieldreduction reduced
-Elves can't build covens but their magic schools also grant free xp
-woodelves can't build siegeweapons and chariots, wheelwrights and siegeworkshops
-colormagic schools obsolete covens(and grant casters free xp)
-colored wizards are buildable
-World Map cleanup teamreveals, contacts, some bonusbalancing, proper starting techs
-Raiders trait doesn't provide Commando anymore
-the magic colleges can only be build by civs that can use the respective wizards

-several unitbuttons

Version 0.12:

Spoiler :
Bug fixes:

-some buttonfixes
-fixed roads(no more highways)
-fixed spidersilkeffect not displaying
-Undead units require Necromancy
-Brightstone no longer converts to warpstone


-Animal Husbandry now has Agriculture as OR prereq
-Reduced some early techcosts
-Priesthood follows up Philosophy needs ceremonial burial and festivals
-Contemplation grants a free prophet
-Theater needs literature, grants +1 happyness, +1 Happy per 20 % gold, 1 happy with dye, cost 120, no more culture
-Carnival moves to festivals is cheap and just gives +1 happy, will need some spicing up later
-Promotion Musician moves to festivals
-Military tradition needs festivals
-city garrison, city raider I,II,III, shock I,II, formation I,II each give +20% per tier
-combat I,II,III,IV,V each give 10%
-can adjust Influence rate with civil service
-sisters of shallya needs 5 Herbalists and priesthood to build
-Invention needs Construction
-Fanaticism needs Tyranny
-Temples need Ceremonial Burial
-Harbor moved to sailing
-recombined optics and compass to navigation
-glittering tower moved to navigation
-philosophy follows up contemplation AND chronicles
-Education follows up literature and needs Mathematics
-Ancient forest spreads with civic Sylvan ways
-merged Influence Driven War by Moctezuma
-reduced feature defense for forests, jungles and ancient forests
-fixed some improvement-feature-terrain dependencies
-added PL's Spellmod
-converted mod to FFH 31e codebase
-Hedgewizard class now upgrades to wizards
-Warlocks are Hedgewizardclass now
-Added missing combatmali for terrain and features(forest, jungle etc.) for some mounted units
-construction requires Bronze Working
-Rifling moved behind Cannons, req Steel
-Switched Tracking and Naturelore
-realignent/reinterwined recon and monstertechs
-Scouts require Hunting
-Hunters require Tracking
-Ranger require Naturelore
-Sylvan ways is Woodelfonly civic
-Terrain/Feature specializationpromotions require Tracking(tier1)/Naturelore(tier2)
-added Snowman Promotion 2
-added Native to Jungle promotion 1 and 2
-Adept(HE UU), replaces Hedgewizard
-Aspirant(DE UU) replaces Hedgewizard
-Phoenixguard can inquisition
-Executioners can inquisition
-Implemented weapontiers
-some Monsters require Aerie some others Breeding grounds resource
-Skaven magic promotions require Warpstone
-ancient forests now correctly get removed when improvements are build
-ancient forests can be chopped with iron working
-"barbarian" type civs can't build imperial roads 31.5 disabled due to bad performance
26.5. -merged desireable changes to the SDK from FFH 0.32a(as WH no longer has identical SDK with FFH)
26.5. -updated xml and python accordingly
26.5. -Elven units are immune to disease and mutation as well as having a 50% Deathdamage resistance, + 1 Firststrike, +1 Movement
26.5. -Monsters shouldn't get default race promotions even if they don't have a racepromotion
26.5. -merged various modcomps from xienwolf's FFH expansion http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=273242
->xienwolf's promotion tags, Dom Pedro II's Food from animals, xednix Technology affected buildings, mtaggles specialist icons, johnny smith's specialist stacker, Jean elcard's Obsolete Buildings
27.5 -Pedia entries for Bloodbowl
27.5 -some small balancetweaks for buildings
28.5 -revamped High and Darkmagic from the spellmod
29.5 -added Gameoption No Building Prereqs(both for AI and Player)
29.5 -merged Armorer and Weaponsmith to Mastersmith buildingclass
29.5 -Training Yards replace barracks for barb civs now
29.5 -Runeforge(Dwarves) replaces Mastersmith now

Temple of Khaine
27.5-City walls(obsoletes Walls)
27.5-High Walls(obsoletes City Walls)
27.5-Citadel(obsoletes Castle)
27.5 -added Lightshow(spellbuilding)
29.5- added Forge of Vaul(UB for Asur, replaces Mastersmith)
30.5 -added building Joust


-Dragonprinces, replace Cavalry, free promotion "Dragonarmour"
-Ellyrian Reavers, replace Light cavalry
-Lothern Seaguard, replace crossbowman, start with boarding, amphibious
-Acolyte of Hoeth, Missionary, can upgrade to Adept or Swordmaster
-Swordmasters of Hoeth, religious unit
-White Lions, replace Royal guard

-Corsairs, replace Militia Swordsman start with boarding, amphibious, seadragoncloak
-Shades(Ranger UU for Druchii)
-Beastmaster(Specialunit Druchii)
-Shadowwarrior(Ranger UU for Asur)
-Black Guard, replace royal guard

-Asrai Prophetess
-Skaven Warlock
-Warlock Engineer
-Grey Seer

-Animated Stones
-Golden Servent
-Shadow Beast
-Guardian Light
-Unseen Lurker
-Incandescent Assassin
-Doombolt(Magic Missle), Str.5, Collateral, stronger than but no bombardmend like fireballs

removed religion civicoptions
added membership civicoptions
won't log this in detail you'll see yourself

-added scenariomap "The Kinstrife"(PL)
-Feature Petrified forest
-added bonus Aerie
-added bonus Breeding Grounds
-added improvement Corral(buildable by Hunters, rangers and Beastmaster)
-added improvement Watchtower
-added improvement Keep
-added improvement Stronghold
-added bonus Meteorite(works similar to FFH mana, it's no use of its own but can be converted to "meteoric iron" like Ithilmar, Gromril, Adamantium)
-added bonus Adamantium
-added improvement Gromril Mine(converts meteorite to gromril-dwarves only)
-added improvement Ithilmar Mine(converts meteorite to Ithilmar-highelves only)
-added improvement Adamantium Mine(converts meteorite adamantium-darkelves only)
-added bonus Meteoric Iron
-added improvement Meteorite Mine(converts meteorite to meteoric iron- the rest 31.5 due to bad performance I have to find a way to restrict this improvement without python)
-added Healer promotion(like medic1, divine units only)
-added The Alliance(Overcouncil)
-added The Covenant(Undercouncil)
-added Cult of Khaine
-added Fighters' Guild
30.5-added spell 'buy Armour of Meteoric Iron'
30.5-added spell 'buy Adamantine Armour'
30.5-added spell 'buy Gromril Armour'
31.5 -added Jeckel's Improvementcultureborders mod
2.6 - added animosity for Greenskins

Cleaning up:

-removed almost all events
-removed Monasteries
-removed Cathedrals
-recombined Drama and Music to Festivals(following chronicles)
-removed theology
-removed Paper
-removed monasticism
-removed aesthetics
-removed organized religion
-removed Enlightenment
-removed promotion Drummer
-removed spell get'em
-removed infirmary
-removed Juweler
-removed dwarven palace art(LotR)
-removed Journeyman unitclasses
-removed march promotion
-removed medic promotions
-removed evangelist promotion
27.5 - some pediacleanups

-linked modelart for Da Idol of Gork and Mork
-new modelart for Dwarven Vault(woodelf)
-added new modelart for Darkelven Crossbowman
-added new modelart for Darkelven Militia Spearman
-added new modelart for Aspirant(by seZereth)
-added new modelart for Sorceress(by seZereth)
-added new modelart for Wyvern(by winddelay)
-added new modelart for Black Guard
-added new effect for Doombolt
-added new modelart for Spellsinger(seZereth)
29.5 -added awesome ancient forest gfx (seZereth)
This post is now where i will be updating the mod.

Bug List: Version 0.14 (Unreleased)

1. Alignment diplomatic modifiers don't work correctly. (eg Lawful nations don't get a bonus with each other).
2. Subterranean trait gives +2 summons duration.
3. BUG: dwarven gyrocopters and deathrollers while able to be built with xp and can earn xp, have no promotions available to take. Similar for Steamtanks and other non-living units. Intended?
4. Bug:Comet of Cassandra spell (Lore of Heavens III) says it is a permanent summon but only lasts 1 turn, and has only 1 strength so is largely useless.
5. Bug: AI tends to favor building forts in forests rather than building cottages, so tends to fall behind in economy. AI builds way too many forts, not enough cottages. I think that forts end up costing this mod more than they add. Taking away the commerce bonuses might make the AI less willing to build them.
6. Some reports of Tilea still getting crazy great people (linked to insanity trait, maybe already fixed?).
7. Empire can build unlimited Halbardiers. Should be limited to 10, like Pikemen. Halbardiers show up twice (two identical versions).
8. Warhammer world map; many people cannot run. Goblins and Ork start positions messed up. Evil civ areas are too weak (terrain to poor to sustain a threatening civ). Too many troll lairs in Kislev.
9. Building defense from walls, castles etc. doesn't seem to work properly (or to stack with cultural defense).
10. Fear effects on Dragons and Cold Ones cavalry too strong; nearly impossible to kill these units. Remove and create some weaker promotion.
11. Lighthouse text says it adds +1 trade route to all coastal cities.
12. Trails vs roads split isn't working well; some AIs don't prioritize roads techs, so link up no resources so are incredibly weak. Increase AI value on roads techs for appropriate factions?
13. Kurgans seem unable to build Maurauder Horde, despite having Iron working, Tyranny, Corruption of chaos. Also have iron resource and Corruption state religion.
14. Exalted chaos sorceror has a python bug (probably caused by one of the spells in chaos 3).
15. Chaos Dwarves need new leader art, diplo text, custom music.
16. Skaven need diplo text and custom music.
17. Greenskins need custom music
18. wood elves dont start with Lore of Athel Loren , they start with High Magic
19. Watchtower spamming in AI civs needs to be fixed
Looking very good, Im very excited to see this come out!

A few problems:

1. Line 665 of CvSpellInterface.py is:
if caster.getSpecialUnitType (gc.getInfoTypeForString('SPECIALUNIT_SPELL')) == True:

It should be:

if caster.getSpecialUnitType() == gc.getInfoTypeForString('SPECIALUNIT_SPELL'):

2. Militia Archer Regiment for the Anaconda is incorrectly linked (red blobs).

3. Lairs not spawning is my problem, I'll fix it in the next patch.

4. Not being able to destroy the lairs doesnt seem to be an ffh2 problem. To see a lair as a goody hut and destroy it you need the following: the lair needs to be configured to spawn units, the lair cant be set permanent and the player has to be at war with the barbs.

5. No idea on the mage upgrade CtD, I'll have to think about that.
Thank you Kael. Will fix this.

Yeah the mage upgrade is a puzzle. Only few things are different:
Unitcombat_adept -> unitcombat_sorcery
No builds
Same prereqtech with previous apprentice - I wanted to only experience make the difference and introduce some more promotions later to make this interesting - maybe this is it? The following upgradetype archmage is also on the same prereqtech - I think I will give them different techs and see if it still crashes.

Download works fine for me. If you have trouble downloading from gameflood contact their support. They don't take long for answers.
The mage upgrade issue is happening because weapon upgrades have been disabled. Basically its checking to see if the unit can have weapon upgrades (the caster cant) so it tries to remove it, which causes the crash because its trying to remove a promotion that doesnt exist.

Im looking on how to fix it in the sdk so it plays better if weapon upgrades aren't enabled.
The mage upgrade issue is happening because weapon upgrades have been disabled. Basically its checking to see if the unit can have weapon upgrades (the caster cant) so it tries to remove it, which causes the crash because its trying to remove a promotion that doesnt exist.

Im looking on how to fix it in the sdk so it plays better if weapon upgrades aren't enabled.

Ah I see. Thank you very much! I was getting frustrated about that one.
Okay, I have a fix, it will be inlcuded in the next patch.
First game impressions:

The Civilizations are great, i love some of the new leader art.

the intro movie is excelent, where did you find it again? i love that fact that it looks like Morathi and Aenaron are fighting :)

great choice of city art, though i noticed that all civs bar me and kislev were 'evil' on a huge map ???

My Woodelf palace is in! yay :D

woodelves start with an adept? is this meant to happen?

a couple of errors asking forthe soundtrack poped up, no biggie. (see pic) i dl'd the soundtrack again ind its working now, so this one is probably redundant :)

only lasted a couple of turns becasue i had to do something for my parents, will try a proper game this arvo.

i just want to say, Ploe, your hard effores are really paying off, the game is looking excelent even if there are a few errors and CTD's.

also, Kael, thank you so much for helping out, it making all the difference



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Ok, my proper game was really interesting, as woodelves (surprised?;) ) on huge, hemispheres, prince.

started near olives, they dont have any imrovement at the moment, will they use the palntation?

Mining dosn't show brightstone

should limit the ammount of religeons foundable, or change the techs that each religion building requires. (pic 3) currently it would be too easy to found every religion yourself.

can hear the spells cast by other civs spell casters

white flag for woodelves (linked to my team colour one? )

also cant raze barrow or ancient ruins, i think you already know about that one?

city art building scales are all over the show (i had one building, that was bigger than my palace, cant remember which one)

i got a random CTD when moving my apprentice (had just cast haste?)

---below are attachments of pics:

Pic 1: three errors, self explanetory, the industrial error one appeared quite often but infrequently. EDIT: just noticed ive got the industrial error twice. lol

Pic 2: python error that occured irregularly, every turn for a few turns, then a big gap of none, then every second turn.

pic 3; city list with each religion founding building

EDIT: I avoided upgrading my apprentices because i know you know it causes a CTD, good news on the fix :)


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Played a quick game as Empire on a Archepalgeo map... went fairly well till age 2 then my civ crashed for unrelated mod reasons... otherwise it was smooth and seemed to work well didnt have time to check through many units but i tried to power through building buildings to see if i could find any CTD's didnt find any... so :)

Will properly document my game tommorow

Patch a(won't break saves):
-converted to FFH 0.25J
(fixes various bugs: i.e. lairs, wizardupgrade)
-fixed barrows not working as lair
-fixed artlink for Amazon Militia Archer
-fixed escapespell requirement
-Plantation now gives access to Olives and Tea
-some scale adjustments for improvements
-can mine Brightstone
-Loren secondary color limegreen

In general very few things are as intended. this is just a rough sketch of the mod. Though I'm most concerned about general functionality. Keep freely posting about anything that doesn't seem right.
When bugs are mostly resolved I'm going into Religions. Btw does the AI build Shrines and found a Religion? - (not Ancestors but any other)
I seem to have found a bug with the ships and the crew options. Whenever I have an active ship in a city I get the following dialogue appear. Also I am only able to select the 'buccanneer crew' from the usual crew options. (Buccaneer, skeleton, longshoreman)

Other than that everything seems to be running as expected. Great work so far, keep it up.


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Ok, again i started as woodelves (hemispheres, huge, prince)

not many errors this time (it was a shorter game due to the need for assignments to be written)

most notably, barbarians are increadibly tough. skelletons are 6 strength when i only have 3 strength archers! i almost got eliminated before i hit the second era (only reason i didnt was because i turned my 2 remainging cities to churning out archers, i ended up with only 2 surviving (of about 8 or 9!) and i lost 2 cities and their defenders on top of that. also i never got a warning saying there was a huge barbarian uprising near me. (see first pic) i suggest reducing the toughness, or at least spawn rate or the skellies.

several leadersa are missing diplo text (if you like i can write some up;)) neferata and vlad von carstein among them. (pic 2)

every game ive started has been near bone plains or chaos waste type land. is that inteded? i think it should spread gradually as the game progresses (either from chaos civ or a unique feature) but not starting near it (pic 3)

there is also an event that makes no sense to me, i think it might not be english (or words i dont know:p)
"our ambassadors to the Highelven empire have committed a 'Faux Pas' (?)" with the option "this 'gaffe' (?) has adversly affected our relations"


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there is also an event that makes no sense to me, i think it might not be english (or words i dont know:p)
"our ambassadors to the Highelven empire have committed a 'Faux Pas' (?)" with the option "this 'gaffe' (?) has adversly affected our relations"

This also appears in plain 'Beyond the Sword' games and the language is fine.
For reference on the meanings:

Also to add to my earlier post about the python error popup with ships, it also happens with some spell casting units, specifically air elementals. Same text, I guess there is a problem or something not fully implemented in the spell system as I think the ship crew upgrades use the spell system.
looks like i just showed my true ignorence :D

had a couple of quick games as highelves, nothing major that i havent already reported. the ancient ruins thing (the big rock head) what does that do? is it meant to spawn barbs? if so my unts cant destroy them (but barrows do get destroyed)
otherwise its mainly just balancing things and buttons and general civ design (units, buildings, civ triats etc)

ive found a bunch of good pics for wizard buttons so im half way with that, and also some button for the colleges. flags are almost done so they will also be up soon. once thats all done i can start on more buttons or diplomacy text. ive also got some ideas brewing and will post them when i think they're ready :p

also, it looks like Kael and the team have got the miscast mechanic up alreay :wow: no mucking around here :) thanks Kael, it'll be interesting to see how this works out.
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