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Water War scenario

CD Light

Creative Cartographer
Jan 5, 2002
Wisconsin, USA
This is a new scenario I created. It takes place on a map made up entirely of water filled with tiny, 1-square grassland islands. All late land units (Modern Armor, Radar Artillery, etc.) have been changed into sea units, to force important battles to take place on the sea in the late game. They can all bombard and transport units as well. Also, all land units are amphibious to allow for assaults on cities and such.

There are other changes as well; see the Readme a few posts down for the details. Also check out the screenshot of the map in the next post!:D


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Here's the screenshot. It does look weird, doesn't it? I knew you'd think so. But it looks fine in the game!;)


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    water war.jpg
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Here is the readme. It will be very useful for anyone who wants to play the scenario. (It's a Notepad file.)


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