[SCENARIO] Trafalgar! Napoleonic Europe Improved


Nov 23, 2019

My map and scenario, Trafalgar, is now live with version 0.2! You can download it here: https://github.com/benskywalker/Trafalgar/tree/main
It features an expanded map, tech tree, many unique units, and a ton of new details on the map. Trafalgar is designed to significantly enhance Naval, Artillery, and Cavalry combat. I have also rebalanced the civs to make anyone of them fun to play. The inclusion of factories and railroads means teching is vital in this version. While it is still in development, it is ready to be played. Feedback is appreciated!

Thanks go to the creators of unit animations I've used. Please let me know if you want your unit out :).
@Sandris Britain: Age of Gunpowder and Napoleonica: Powder and Smoke over Europe
@imperator1961 Napoleonica: Artillery Units Pack II
@Delta_Strife War at Sea in the Age of Sail 1650-1849
There are probably others as well. I'll look through and update this list as I can.
That looks massive.
It is fairly large, but the map's not too dense, especially out east. I've found turn times to be under 10 seconds almost always, which I think is acceptable. I've tried to add enough resources to make everywhere matter. For example, Greenland and Norway have the rare Walrus luxury.
Version 0.3 is live! Features include the new Cotton and Wool mills, an improved map, and a number of bugfixes. I've also rebalanced the economy.
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I just learned that elite artillery with lethal bombardment can generate great leaders! Huh. Does anyone know if the veterancy of artillery impacts their damage?
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