We Want Alien Crossfire Back On The Market!!!

Should EA rerelease Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire?

  • Yes!!!

    Votes: 34 97.1%
  • No!!!

    Votes: 1 2.9%

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Jan 11, 2002
Why was Alien Crossfire discontinued? I can't believe that I have to resort to places like EBay to buy it SECOND HAND!!!

Anyway, I decided to post this poll to see how many people, like me want to see Alien Crossfire rereleased. I hope someone from EA reads this and realises that they made a mistake. At least release it in the CD Classics collection please.

So come on. Even if you already have it, don't help deny everyone else the privelage. Have your say in this matter. Its ridiculous that it is a discontinued expansion set, yet it still isn't classed as abandonware. Where's the harm in placing it in the CD Classics collection? Even if it has to be included with the original game.
I agree. I posted on Apolyton about this similiar issue, and suggestions of some online petition to Firaxis/ea have been kicked around. That might be the way to go.

FYI , I've just bought SMAX from amazon.co.uk (shrink wrapped)
Originally posted by Magnu
FYI , I've just bought SMAX from amazon.co.uk (shrink wrapped)

That's nice. But there are those who don't have or use credit cards. I don't have a credit card yet, so the only way I can buy games is drive off to the nearest mall and buy it there. Even though here in Australia, the GST drastically bumps the prices WAY UP to more than they should be (not to mention some out of date places still selling oldies like Half-Life for the full price of a brand new game, which is by the way $AU89.95).

Also, there may be those who don't trust e-commerce sites. I certainly don't want to see hackers reading in on my transactions, taking my credit card details and leaving me with some huge bill from some German/Swedish porn they bought with MY credit card account (even though I find porn repulsive and it would be easy to prove that I didn't buy it, there'd be that initial embarassment).

I just want to see more options to buy it opened up, as I don't want to be resorting to piracy (I am on my way into the gaming industry. I don't want to ruin the industry before I can begin in it). I'm sure that others share the same sentiment whether they be on their way to being game developers or not.
Half life has not yet been released in a low price version in the US either.
Originally posted by Lefty Scaevola
Half life has not yet been released in a low price version in the US either.

That's strange. In Australia, you can get Half-Life with Counterstrike, Team Fortress Classic and Opposing Force for $AU69.95. The places that still sell it for $AU89.95 are crappy department stores (and its only the original game in those places, none of the official mods or expansion sets are included). If Half-Life is still its full price in Electronics Boutique (best place to get games in Australia), it will include all said modpacks and expansions as well as Blue Shift.
Low-Priced Half-Life? What do you call the Game-of-theYear Edition?

Where do you people shop? HL/GOTY is about US$20 on discount racks. (BTW, 'No One Lives 4ever/GOTY' is another neat package that has been discounted lately.)

As far as why AlienCrossfire is 'unavailable', notice that SMAC has been on discount racks for $10 - $15 for about a year. That's a sad comment on its popularity.

It just didn't sell well because it was so steeped in Sci-Fi that no 'Normal' (yech!) people could decide what tech to build or how it would help them. I enjoyed the "Learning Curve", but most 'normals' have only one third of my intellect (or yours, loyal SMAC-fans)

It was widely praised for it's AI, 3D terrain, etc., however, and even Civ3 lacks some of its best features.

Since SMAC never reached the wide audience it really deserved, no wonder the expansion pack for it was not produced in large numbers. (what is a 'CD-Burner?)

Keep looking for it - if you like SMAC, you'll appreciate A/C.
Maybe look on the Firaxis site for a link to purchase it.

and, hey,
Is There a SMAC-Editor Anywhere?

With more terrain-skin choices and Changes to the Tech-Tree (dare I suggest 'normal' techs and nations as a way of rekindling interest?) The currrent User(fan)-base would be stimulated and likely grow far into the future.
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