Welcome to the CivRev Strategy & Tips forum!


Oct 25, 2000
Welcome to the new forum! :wavey:

We thought this would be a good time to create the CivRev Strategy & Tips forum, since the demo is out and the European release of CivRev is next week. :)

Have fun! :)
Nice, but my only strategy for the demo has been 1: kill barbs, 2: expand, 3: build legions, 4: conquer.

We'll see if i can conjure up something a little more advanced next week with the full game.
Yeah, I'm a bit worried it will be to easy to conquer the world with soldiers. Here's hoping it won't. :)

The mp will be quite interesting specially with 4 humans+ :). The other civ games took a bit too long for normal mp games and with civ rev it looks like it will be alot of fun to play online.
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