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What are your TOP THREE favorite civs?

What are your TOP THREE fav civs?

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1. Calabim
Philosophical plus aggressive Alexis is my all time favorite leader. Their vampires also really help to liven up the mid and late game blah of tedium.

2. Clan of Embers
The warrens really sell this race. No one else can quite get this level of horde out.

3. Infernals
Let's make the world become a horrible amalgamation of pain and suffering and laugh as darkness consumes all. Oh, and you get a really buff demon guy right from the get go to help out. Glee!
1. Sidar - war war war to support a builder style play. what more can you ask for?
2. Elves (voted Svartalfar, but Ljosalfar would've been just fine) - the synergy with FoL and building on top of trees is uber and in tune with my builder style.
3. Amurites - mostly because of cave of ancestors. getting lvl 4-5 mages right off the bat is awesome.
Mercurians are least, but have you tried to start as sidar, build a megacity, and build Bassium in it? That realy fun.
1) Svartalfar - I like the flavor a lot, which is then well implemented into the game.
2) Ljosalfar - See above, though the flavor is different.
3) Sheaim - Again, same reason, though obviously very different flavor!

This is in contrast to something like Amurites, whose lore I love, but the civ just doesn't feel sufficiently magical, so I can't really like them.

Note that this has zilch to do with how powerful each civ is.
1. Calabim
2. Amurites
3. Grigori

And at least, I simply hate to not list Sidar and Svartalfar.
1: Balseraph See the favourite civ poll/thread and/or my avatar for reason
2: Lanun Really nice civ, only one I have actually played through to a real, standard-size victory. Love the theme and special features.
3: Sheaim Playing them in my latest game (sig), though this was more of an educated guess than real preference since I havent played that much, I could have written Sidar or Kuriotates or Hippus or Amurites or Grigori or... You get the picture. I need to play moar
1. Elohim; I like their lore and I like Ethne for all sort of reasons. Plus, she was my first ever pick for my first FFH game.
2. Svartalfar; Even though I like them a lot, I can't help to spell it "Svarfaltar"...
3. Clan of Embers; I like Orcs who aren't just "beasts".
1. The Ljosalfar -- The Forest Elves are really fascinating for me to play thematically; almost in a role-playing way: blooming forests, using Nature mana, raising archer armies, etc. - while actually trying to win the game! Not so easy with a mostly average variety of troops..

2. The Svartalfar -- the Dark Elves are the more fun to play if I'm just into ruthless, low-down kills and disregard of traditional high-minded Elven honor. The Recon line is just so freakin' cool to use; who said Elves were pansies?

3. The Hippus -- I'm very big on mobility and cool looking troops: hence the Hippus! As a Hippus raider, I'll pillage, loot, and rearrange the furniture and be home for lunch. I live for intercepting the slow moving AI stacks long before they can do real damage...

Except I couldn't think of the Amurites when I was looking at the poll so I put svartalfar instead :p

What can I say, vampires are awesome, I like magic and Illians are just beast, I like the rituals and I love temples of the hand.
1. Lanun. Settle on coast. Put up a couple coves. Enjoy never losing the tech lead.

2. Calabim. They're aristocrat vampires, whats not to like.

3. Illians. Unique from the beginning of the game to it's frozen end.
1) Amurites

I like magic, and I like Elves :). Good/Neutral/Evil is my prefered alignment order, however, the magical opportunities prevail over alignment order. So, Amurites are first, Neutral, Sheaim second, Evil, Ljosalfar, Neutral or Good but with no magical opportunities, 3rd.

I do like all civs, I love their unique mechanics and play style, but these are my top three.
1. Amurite - magic all over the place and organized by means of Valledia.
2. Lanun - insane early game growth, neat fluff.
3. Bannor - Crusade, and Sabby's awesome traits.
1) Cabalim - I picked them up for my first game and they had me at "Vampire Aristocracy" Then later on I discovered the deliciousness of Order-Calabim and they became more awesome. I'll never forget the time I snagged Govannon from the Amurites with Command IV Sphener and used him to teach my entire vampire stack spells. It became wrong. So wrong. And so fun.

2) Balseraphs - another civ who's entire existence screams "Flavor!" From the process of creating Freaks and throwing the bad ones to the citizens for fun, everything Perpenach does is for his own amusement. Keelyn's a better leader mechanically, but Perpy is insane and so is his civ so I like him better.

3) Lanun - It's a civilization. Of pirates. Really, really awesome pirates. In their element, especially after taking OO, they're king. And once I modded Guybrush into something I could stand, the Lanun jumped up many notches on my "awesome civ" list.
Here's why the Calabim are my favorite:

He's outta promotions. I don't even know what level he is, because the promotion icons obscure it.


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mercurians have 1 vote "kael get to work"
I find myself tending to play these three civs the most:

1) Balseraphs - they have all sorts of unique things like arenas, Loki, mimics, puppets, etc. which makes them fun to play. And as weak as Creative is, I like not having to bother making monuments.

2) Calabim - I like units with lots of promotions, and angry citizens annoy me, so vampirism kills two birds with one stone.

3) Lanun - I can't explain why I like them, since I'm not all that big on naval warfare. I like Hannah because she's Financial, which is always good for getting a head-start on your opponents. But Falamar's Charismatic is also good too. And they make decent coastal cities.
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