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What are your TOP THREE favorite civs?

What are your TOP THREE fav civs?

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ILLIANS! I love the Illians, by far my favorite civ. Tons of unique features, a lot to do. I just have two incredible pet peeves about them:
1- When you turn your land to ice, ice squares next to rivers lose their commerce bonus. Really pisses me off, this should be changed
2-Auric Ascended isnt strong enough. Major change necessary there.
Also voted Sheaim and Balseraphs. Guys who want to destroy the world and evil clowns are just my thing
Today I have seen again why I love the Doviello as I played a very wonderful game, namely One City Challenge on deity. Till turn 110 I had killed 5 of 9 opponents, but then I unfortunately was stopped by the Sheaim which had their obligatory army of Pyros and one was running around with Orthus Axe, because this idiot threw himself against the Sheaim city. Another problem was that I didn't have bronze in my territory, but that would have been ok if my opponent wasn't the Sheaim, because my troops were promoted very well and would have killed any Axeman (and anyway they were far far from home). If I didn't choose OCC at the beginning I surely would have won this game, but it was a fun game and that's all that counts for me. Currently I play SP only to have quick fun or to try a whole different really weird strategy because after I finished the game with every civ except the Illians and the Kurios my motivation to play a long game is quite low.
In MP I never play the Doviello because with my friends it's a completely different feeling and because it's the biggest fun to have a final confrontation with an adversary that uses the strategies built in this game (and as they forbid me to play aggro civs :D).
Sorry, double post
1- Bannor
2- Svartalfar
3- Grigori
1. Grigori - by far my favorite lorewise. I find them good for rushes so they suit my playstyle. Also multiple hero spellcasters. The only thing they lack is a greater number of UU's (of course if it were up to me each civ would have each unit be a UU so nevermind :mischief:).

2. Svartalfar - I honestly think I might have a dark elf fetish or something. Warhammer dark elves, WH40K dark eldar, drow in D&D etc. I always liked them for some reason. I think it's the depravity of their society which fascinates me the most. In game terms I like the Svartalfar because they're like Ljosalfar+.

3.Balseraphs (voted for them but it's a tie with Calabim) - they seem very unique to me compared to all the other civs (speaking in terms of gameplay: Mimes, Vampires, Freaks etc.) and are the most powerful civs to me.
1.) Sheaim: Planar gates and shiny malevolence dressed up as a dragon FTW!
2.) Calabim: Vampires!
3.) Illian: Awesomeness, winter, lots of flavor. :D

(Can someone take away 1 vote for Doviello and put it for Illian instead. I like Illian MUCH more than Doviello).
My love is exclusive (you awfull polygame wrench :) ) .
SO : 1/2/3 :Clan of Embers
1- Grigori : their Adventurers, no need to waste time chasing religions...
2- Balseraph, Perpentach: the Mimics are incredibly powerfull when they start winning promotions, and the Insane trait brings always fresh flavor and opportunities
3- Ljosalfar: always felt for the elfes in any games (Oblivion, NeverwinterNight, Warlord battleCry, ...), and they respect trees...

lanum and Svartalfar are very close from this top 3...
1.Grigori-Adventurer, of course. also adaptive lets you take organized, so...command post, adventurer's guild and most likely form of the titan (since you get level 6 unit fastest), apprenticeship and conquest gives you a highly trained army. Plus, once all your cities have a command post shift over to charismatic...Boosh!

2.Doviello-I know they are among the least popular, but I dig the lore,the art and the concept. And I get a kick out of the challenge of getting them to last, and compete, in the late game.

3.Lanun-powerhouse coastal cities, speedy boats, great art. and, oh yeah...Pirates!
1. Amurites

I just like magic. And, in my version, I gave both leaders summoning and 3 extra mana from the palace. So they are the best magic users.

2 and 3. Elves in general

I <3 Fellowship of Leaves. And my land looks good with lots of ancient forests, so when you can build improvements without cutting down the pretty green things (forests not orcs), then everything is better.

Calabim woul be fourth, because FoL works well with making massive cities = feasting fun = über powerful vampires.
1. Sheaim - I love free units from planar gates especially the mobius witches with the random spheres. Also, stigmata on all summons is way too much fun.

2. Mercurians - When I can set it up right they can be a ton of fun. Only civ when I can actually be happy that my level 10 champion just died. When the AC hits 100 the game really starts.

3. Luchuirp - I like the golems, and its fun to not worry about experience for a change. The new promotion buildings definitely makes me like this civ a lot better than before.

Overall, I like how they make my late game army different than other games.
1. Infernals: Immune to so many things. Can burn the world down and not suffer for armageddon.

2. Calabim: Feast, 'nuff said. Lore is a nice bonus.

3. Svartalfar: <insert some sort of lame excuse here> (boobs is the true reason)
Necro-ing this because a new player mentioned his/her favorite. Wish you could change your vote? Obviously the only options are from the base FFH2, no modmods. That would be a much longer list!
Hehe thanks for the necro and bringing the thread to my attention. :D

This is actually a really tough question, since there are so many nice civs!

My #1 is Amurites without any competition. Their magic is just so fun! Govannon handing out spells to everyone (nobody else can have 16 level 3 spellcasters, not even counting heroes), caves of ancestors giving super high XP instant mages, arcane trait, and of course firebows. On top of that arguably the best palace mana combination!

For #2 and #3 in the Poll I went with Elohim and Svartalfar. Elohim are amazing for long, epic games, because you can conquer the world and build everyone's things. :) Svarts make recon units actually good, and the elven economy is just so nice.

The others I really like and also considered for spot 3 are the Sheaim (pyre zombies, planar gates and actually benefitting from Armageddon makes for a unique and fun playstyle) and the Sidar (which I like a lot thematically, though the gameplay of them is quite mediocre :( ) and finally the Illians. (Snow world looks so nice, and they just have a really nice athmosphere and theme.)
In the base mod without submods it has to be the Calabim. The ability to turn any unit into a super unit by feeding it people is just too good. Closely behind them are the Sheaim mostly for the lore.
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