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Which techs go with which traits?

Ex Mudder

Jul 20, 2005
There are 6 beginning techs, and there are 6 leader traits. I'm going to guess, based on one of the interviews I read, that each trait gives you civ 1 tech.

Aggressive - Hunting (scout, spearman)
Spiritual - Mysticism (obelisk, Stonehenge)
Organized - wheel (chariot, road)

Hunting leads to Archery; Mysticism to the first 2 religious techs.

What I don't know is which of the other three techs match the other three traits. Anyone want to take a stab at matching up Agriculture, Mining, and Fishing with Creative, Expansionist, and Philosophical?

I'm guessing Fishing for expansionist (goes to sailing and pottery, and expansionist gets a bonus on granary construction), which would mean agriculture for Philosophical (doubled pop growth). And that leaves Mining for
Creative- which is admittedly odd.

Well they need to get the precious metals to make those cultural artifacts from somewhere. (another option would be Phiolosphical ie scientific for Mining and agriculture with Creative)
Ex Mudder's logic makes sense. Really no flaws. Well, exept those creative.
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