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Wich are the best wonders?

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Strategy & Tips' started by AugustoD, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. Slive Draver

    Slive Draver Chieftain

    Apr 29, 2002
    If you're going for a cultural victory, you just can't beat the Great Library. Remember that culture poins accumulate over the course of the game, so having a huge culture generator right at the beginning of the game is extremely important.
  2. Kilo5

    Kilo5 Chieftain

    Sep 1, 2002
    i just get all the wonders! easy or what
  3. Mephisto

    Mephisto perma-banned

    Aug 2, 2002
    you playing chief->monarch? gotta try something harder, dude.

    btw, i usually don't build them, i conquer them. :D
  4. Gerard

    Gerard Prince

    Aug 20, 2002
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Depends on your style.
    My ranking (the wonders I HAVE TO):

    - Great Library (although I can't confirm if in Civ3 is as usefull than in Civ2).
    - Great Lighthouse
    - Leonardo's
    - Magellan
    - Smith's
    - Theory of Evolution
    - Hooverdam
    - UN (avoid diplomatic defeat)

    - Every wonder I can (but, if I can't, well...), specially Bach and Sistine Chapel.

    Of course, (of course?) every small wonder, specially Forbiden Palace because I try to extend my empire as long as I can in the very beginning and the corruption is too high.

    I play mostly with the Americans modified to scientific and industrious, so maybe my strategy is only usefull to myself.
  5. Hades

    Hades is a liar and a cheat

    Aug 5, 2002
    As a warmonger, here are my pick. I can usually build the Univ Suff, the Hover Dam and Theory of Evolution myself. The rest are close to impossible to build in higher levels.

    1. Universal Suffrage
    2. Hover Dam
    3. Sinister Chapel
    4. Great Library
    5. J.S Bach
    6. Theory of Evolution
  6. pc0121

    pc0121 Chieftain

    Sep 2, 2002
    theory of evolution, the great library and leobnardo's workshop are always a must when going for a largy army; that way, you don't have to worry about researching as much and you can upgrade units for half the cost

    if you're the brits, i'd suggest the great lighthouse and the maggelean's expedition; then you can mdominate the seas for good

    pyramids are nice for an early boost in your civ's population, but try to avoid such wonders that may trigger golden age in the earlier eras. try saving such chances of outbreaks whne you have sufficiently reached a bigger, and a more stable civ.

    all things that discourages corruptiona dn unhappines is a must as your civ gets bigger, such as cure for cancer and women's sufferage; but such things take a long time, so wait untill you have a metropolis.

    all wonders are good, and they all offer different advantages; if possible, build all of them!
  7. bbaws

    bbaws Prince

    Aug 30, 2002
    Hmm not going to be popular but Cure for Cancer and Longevity in combination. Both apply to the whole Civ not just one continent. Allows you to draft a mech inf from approx a quarter of your cities each turn. Ok conscript mech inf won't stand up to much but it disbands to 27 shields. Nice "trick" to convert food into shields. Let's face it a city producing 3 shields a turn isn't much good to you but disband two mech infs and voila a timely cruise missile to shove down the AIs throat. You'll want the cure for cancer to sop up the misery the drafting causes.
  8. Yzman

    Yzman Deity

    Jul 18, 2002
    Illinois, USA

    Actually for me it alwats seems that the next tech I pick on the scroll bar is the tech I get. It automatically gives you the tech you are researching and then when you pick a new tech from the scroll list it gives you that one. So I don't know why you say you can't pick the tech,
  9. Steve Winer

    Steve Winer Shock the monkey...

    Sep 3, 2002
    Knoxville, TN, USA
    Atomic theory, in my opinion is the best wonder.

    Diplomacy sucks. Nuke the AI before it nukes you.
  10. scooblerboy

    scooblerboy Chieftain

    Aug 15, 2002
    i love building the great library, its soooo hellpfull!
  11. Hades

    Hades is a liar and a cheat

    Aug 5, 2002
    It is great if you can build it but even better if you can capture it: If you built it, the benefits will stop as soon as you get education. If you captured it before you get education, it could bring you all the way up to industrial age.
  12. Volstag

    Volstag Chairman of the Bored

    Aug 2, 2002
    Big Sky Country
    It depends on the game, but my current favorite(s) are:

    * Leonardo's Workshop
    * Smith's Trading Company
    * Hoover Dam
    * Great Libary (if at Monarch and above)
    * Heroic Epic (if applicable).

  13. Sasebo

    Sasebo Prince

    Oct 7, 2002
    New Jersey, USA
    I used to make pyramids my First priority in Civ 2 but with the food production available with the new terrains I dont need it...actually the thought of all those rampaging unhappy mobs kind of scares me, isn't that how Rome fell?! :) That has been the biggest change for me in strategy besides the fact that I have been going for Colossus lately....I don't know WHY I ignored that one for so long, it lasts Forever compared to most of the other ancient GW.
    I like the fact that none of them are as dominant as say Leo's was or Michaelangelo's in Civ 2, I agree with some of the other poster's that Uni. Suff. should have been changed in Civ 3 to be a small wonder...so unfair to only let one Democracy/republic off the hook! Also UN is just too strong you should at least be MOO2 -able to say "Pbbbt!!" and fight them all if they vote some weenie civ to the top instead of you who are clearly the global leader in everything!
    Have just started playing and am having trouble even on regent in getting a tech lead. I don't play a military or science based game though I sail along in monarchy and try to do everything :) At least it is a challenge now! When the AI declares war now I at least have a reason to be scared they do build a bunch of military now! They come at you in droves :p
    EEk! Long post already...ummm I would put Oracle, Sistine, and Adam smith oh and Collosus tops on my list...and hanging Gardens isn't too shabby either. :) Why is it I was never the one to build that in Civ 2 but can do it easily now???? So very odd! The AI seems to avoid dead end/non required paths a bit, they make good trade fodder! Sasebo :)
  14. Bismarck

    Bismarck The Iron Chancellor

    Aug 21, 2001
    Missouri, USA
    Hoover Dam.

    I begin building factories 10-12 turns before Industrialization (e.g. start with Universities and switch) in all of my major cities, then rush them as soon as Industrialization arrives. Combine that with a well-timed Hoover Dam (switch from Palace), and presto! My production explodes.

    After this, I can obtain pretty much every any wonder I want. Before Hoover Dam, it's a real struggle to get even 2-3 wonders (I play on Monarch-Emperor).

    The AI can't match my focused efforts at snatching the productive edge in the early industrial age.
  15. Darkness

    Darkness Shadow creature

    Jul 18, 2002
    Rotterdam, the Netherlands
    The best Wonder? UN

    Hands down winner... Without it you'll almost always loose unless there's only one AI opponent left or you have a massive amount of gold to bribe the vote in your favor.

    Honorable mention goes to:
    Sistine Chapel: Gotta have happy people
    Universal Suffrage: Less War Weariness
    Sun Tzu's: Free barracks everywhere

    But these are not needed to win, the UN is!!!!
  16. Scyphax

    Scyphax Warlord

    Sep 23, 2002
    I like to build as many wonders as possible but here are my top 4.

    Heroic Epic - If you just get one extra great leader it has more than paid for itself. Think about it - build the Great Epic for a small number of shields. If you get just one extra great leader you can instantaneously build a wonder that needs a large number of shields.

    Forbidden Palace

    Leonardos Workshop - you always need to upgrade you military and it can be so expensive.

    Hoover Dam - my end game is crap so I need all the help I can get. At this stage of the game I have a large number of large cities producing enormous amounts of pollution. The Hoover dam means I can concentrate on building and rush buying mass transport rather than clean power sources.

    Also high on my list are any wonders that incease happiness.

    I don't often build the Great Library because I often play an expansionist civ at Monarch/Regent leave and maintain a tech lead over the other Civs.

    I don't often build the Pyramids cause once under monarchy my cities are growing rapidly and the major limit on city size is happiness.
  17. Quillan

    Quillan Monkey Butler

    Jun 2, 2002
    Toronto, Canada
    First , let me state that NO one wonder can be the best, as every game is different, especially on higher difficulties.

    That said, my goals for wonders include:

    (assuming water based, not pangea) lighthouse
    - first contact can give you the lead for good

    Great library
    - there is no substitute for 10+ free techs

    Sistene Chapel
    - powerful bonus for cathedrals, lots of culture

    Sun Tzu
    - partially for its use, mostly to prevent someone else from getting it... but if i have to choose, i take sistene over this.

    All the science wonders (including if you can get it collosus)
    - when you produce 300+ science in one city, you notice the difference!

    now, the time when the game really takes off for me is this combo:

    Smith ---> theory (ALWAYS take atomic/electronics) ---> Hoover ---> sufferage

    Smith is i think, the most underrated wonder. Just look at the wonders as gold per turn, NOTHING competes with smiths. (even the religous wonders can be quantified this way by studying the income lost by keeping your pop happy with lux)

    And from that point on, i get every wonder, every game... the ONLY one i don't always get is manhattan.

    PS - i usually turn off diplo victory, otherwise i'd agree that the UN is VI... also, i always play on emperor in terms of AI difficulty.
  18. Rabid Pop Tart

    Rabid Pop Tart Aspiring Graphic Designer

    Nov 19, 2002
    Near Pittsburgh, PA
    People seem to be passing over Theory of Evolution - it's a must-have for me. I'm usually ahead in techs, but to get two more is just great. You can trade it for cash or you can make a dash for tanks. This is what I usually do - and this is where I start to take over a lot of territory, as I'm established with railroads and I have techs that others don't. So...

    1) Theory of Evolution
    2) Sun Tzu's Art of War
    3) United Nations (or just don't go for a diplomatic victory, uncheck it in the game rules screen)
    4) The Great Library (Get it, ease off on your research, and then take the lower part of the Middle Age tech tree while all the other civs go for the top)
    5) Leo's Workshop (My mech infantry at the end of the game were just upgrades from spearmen to musketmen to riflemen to infantry to mech inf.)
    6) Magellan's Voyage (This is good because you can outrun ships later on, which is the difference between life and death for your transports.)

    ~ Brendan
  19. juggalodave

    juggalodave Chieftain

    Dec 20, 2002
    Well this is the Wicked Juggalo

    And my
    :goodjob: one is The great Library,Leo's workshop,Pyrimids

    cause with them

    I get knowledge,Upgrades,And grainerys im each city!!


    see ya in space
  20. Skullbones

    Skullbones Captain

    Dec 14, 2002
    on a 40 gun frigate
    I think the Hoover Dam is definately the best on certain maps and
    I always try to build the Great Library, Leonardo's Workshop and the Trading Post.

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