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{WIP} Kirov class (Russian cruiser)

Max: Sorry for the huge delay.. I got a little discouraged and decided to take a break from it, and start the HMS Hood (which has turned out so far better than my wildest hopes.

And that I have got my hands on some great history books.
But I haven't given up on it, don't worry. I got team colour on the suggested parts, and a few more windows, plus some of the suggestions and all.

But your point about the bow not looking right, I have no idea what you mean exactly, as I tried to follow the blueprints..

no problem mate
take ur time, do not rush
i'm attaching the picture so u can fix some of most visable mistakes


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The Hood? Where? Where! :scan:

It's not done yet, but if you want I can post a render of the model as it is now (Without the UV mapping I have done so far).

no problem mate
take ur time, do not rush
i'm attaching the picture so u can fix some of most visable mistakes

Thanks, I was just concentrating on it so much it was losing it's fun value, and that was why I started modeling in the first place!

Thanks for the pic, it will help a ton! I saw some of that stuff, and was going to try to do that using textures as the polys were getting a little high (1.5 K I think), but I can try to cut back on the useless stuff..
General Matt, I think MaxRiga may be looking for something like this.

I made this several years ago for Civ3, although someday I want to rebuild the hull, because I was yet learning how to make hulls. I wasn't much into textures either, since playing Civ3, you can't see textures all that well on ships at the small scale of the game.

I posted this for a reference if it helps. It is way too many polys for CivIV, but it worked great for Civ3 since that game uses Flics and not the actual models.


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That's great! I really needed more reference for the superstructure and that will help immensely!

I restarted the whole superstructure from scratch with new pics, but that will help a ton!


Btw, I like the two bottom links in you sig. :)
For the last two days I have not been idle. :)
Thanks vingrjoe, if you saw a render you would almost think it was the same model, except with some of the colouring and a lot less poly.

What do you think Max? I know it is a little low on detail on the main body texture wise, but I couldn't really see from any of the pics what to add there for windows and such.
Adding a pic and zip to the first post.

Edit: Hmm, the manage attachments button has disappeared..

Maybe I am just too tired.

Ah well here we go.

Hehe thanks! Now that I could actually see what all the superstructure bits were I could do something about it! And it is getting fun again!
I'll take another look at it tomorrow as it is getting late now.
Ok, worked on it some (And am actually, for the first time with this project, pleased with the result).

Here is the pic, uploading the file in the first post.


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Yep....that is massively better than the first draft. The detail is crisp and detailed. :drool:
yeah, lots of reworking. Do you think it is ready or what? Max?
I'm pretty sure it's done, :) Almost sick of it you know, been working on it/ thinking about it, peering at the pics for so long..

Plans.. I am working on the HMS Avenger, and I have a small project for someone else for some other game, but I haven't forgot those things you asked for.. The only thing that worries me is the animations, that will be a challenge. :)

Nice model, but you must fix the position. Move mesh back a little.
BTW: the artillary of latest variants is 1*(2*130), not 2*(1*100) :)

Unfortunately it has to be like that or else the back two turrets will not kine up. But if the scale in the XML is a little smaller it is ok (There is was just a little large I think).
What was that about artillery?

Talking about animations, which one can we link with your Kirov model?

Destroyer, sorry.
Ok, thanks.

so ArdRaeiss: I am not entirely up on the numbers and stuff of modern warships, are you saying the turrets are a little too big/small?
Thanks. :p You should have seen the original model, it wasn't very good at all..
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